Just remember, Dawg fans…

All their goals are still ahead of them. 

Maybe Kirby won’t apologize for the win in the post-game presser. 


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  1. Rick

    Fire Greg McGarity.

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    All right everybody. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  3. 1). What was that again about Logan Gray and safe punt returns?

    2). Do we have to run on every first and second down?

    3) They need to consider that they might need to be a little more finesse. Spread teams out a little bit.

    4) if their coach wasn’t an idiot, we lose today. Why pull fourcade??

    5) Lambert nearly got Woerner and Sony killed. He is NOT an answer ever.

    • I agree about Lambert. He should not have made either of those two throws. The first one was busted from the snap and he still locked in and followed through. I am of the opinion that we should live and die with Eason from here on out.

    • Aladawg

      The long int was on second down. A place we should have been safe and run and gotten points.

      • Did you watch the game? Should’ve run and gotten points? With our OL proving incapable of pushing NS off the line in run block situations?
        That was the most pathetic excuse for blocking of any kind that I have seen in a long time. That better get fixed immediately, or we are looking at 7-5 tops.
        And for the second week in a row, we can’t get receivers open. Are they not teaching them how to run routes and get off coverage? Because when a good man coverage team like UNC sticks like glue to your receivers, that’s one thing. But , Nicholls’ DB’s accomplishing the same thing?
        No sir, I don’t buy it. Youth in the receiving corps should not be an excuse.
        And when the ball hits you in the hands, you need to catch it. It’s that simple. I won’t name names, but we had too many balls dropped yesterday. And when we did have a receivers open, some of them seem to have developed the dropsies with uncomfortable regularity.
        Terrible offensive line play, limited targets in the passing game, and inexcusable, bone-headed mistakes on special teams that seem to still haunt us despite the hiring of a ST guru, almost spelled disaster for us on Saturday.
        Despite the team’s extreme youth, we have the talent to compete better than we have to this point. It isn’t fully developed yet, but I believe we’ll get there.
        We’ve got to get better, boys. Fast.

  4. SCDawg

    Other than the first three minutes that was really hard to watch. Our special teams might be as bad as they have ever been. We kind of deserved to lose. Imagine if the decision to go for 2 had cost us the game? Nightmares about them kicking a FG to win when we had 3rd and 7 on that last drive.

    • WF Dawg

      You know, before McKenzie nearly lost us the game with his last two touches, ST had been decent. Long punted better, Rodrigo had several touchbacks, and KO coverage was sound. Ham looked about the same. Everything else in that game, however…

  5. Am I the only one who’s now terrified of Mizzou’s D-line?

  6. pumblechook114

    “This is a meeting between a top ten P5 squad and a bad FCS team. It won’t be close.” Fire the Senator! Or Bobo.

  7. Gurkha Dawg

    I just got my third phone call from TN friends giving me shit. I quit answering the phone. We got a lot of work to do.

  8. I’ll wait post game analysis of the coke bottle. However this I will say, it was a thrilling game when you are about to lose to a school that usually is lampooned as “Sisters of Mary”, LOL.

  9. Dawgy1

    If you could have gotten Nichols State and 35 points, what would your bet have been?

  10. I hope this is part of growing pains, at least it was more positive. Everybody in the Dawgs team needs to eat more steaks and eggs.

    • S

      Actually, they should eat beef heart. It might replace the heart they obviously didn’t have. And maybe some mountain oysters on the side to replace their missing balls. This was one of the worst, most lackadaisical “efforts” I’ve ever seen from a UGA team. There’s not a single game left on the schedule that we can’t lose if the players decide to take the week off like that. Today, Vanderbilt would have beaten us worse than they did in ’94.

  11. leslie22h

    Expectations fell flat today.

  12. The only positive from this game is we won. I could write the negatives, but there isn’t enough room for it. Turnovers, beyond offensive offensive line play, absolutely zero creativity in offensive play calling (where is the passing game on early downs?), and just uninspired play across the board … I hope Kirby figures out what went wrong and fixes it now or this will be a long season.

    This team has the talent to beat an FCS opponent senseless, so let’s not pretend the cupboard is bare.

