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Behind enemy lines

That Jarvis Jones was a pretty good linebacker.

After transferring from USC following the 2009 season and sitting out all of 2010, Jones became a terror for SEC offenses. The two-time All-American with the Bulldogs set the SEC record for tackles for loss per game (2.04) in 2012. He finished the season with 24.5 tackles for loss and 14.5 sacks. In his debut season, the ravenous pass-rusher totaled an SEC-high 13.5 sacks and 19.5 tackles for loss. Jones finished his Georgia career with 155 tackles, including 91 for loss, and was also a very solid player in coverage for the Dawgs.

I think that 91 tackles for loss is a misprint.  Even if I add his sacks and TFLs for those two seasons together, all I can come up with is a total of 72.  But those numbers are still ridiculous. If you doubt that, check out the TFLs and sacks for the other four players on Aschoff’s list. No one else is close.  And, yes, I get the bit about different schemes and different responsibilities, but ridiculous is still ridiculous.

Jones made Grantham look a lot smarter in 2012 than he did in 2013, that’s for sure.



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As Dobbs goes, so goes Tennessee?

Barrett Sallee has written one of those typical “it’s May, so let’s post about something” pieces, in this case, a look at Joshua Dobbs’ Heisman possibilities.  It’s a fair look in that he’s not advocating either way – and as he notes, Dobbs is currently tenth on the early list – so it’s something I didn’t really pay attention to in the sense that, sure, it could go either way.

Until I saw this.

At which point, I was suddenly in wait a minute mode.  With whatever preseason hype he’s getting, Dobbs couldn’t have been that mediocre a passer last season, could he? Actually, he could and he was.  His passer rating for 2015 was 127.01.  That was good for eighth in the conference and 70th nationally.  His average yards per attempt, 6.7, was a full yard less than Grayson Lambert’s.  Sure, for a quarterback, he’s a dynamic runner, as we saw when he played Georgia, but to see all this as a basis for projecting him to become one of the best players in the country this season borders on wishful thinking, doesn’t it?

I’m not saying this to knock Dobbs, who by all accounts is a great kid and a terrific student.  But I am wondering if some of what we’re all projecting for Tennessee this season is based on the prevailing wisdom that it’s one of the few teams in the SEC that has a big advantage at quarterback based on having a returning starter there.  If that turns out not to be the case and what we’ve seen from Dobbs is really about all they’ll get, what’s a more realistic appraisal of the Vols’ chances?


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Don’t close the book on the 2016 class just yet.

It may be on the verge of adding another member.

Brian Herrien reached his goal line.

According to school officials at New Manchester High School, the unrated 6-foot-1, 210-pound running back prospect will be able to qualify and enroll at UGA. The  achievement goes far deeper than becoming the first SEC recruit from the five-year-old high school.

Herrien entered his final semester believing he needed to get all As in his three remaining core courses and achieve a 16 on his ACT in order to qualify.  He did more than that in recording an 18 on his most recent ACT attempt. That gave him some wiggle room in order to qualify to sign at UGA for its Class of 2016. He only had to make all As and Bs in the spring semester.

What’s next? A big day tomorrow in Athens.

“We found out at some time yesterday that he became academically eligible to sign a D-1 scholarship and he is going to Athens tomorrow to meet with coach (Kirby) Smart and some of the other coaches at the University of Georgia,” just-retired New Manchester coach Rob Cleveland told DawgNation. “Unless something unforeseen happens he will sign a full scholarship with the University of Georgia tomorrow. They are going to go over that transcript one final time. I have been told he is going to get offered tomorrow and he is going to sign tomorrow.”

Herrien had a lot of work to do to reach his goal.  A whole lot…

He told DawgNation in March he had a 2.16 grade-point average at this time. If he gets all A’s this semester, he would qualify with a 2.5 average. He made one “B” last semester. He had to finish this semester out with a 4.0 GPA if he made that 16, but the 18 made qualification on the NCAA’s sliding scale a little less taxing.

To ensure his marks moved those few points north, Herrien arrived at school an hour earlier than his peers. He does all his extra work and any needed assignments, adds tutoring after school and then goes home to study.

The senior started waking up at 5 a.m. every morning in late March to study for his ACT and take practice exams online. Herrien told DawgNation in March that “he wanted this more than anything” and left no doubt that he would 100 percent sign with UGA once he qualified.

As much as making the grades is a testament to the kid’s work ethic, it’s also a testament to the impact of the new NCAA academic requirements.  High schoolers had best wake up to the reality of that if they want to play college ball.  Herrien cut it almost too close for comfort.

“I don’t think Brian understood how extremely important his grades were early on in his high school career for the academic side of this scholarship,” Cleveland said. “But I think once Brian saw the possibilities he had with football, he was able to overcome the hole he had gotten in. He’s been perfectly capable of qualifying the entire time. He’s an intelligent young man. I just think he was lazy in the classroom early on and he had to work hard in his junior and senior year to catch up. Luckily for him and the University of Georgia he was able to do that.”

Left hanging is the final step in the process.

It is very important at this time to state the grades are in and they are known, but they won’t become official until his final transcript prints from the school district office on Monday morning. That final transcript will then be sent to the NCAA Clearinghouse for approval.

That last sentence always makes me a little nervous in late blooming cases like this.  I hope for the kid’s sake his effort is rewarded.  Oh, yeah, and it’s not like Georgia can’t use his talents.  Best of luck to both.



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Lines are forming.

Some more early betting  lines are starting to trickle out of Vegas.  (Week 1, which I’ve mentioned before, you can find here.)

If the lines are to be believed, the SEC East looks like it’ll be tight:  Tennessee-Georgia is a pick ’em and the Dawgs are a one-point favorite against the Gators.

Some other interesting spreads:

  • Oklahoma is a whopping nine-point favorite at home against Ohio State.
  • Alabama is a three-point underdog in Baton Rouge.
  • And Vegas is definitely not impressed with Auburn, which is listed as a big ‘dog against Clemson, Ole Miss and Alabama.


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