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Jimmy Williamson’s “potential embarrassment” doesn’t end well.

Perhaps you may recall earlier this year when Jimmy Williamson fired one of his employees because he didn’t interpret the law the way it was written the way Williamson interpreted the law.

This being ‘Murica, you can guess the next step.

Last month Puglise and his daughter and law partner, Brooke Puglise, sued on Park’s behalf the Board of Regents, Williamson, Huff and Rankin for wrongful termination and retaliation in violation of Georgia’s whistleblower law. They also brought claims for defamation, slander, obstruction of an officer, violation of oath of office and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

This being Jimmy Williamson, you can guess the conclusion.

A former University of Georgia police officer who filed a whistleblower suit claiming he was fired for obeying a 2014 law barring criminal charges against anyone voluntarily seeking medical help for an alcohol or drug overdose has reached a $325,000 settlement with state.

The settlement comes less than a month after the officer, Jay Park, sued the state Board of Regents, the UGA Police Department and his former superiors there. It includes an agreement under which the defendants will send a letter to the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council “exonerating him from any wrongdoing,” said Park’s attorney, Michael Puglise of Snellville’s Puglise Law Firm.

I bet writing the letter pisses off Williamson a lot more than the monetary settlement does.  After all, it’s not like the $325K is coming out of his pocket.



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Larry and Erk

Good times.

If that doesn’t bring a smile to your face, you ain’t a Dawg fan.


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Back to basics

Interesting note on how Georgia used most of its bye week:

Rather than install the gameplan last Monday and get right to it, the Bulldogs spent much of the bye week working on fundamentals, resting regulars who needed it, and giving younger players a chance to show out in practice. They didn’t really get around to worrying much about the gameplan until Thursday, the final practice of the week.

Georgia did not install its gameplan for Florida last Monday and get right to it. Instead, as it typically does in bye weeks, the Bulldogs spent much of the week working on fundamentals, and didn’t worry much about gameplan installing until Thursday’s practice, the final one of the week.

“This week is really all about us — getting ourselves better,” Georgia senior linebacker Jake Ganus said.

That’s typically how Georgia handles bye weeks, coach Mark Richt said. It’s not that the Bulldogs took the week off: Wednesday and Thursday were full-pads practices. But the emphasis was on Georgia’s own team, rather than Florida. Nobody was in a scout-team jersey, for instance. That’ll wait until next week. And key players nursing minor injuries, most notably tailback Sony Michel, sat out the week to rest up.

The snide comment here, of course, if that’s the typical way Georgia goes about its business in an off week, then maybe doing things differently than it did last year might not be such a bad idea.


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