  13. Russ2

    Glad they put the girl in at QB. As Jed Clampett says PITIFUL

  14. playmakers in space

    If you could fail in just about every aspect of a football game, Georgia pulled that off today. And then some.

  15. Another sort of defense to turn this win into a more positive result is just to remember this team did not have a game to start the season so they were fresh and already have films on the Dawgs. It’s likely the Dawg coaches barely know their opponents. I really do not know if I’m right. I’m sure nervously glad that the Dawgs won despite being with a measly 2 points.

  16. TMC DAWG

    Feels like a lost

  17. Mayor

    This Georgia team is a very average football team at best. The real problem is the team is incomplete. We have a kid with a rocket arm who is accurate but the receivers can’t catch. We have a stable of RBs ranging from good to great but an O-Line that can’t block. We have 1 DB who can cover and 1 DL who can stuff the run. Both those guys are very good players but everyone else is average or worse. We have the best returner in college football but he muffs punts and fumbles. Get ready for a roller coaster ride. Treasure this 2 point win–it’s going to be a long season full of ups and downs but mostly underacheivement.

    • Cojones

      You hit the sore spots and we should be thankful that the “Snakebit” strike was short by 2 points.

    • I see your points Mayor–but underachieve? You mean underachieve for an average football team? If that is true, then this is going to be a VERY long season.

    • @gatriguy

      This. Just too many holes on the roster.

    • Lighten up a tad. CKS admitted he sensed a lack of focus and commitment in practices prior to the game with these so-called cupcakes.
      He should have nipped that shit in the bud, but he didn’t. To his credit, he admitted dropping the ball and took responsibility for it. Not too shabby for a first year HBC.
      All of this brings me, and probably the bulk of Dawg fans out there, to the same conclusion. We are talented, but very young and inexperienced. Our two-deep is mostly freshmen and RS-freshmen.
      It will take a little while to get these guys acclimated to the big time college football environment. There will be a big learning curve.
      We will improve every week and become more comfortable with all facets of the game, albeit ever so incrementally. But we will get better. When we get all of the right pieces in place, this horse is going to start winning every race it enters.
      It’s not underachievement, if you look at this season from the proper prospective. We are too young and too inexperienced to expect any legitimate conference title contention scenarios. If you were seriously thinking we had the personnel needed to do that, your kidding yourself.
      I do believe, however, that we have a good foundation on which to build a contender.
      If we give CKS a little time, he’ll produce a winner. Guaranteed.
      He tutored under arguably one of the greatest football coaches the game has ever seen. The “process” is the real deal.
      It’s just like Novocain… give it enough time, it always works.

  18. @gatriguy

    Listening to Kirby: sounds like a half-ass week of practice and no one on team is providing leadership.

    Basically I think it’s just OL play. Clearly OL talent just isn’t there.

  19. I'm right, you're wrong

    Mark Richt had this team uninspired and unprepared! If only we had a full time special teams coach and someone from Alabama’s staff to teach us The Process!

    • @gatriguy

      GFY. Miami needs all the fans they can get. Feel free to pull for Da U.

      • I'm right, you're wrong

        Awwww, that’s a lot of butthurt there. Sorry that nothing changed today with your man crush, a dedicated special teams coach and The Process on the sidelines.

        • @gatriguy

          Nah, I’m good. I just can’t figure out why you’re here–are you pulling for UGA to lose so you can say “told you so”? Cause it kinda seems that way.

          • I'm right, you're wrong

            No, you illiterate fuck. Just pointing out how stupid people, like you, we’re so convinced that Kirby, The Process and full time special teams coach would never let a game like today happen. Ever. Now, go fuck YOURSELF while laying in the fetal position sucking your thumb and mumbling the process, the process, process…

            • Billy Mumphrey

              Big difference between hoped and believed.

            • Mystery troll shows up again to wreck havok when the Senator is not around. Predictable.

              • I'm right, you're wrong

                “When the senator is not around”? What kind of pussy little kid are you? Good grief.

