“From king status to mildly hot seat”

Bill Connelly’s Georgia Tech preview is a treat.  Trust me on this.

Well… okay, if you want a little taste, here’s the conclusion:

Rinse, repeat. Georgia Tech should have a good offense and a defense that can’t make enough plays. We’ve seen this episode before. But hey, that’s still better than last year’s episode.

In other words, when you’re 3-9, you’re likely to have nowhere to go but up.  It doesn’t take a genius for that.


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6 responses to ““From king status to mildly hot seat”

  1. watcher16

    Still upset they got that score on us. Was hoping for CPJ’s first goose egg!


    • Will (The Other One)

      Well, first at the NATS. He got shut out at least once at Navy.
      Their defense was better on a per play basis than 2014, so I’m just hoping they regress on defense and stay the same offensively…because it’s Tech and I wish to see them crushed, scatted before us, and hear the lamentations of their women (all 5 or so total.)


      • 81Dog

        if not their women, some of their spindly, pencil necked nerd boys. I’m sure their wails would be basically indistinguishable from the average girl.


  2. Trbodawg

    My favorite Subject Heading?

    Holding steady with no continuity

    Is that not the epitome of Tech Football?


  3. Athens Dog

    We will once again take their lunch money