That’s so Gators.

My favorite two tweets today:

Clearly, Huntley Johnson needs to open a multi-state practice.


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8 responses to “That’s so Gators.

  1. Dawg19

    “Florida wide receiver Rick Wells has signed a deferred prosecution agreement with the State Attorney’s Office.”

    For Florida, this means that if he wants to transfer to another State Attorney’s Office, he has to sit out a year.


  2. Timphd

    The spirit of Corch seems to be alive and well in Gatorland. No one has to be held accountable until after football season.


  3. Spike

    Put the State Attorney on the committee that evaluates the sexual assault claims made by students against Gator football players.


  4. Spike

    And a little off topic.. but GPOOE signed a contract with the Mets. More reason for us Braves fans to hate on the orange and blue Mets. Just sayin’..


  5. Pantslesspatdye

    Clearly, Colonel Johnson owns Gainesville. Ignoring exiting an alley football player violations, there’s no one in Athens that pulls that much clout. I would put him on retainer just for theoretical business litigation and traffic violations.


  6. Cojones

    Let’s see; add that to the other WR’s problem (AM) and you got a perfect set of bookends. No wonder they got the pass, if you get my meaning.