                • 86BONE

                  Hey buddy, go chill with all your friends tonight…both of them. And before you go, please let us know what year you graduated from UGA….curios to know how long you have been a douche bag

            • @gatriguy

              You do you.

              A.) I’ve never uttered the phrase “The Process” in my life.
              B.) I’m still excited about Kirby, but I would have been fine with Herman or about a 1/2 dozen other guys. I just thought it was time for a change.
              C.) I’ve been consistent since Spring that I think this is an 8-4 type season. The 2013 class left a crater in the program and out OL recruiting has been below average for a decade and a half. What we saw today was no different than against Southern last year–OL just can’t get push.

              The biggest problem the program has right now is that the fan base isn’t being realistic about the talent on the roster.

              If Kirby is going to get it done (and I have no idea if he is or not), it’s going to take a few recruiting cycles.

    • lakedawg

      Wonder how JC and Chili characterize this game, either wet the bed or face plant?

  20. Skeptic Dawg (Contemplating a New Name)

    Win and move on. Sure, the OL was unimpressive. Yes, our WR’s need a ton of work. Hell yes, our offensive coordinator was awful at times today. But we won and are sitting at 2-0. I will take it and be happy. I fully expect this staff to break their foot off in our team’s John Brown hind parts all week long. I also expect a W next Saturday night vs Mizzou. GATA!

    • Debby Balcer

      Amen shake it off and let the team shake it off next week is a new beginning their first SEC game.

      • rchris

        @Debby Balcer: You are always so sensible. I’m very down after this game, I admit. But you are right. If they play hard and tough the rest of the season, there’s a good chance people will write today off as just a bad day, and, as the Senator says, “All their goals are still ahead of them.” The only way this hurts long term is if it is a harbinger of the way they’re gonna play the rest of the season.

        • Was yesterday an aberration or the canary in the coal mine? If it’s the former, Kirby and the staff will use this as a reminder as the team continues to improve, but if it’s the latter, the honeymoon will be very short.

          I’m still standing by a 9-3 prediction with losses to Ole Miss, Tennessee, and either Florida or Auburn.

    • No AxeToGrind

      It will take a couple of years to get rid of the lingering Richt miasma. It will also take a couple of years of good recruiting to build up the o and d lines. After all, it is not like UGA fans haven’t experienced this for the past ten years.

  21. Central Michigan beats Ok State

  22. Nate Dawg

    Good thing we got all those TE’s amirite??
    Or maybe they have to just run block and/or pass protect all day. What do I know…?
    Bartender! Notha round!

  23. If Georgia really lost this blog will be burning with haters, LOL.

  24. SemperFiDawg

    Hey Senator! I know how you love using memes and quotes as your post titles. So which do you like better 1) ” Teams show the most improvement between week 1 and week 2.” or 2) “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

  25. Yurdle

    I wonder about Eason and the run game. Lambert’s throws were trash, but we actually ran it better with him in there at the end when everyone knew what was coming. I’m too ignorant to know if there’s something there, but did anybody else see that?

    • Necessity.

      The biggest problem I saw was predictability. They just kept running at a stacked front with everyone coming downhill. If the other team is going to play that many people in the box then throw it. For the most part, and there were problems, Eason threw it pretty well in difficult down and distance situations. You have to wonder what that game looks like without Chigbus 2 drops.

      • I would have loved to have seen the outcome if Chaney would throw the ball on early downs. We complained about predictability, but we were VERY predictable today.

        Thank goodness we won.

      • dawgman3000

        Agreed . Aside from IMac, the receivers leave a lot to be desired . And why isn’t T5 (Terry Godwin ) getting more touches ?

      • Digitalis

        Even being predictable, even running against a stacked front, our athletes should prevail over theirs. We were out-physicaled. That was troubling, to say the least.😝😒

        • Excellent post. We should have been moving those guys. 17 points off 3 turnovers deep in plus territory changed the entire complexion of the game.

        • Maybe, but nothing’s changed between last year’s GSU game and this one in that respect. If they know what’s coming, it’s hard to play offense.

