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About that whole “playoffs mean better scheduling” thingy…

Eh, maybe not so much.


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Ask an expert.

After all, he should know.

Not LSU. Not Alabama. Georgia is “Running Back U,” said Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley, who played for the Bulldogs.

Approached by a TMZ Sports camera crew and asked about incoming Georgia freshman running back Elijah Holyfield, the son of former heavyweight boxing champ Evander Holyfield, Gurley worked his way up to proclaiming Georgia as Running Back U.

“That’s what we do at Georgia; we breed running backs,” Gurley said. “We’re Running Back U. LSU might think they’re Running Back U. Y’all after us, and then maybe Bama.”



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Has Greg Sankey seen the results of Hugh Freeze’s colonoscopy?

Jon Solomon links back to a Pat Forde piece from January after the NCAA announced its formal charges against Ole Miss in which Forde wrote,

Mississippi’s football recruiting successes in recent years under Freeze have taken the Southeastern Conference by storm – and rankled some rivals. Multiple SEC coaches and administrators have voiced concerns about Ole Miss to the conference office, sources said. Shortly before National Signing Day in 2013, Freeze took to Twitter and challenged anyone who had facts showing the Rebels were breaking rules to email the school’s compliance office.  [Emphasis added.]

Just wondering where our Brave Sir Greg is with this, now that the school has admitted there are legitimate grounds for those concerns.  At times like this, Stacey Osburn can come in mighty handy.  Maybe Emmert can lend out her services.


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Dawgs and Gators, living together…

Okay, not exactly.

Florida and Georgia will be holding satellite camps at the same venue in Atlanta on the same day. According to Rivals.com, Georgia’s camp at KIPP Atlanta High on June 15 will go from 2 to 5 p.m. and Florida’s camp will run from 6 to 9 p.m.

Both events will be run by I Dare-U Training in Atlanta. I Dar-U founder Glenn Ford told Rivals.com that he expects about 100 players to do both events and said Florida coaches can watch the Georgia event and Georgia coaches can work the Florida event.

Unlike many other camps around the nation, coaching staffs from no other schools are working these camps — only Georgia staff at the Georgia camp and only Florida staff at the Florida camp.

So much for that whole “satellite camps are for the small programs’ exposure” riff…

“This is actually very predictable and everyone could see this coming,” Rivals National Recruiting Director Mike Farrell said. “There’s no way Florida comes into Atlanta and runs their own camp and Georgia doesn’t respond.

“But again, this is where satellite camps are headed, run by training groups and with one staff at a time, so where’s the exposure for kids to smaller schools? This is what the NCAA feared, an arms race between SEC schools and camps run simply out of rivalry. I expect this will happen in other states with other schools as well.”

I don’t blame Kirby for going on defense.  Hell, maybe it’s his subtle way of throwing sand in the machine to get the NCAA to back off on allowing these camps.


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