Musical palate cleanser, RUNsmith edition

The oral history behind one of the least obvious amalgams ever in popular music history…

… is fascinating.


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6 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, RUNsmith edition

  1. Russ

    Great article. The comments are interesting with many people saying this song turned them on to Aerosmith. For me it was just the opposite. I started to appreciate rap and hip hop after buying this album.


    • For me this collaboration remains bittersweet. I shared DJ Double R’s desire for people to see hip hop as music, but then when it crossed over and the rednecks at my school were pumping hip hop from their trucks…it just didn’t feel right. Not that I, a pimply white dork, had any more of a cultural claim to the music than they did; but I felt like I did, having been a longtime fan.

      I felt the same way when everyone finally realized there was more to the Beastie Boys than Fight For Your Right.


  2. Dog in Fla

    “Mein Führer, I can walk”


  3. AusDawg85

    I don’t know why I so often remember this, but one evening in the late 1980’s, Dan Rather did a piece on the CBS Evening News about Rap Music and closed with his typical solemn certainty, “one thing for certain, rap music will be here to stay”. I thought, what an idiot…that stuff is crap and won’t last. 30 years later I’m still waiting for him to be proven wrong.


  4. Red Cup

    Man that was great. Thanks brother


  5. Noonan

    When this song came out I was much more.a fan of Run DMC as opposed to Aerosmith. Aerosmith should have died a quick death instead of polluting the rest of the 80s and early 90s with garbage power ballads. Fuck you Rick Rubin.