          If the idea is that eventually we’ll be able to blow an SEC team off the ball I’m all for it. I think that was part of what they were trying to do today. I don’t think they planned on 3 to’s and key dropped passes. But I think they wanted to make today a challenge for the offensive line. If you want to cover you go shotgun, 4-wide and throw it all over the park.

          • Digitalis

            I agree that we thought we could blow Nicholls off the line. CKS said in his post-game that we never got the run game going because we couldn’t move them up front. We gave up on running the ball — against Nicholls. I also agree that we will never have the team that Smart was brought here to build until we can dominate on both lines. Skill players we’ve had,tons of ’em. We re likely two recruiting classes away from being able to fairly judge CKS.

    • @gatriguy

      Could be getting in the right play. I think they just didn’t want another turnover and were scared Eason was rattled.

      • Eason was not rattled. His teammates, including Chubb and Blazevich, said as much.
        If Chigbu catches the two balls he dropped, we’re not having this discussion. The one he didn’t catch down around the Nicholls five yard line was HUGE.
        Eason was not the problem. We had multiple offensive problems yesterday, but Eason wasn’t one of them.

  26. Spike

    Why no throws to the wide open tight ends? I’m sorry, but Lambert is just not
    any good. O line was ineffective, and that’s as polite as I can be. One of the worst UGA efforts I’ve ever seen.

  27. Looks like Pittman has a lot of work to do. Also looks like Kirby found out this team is not constructed to impose its will on anyone.

    • dawgman3000

      Most accurate post today Twist^^^^^

    • Biggen

      It looked like the whole offense was shaving points. All of a sudden the line cant block? Isiah has two boneheaded plays after flashes of brilliance. Did they go out drinking the night before?

      And whats with all the drops?? Goodness it was terrible.

      • DawgFriend

        We had been hearing about drops ALL camp. Guess it wasn’t false modesty.

        • Cojones

          I haven’t heard about them nor have I seen any postings concerning WR and TE drops as we saw today. Wanna keep us updated on such and gain some appreciation?

      • stillbelieve

        it wasn’t all of a sudden. Oline was garbage against UNC and whatever is worse than garbage today.

      • Will (The Other One)

        That’s my guess. Haven’t seen a team go from looking good to trash since the East Canaan boys went out drinkin’ at Miss Davies’ strip club the night before a game.

  28. Scorpio Jones, III

    Folks, it just seems to me its easy to forget this is a team with some talent deficiencies, some talent-in-training, some obvious problems (special teams) and a nearly-complete new coaching staff that is clearly not getting everybody to buy in on every snap.

    There is no possible way that this year was going to be anything other than what it has been so far, a work in progress.

    I will tell you something frightening I heard that will make some of you deeply afraid.

    Kirby after the game…”we gotta get bettah.” And it even sounded a little like…well, you know who?

    Clearly the idiots who put this team in the top 10 have lost what little minds they may, or may not have had. The biggest wrong about that is that it creates expectations in the minds of the ah…well, you know who you are.

    By the end of the season this could be a pretty good football team…by the end of the season.

    On to CoMo.

    • sniffer

      I have tried, god knows I’ve tried, not to buy into the hype. We are (probably) better than we showed today and not as good as we looked last week. I thought 9-3 was possible with 8-4 likely before the season. Sticking to it. Anybody believe we beat Ole Miss, TN, Florida and Auburn?

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Naw, proly not as bad as we looked this week (although if you look bad you probably are, but I think we are as good as we showed last week…that’s what concerns me.

  29. 81Dog

    Does anyone know if any spectators were claiming their grandmothers knew what UGA’s offensive plays would be before we ran them?

    Apparently, based on past experience, we have a lot of fine offensive minds in the UGA grandma depth chart.

    • Tlkdawg

      I don’t know about grandmothers, but my wife consistently called the 1st down plays the entire 2nd half. Wasn’t too hard, considering it was usually the same play.

      • Gaskilldawg

        Was she specific, such as “off tackle to the right with a trap on the defensive end” or, “Here comes a run.” If she could predict a sweep to the left, or a draw play, or a screen pass, I am impressed. If she was able to predict that an offense that has two tight ends and a fullback in the formation was going to run the ball, or that we would pass when we lined up with 5 wides, then that isn’t a difficult prediction.

