Mission accomplished.

A funny thing happened on the way to jacked up prices, cupcake games, pace and stretched out game times:  attendance at college football games has stabilized.

Personally, I think it’s the improved WiFi experience.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Speaking of WiFi, where do they publicize the password on game day? It wasn’t I the program and I asked 3 stadium people who didn’t know it.


    • Not sure if this was a tongue-in-cheek question or not, forgive me if it was.

      There’s not a true wifi system at Sanford. They upgraded the arrays that provide cellular service in the stadium. So no true wifi but the service is vastly better than it was before, at least for Verizon, which is what I use.


      • Hogbody Spradlin

        I was in Section 105, row 8. I’m on AT&T. Didn’t catch much regular cell signal. Saw a wifi network on my phone (forget the name) that sounded like it was intended for stadium use. Got to the login screen but couldn’t find the password.


  2. Huntindawg

    Link is to front page of CBS site . . .


    • Ah, a day without a CBS complaint would be like a day without sunshine. The link is to Solomon’s piece, but some of you can’t access it directly, for some reason I have no control over.

      Piece is entitled “College football attendance making rare increase early in 2015”. I’m sure plenty of other commenters here will be happy to guide you through finding it at the site.


  3. watcher16

    How has Nebraska attendance gone down? Aren’t they still claiming some record for consecutive sellouts?


  4. CannonDawg

    Personally I like the shrill, piped-in hip-hop music from all of my favorite artists, especially when it displaces the marching bands. Who needs to hear from a great college marching band anyway? You can’t dance to that stuff. It’s the hip-hop, man, and the louder the shouting, the better. Now THAT’S what makes college football the great spectator sport it is. And, of course, the WiFi.


    • Chi-town Dawg

      During the Bama game, our band wasn’t even a marching band in the traditional sense. Anyone know why the Redocats didn’t march before the game or at halftime? The only thing I could think of was they didn’t want the wet field to possibly get damaged. Also, what was up with the funky colored “non-uniforms” they were wearing? I don’t recall anything similar in past rainy conditions. Made a strange game even stranger when they announced “hold on to your seats, the red coats are coming” and nobody appeared on the field.


      • They didn’t want anyone else tearing the field up. They were already having to repair divots at halftime and people got stuck at my tailgate for the first time in over 2 decades if that gives you an idea of how saturated the ground was.


  5. Just glancing at the top 10-15 on that list the increase is better explained by stadium expansions and new coaches that lead to renewed vigor amongst fan bases. I honestly haven’t read the piece yet so maybe that was the point.