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So, who’s the fourth string quarterback?

It turns out the coaches were right about one thing in the preseason:  all three of the quarterbacks were about even.


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Cocktail Party game day thoughts

The quarterback choice will drain the oxygen out of the tent, but the big deal for today?  Line play and turnovers.

Can’t say I’m feeling overly confident about the Dawgs’ chances, but I’ll be there.

I’ll try to update from Jax if circumstances allow, but in the meantime, consider this your game day comment thread.



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Words to live by

This pretty much sums it up:

“It’s time,” senior wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell said. “We’re in the last half of the season. If we’re going to try to make a push for anything, now’s the time to do so.”

There’s a fine line between a sense of urgency and sheer desperation.  Let’s hope Malcolm and the rest of the team stay on the right side of that line.


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