  30. Athens Dog

    It was like watching a dumpster fire and your car is next to it.

  31. Athens Dog

    Plus one. Haha.

  32. 86BONE

    Fellas we just got hit in the mouth today! Those coonasses came to town with a chip on their shoulders and took the Dawgs to the mat. We better re group fast and show up in Columbia or it could be déjà vu all over again!
    Do you think we could practice rolling out and throwing to a tight end or three for a 10 yard gain…I just don’t get it man!

  33. TMC DAWG

    Side question, where was Holyfield?

  34. 3rdandGrantham

    Let’s not forget that Smart and Co are dealing with mediocre at best OL talent left for them by CMR and co, who for whatever reason never placed emphasis on buildkmg dominant lines. Heck, in the last 10 years we’ve had something like 0 first round OL taken in the draft and only 1 second rounder.

    As someone mentioned above, it’s going to take a few more recruiting classes to overcome this mess.

    • I'm right, you're wrong.

      Nope. Sorry. Supposed lack of talent isn’t an excuse you can use when playing Nicholls St. This was 100% coaching. Deal with it.

    • 3&G, if you don’t have a dominant offensive line, what do you do instead? You make the defense defend the width of the field and get players especially safeties out of the box. Chaney seems to have whatever is on his play sheet and nothing else. I was disappointed in the line play and the play calling today.

      We didn’t have a problem with people stacking the box without a dominant line in 2012-2014. Why? Because we had matchup nightmares at wide receiver especially in the slot with Bennett and Conley and we attacked downfield with the tight end.

      • @gatriguy

        Agreed, but there are no Malcolm Mitchell’s, Conley, Bennetts, Browns, or Wootens on the roster. The WR recruiting fell off just as much as the OL. Just too many recruiting misses over the past 3-4 years.

        • Houston doesn’t have 4 and 5 star players everywhere on offense. They have a creative offense that forces a team of 4 and 5 star players (Oklahoma) to defend the whole field. We haven’t seen anything that remotely looks creative.

          After 2 weeks, I’m starting to get very worried about our offensive coordinator hire.

          • @gatriguy

            Yeah I know. Herman was my top choice b

            • I’ve been impressed with Kirby so far. Even today, he practically apologized on the radio for the performance when Chuck Dowdle tried the “winning beats losing” line. He knew the honeymoon would be over if we had lost today and he wanted everyone to know he found today to be unacceptable.

              I’m just worried that he is so focused on developing a “physical” team on offense that he forgets that Junior developed an offense at Bama that is balanced and creative.

          • Erskine

            This was 100% about preparation and effort. We had more talent at every position. On Wednesday did Kirby know that this was what he was gonna get or did the kids get off the bus on Saturday and decide they would mail it in?
            The offense is a typical Chaney run offense, not flashy, not creative. Look at his offense at Arky, fast forward same old same old. A true disciple of run to set up the pass mentality.
            Some want to talk X’s and O’s , others believe you have to have a roster loaded with recruiting stars. Sometime with young teams, locker room leadership is missing. So maybe this is a chance for the leaders on this team to emerge. A part of “the Process” is about player leadership and locker room accountability. Having players in the locker room with that mentality does not requires having multiple recruiting stars after there name.

            • I agree, but there are players who should step into those roles. Kublanow or Nick on offense comes to mind. Sanders or Bellamy on defense should be those guys.

              17 points off 3 turnovers was why this game was so close, and 2 of those TOs put them immediately in the red zone. They drove the field on us once.

    • Gaskilldawg

      I did not forget what our offensive line talent is, neither did I forget that such talent enabled us to beat 7 power 5 teams last year.

      You really think that it is going to take a few more recruiting classes to have offensive line talent sufficient to open holes against a FCS team coming off a 3-8 record?

  35. And the Illini come right out and scorch the Heels with a long run.

  36. Chuck

    Just do not see the justification in firing the 5th wining coach in NCAA history but Kirby was supposed to be the savior and bring us championship!

  37. lakedawg

    And we won 10 games last two years with that mediocre OL play., and no Chubb. Could it be coaching?

    • Maybe if they had got off their asses and recruited an offensive line they would have won 12.

      • I'm right, you're wrong

        Again, if you think the problem today was that our O-line had less talent than Nocholls St D-line, you are not only fucking stupid and crazy, but also in total denial that today was 100% coaching.

        • Normaltown Mike

          exactly! Would competent coaching blunder ass into overtime with Georgia Southern? Of course not!

          Now get your swim suit on and let’s go do cannonballs at the Ramsey!

        • His post was referring the last two yeas. My comment was about the last two years year. If you are going to troll, at least do it right. LOL

  38. Normaltown Mike

    apparently that extra practice instead of the pool day didn’t help us out.

  39. I’m going to say that a win is a win and I’m happy for it. The game was a dumpster fire. Hopefully the dawgs burnt away some of the trash. ID what needs fixing and take action. It looks like certain running plays with Chubb have the play direction telegraphed as there were 4 and 5 guys on him at the hole in the back field. I noticed something similar with UNC on those plays but figured it was just aggression. This didnt seem to occur with other backs in either game as well for the most part. Similar problems have existed with passing plays in the past, with Joe Cox and last yr with Lambert; both telegraphed play direction based on their foot position when getting the ball snapped to them. Maybe something in the running offense now? The O line played as if they had all gone on a drinking binge the night before. If they play like that again the Dawgs won’t be so lucky. In 2k4 the Dawgs went 10-2 but UGA eaked out an ugly win vs Marshall with a final score of 13-3 so one shouldnt get bummed about the season, especially based of a win. I’ll worry about Missou in the mean time. Maybe its just another week like last week. Right now, WKU is apparently twice as good as USC when gauaged off their score vs Bama, CMU beat OK St, Troy came within a touchdown of Clemson and the college football day is still young….

    • Otto

      It is a weird year, upsets everywhere. The team this year will be a roller coaster as I’ve been saying all along. I think Smart will have players essentially quit on him at times. It will be a learning year. Saban’s 1st year at Bama was much the same. Glad Smart won the UNC game it will be remembered more by the recruits than a 2 or 50 point win today.

  40. At least, Tennessee looks just as bad this week as they did last except they’re playing a VTech team that looks really well coached.

  41. AusDawg85

    Looked liked another sleepwalking game. Seems that problem transcends coaching. But the drive opening the 4thQ looked really good until Eason/Blaze/Wims got fouled up over the middle that caused the tip and big INT return. Blaze was open, but looked like Eason wanted to get it to Wims crossing behind, but he was crazily spinning around backwards with the DB. We’re better than we were today, and loved that Kirby said it may be the wake-up call the team needed. Sometimes it’s not the HC’s lack of prep, or focus, or whatever other armchair bs some want to call it, but just a bunch of talented kids who fail to take an opponent seriously enough.

  42. AthensHomerDawg

    Georgia + 55 at home. Man some folks were really impressed with last week’s V. Wonder where we drop to in the rankings.

  43. Digitalis

    We deserve to fall out of the top 10. Obviously. Still, it doesn’t matter. If we win out, as improbable as that seems right now, we win the crystal football. Because there’s a playoff and we’re in the SEC, style points are greatly overrated. Wins are what matter.

    • S

      I think we deserve to drop to 25 at best. We will not win out. Period. First, I doubt we get past Ole Miss, Tennessee, Florida, and Auburn without at least 3 losses. Second, if we were to somehow make it to the Dome, Alabama will set a record for margin of victory. Hell, I don’t even want us to make it to the Dome. No point in getting embarrassed that badly.

      And if somehow we made it to the Dome, and Alabama’s 3 deep all caught the bubonic plague, and we barely beat their scout team in OT, then Clemson or Houston would beat us by 40+, or Ohio State or Michigan would beat us by 50+. We need a complete rebuild of both lines of scrimmage plus a couple of wide receivers who actually top 6′ to even hope to compete at the elite level. Sorry, man. Not venting at you personally. I’m just really angry at today. We played at a level that warrants Jeff Schultz calling us “trembling Chihuahuas” and I can’t stand it.

      I don’t think we have the talent, the discipline, the coaching, or the heart to run the table. I think we can acquire the first and pound the latter three into the team eventually, but I have a hard time believing it will happen this season. I think I hate it for Nick Chubb more than anyone else. He worked that hard to come back and the OL put on that shit show. If you pulled 5 people out of the crowd at random, I’m not sure you couldn’t have had better blocking.

  44. Russ

    I’m just glad we have such a great OL coach. Can you imagine how bad the line would be without his help?

  45. I take away a few positives: 1) we won and 2) we played better against a better opponent last week so maybe this will be a wake-up and 3) the D played well and especially considering the bad places the O and ST put them.

    Also, I have to believe Chaney is being super vanilla right now. I hope so anyway. Every deep passing play is “everyone go deep” with no outlet. Super predictable. Okay with a good OL but we don’t have that.

  46. Parent

    So, after watching the NC game, it does feel a tad better. Surely Illinois is better than Nicholls State, indicating it was a chappy game, not a chappy team.

  47. aladawg

    We won; no doubt that is true and I am glad for that. That said, these are the same players as last week, that many were just euphoric about. We will have ups and downs. Any critique is ours, especially those spending $3,000 + for our tickets, to give, good and bad.
    My critique is not a troll, but one in which I believe we have VASTLY more talent then Nicholls State including ALL positions and we were simply not ready to play. That is on our coaching staff. Period. That doesn’t mean I give up on them. I am tired of hearing about our lack of talent though. In fact, Tyler Catalina is Kirby’s recruit and he was the WORST out there today and was not much better last week. I’m thinking we would be better with Isaiah Wynn at left tackle. Considering how bad they all were, why did we not make some changes? Only Dyshon Sims played outside of the starting 5. They sucked all game. We wasted another timeout in the second half, we had several situations where we had people confused on who was supposed to be in, our kickoff lineup was crazy even for a potential onside kick and we were totally predictable. Am I seeing the second coming of “Schotty” ?
    Despite all that we are 2-0 and I am sure ANY coach would be up inside this teams rears this week. I truly believe that we will play much better next week and Kirby will have this team ready.
    We sure as heck need to stop blaming the past for all the bad things happening and praising the present for all the good. Kirby’s the coach and the players are his now. We have to play to win now. Kirby did a generally great job last week and a generally crappy job this week, but the big thing is he won.

    “Just win baby”

  48. PTC DAWG

    Never apologize for a win.

    Beat Mizzou..

  49. Biggus Rickus

    Well, they played like shit and escaped. There’s really not much to take away from the game. I’ve been a little frustrated by Chaney as an OC, so far though. I hope my doubts are proven to be unfounded. I’m still not sure exactly what the hell the design was on the play that resulted in the interception that let Nicholls back in the game. It was either the most poorly conceived pick in the history of football, made worse by Eason throwing the ball to the man setting the pick, or the play was screwed up on a couple of levels. I assume Eason flubbed it pretty hard though, considering he didn’t return after. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if this game was representative at all.

  50. Bulldog Joe

    The cold reality check came in yesterday.

    This is still very much a program that is starting over. It’s one that is not good enough to win any of its remaining games with a less than motivated, focused effort.

    This week, we play another program in the same position as us. It will be their first home game in a nighttime environment. They will be motivated.

    Learn and buckle ’em up.

    • HVL Dawg

      I’d say Mizzou is in a much worse position than we are.

      New Coaching staff- check,
      no AD- check,
      no Chancellor- check,
      no University System President- check.
      racial strife- check.
      dramatically falling enrollment- check.

      • Bulldog Joe

        If it were an academic or fund-raising contest, I’d feel good about our chances.

        Football? At their place at night, it’s pretty much a toss-up.

  51. artful codger

    TE’s one catch

  52. O-Line Recruiting done by Pastor Poochkick
    2013 – Kublanow 4 Stars, Cardiello 3 Stars, Bynum 3 Stars, Welch 2 Stars.
    2014 – Wynn 4 Stars, Sims 4 Stars, Baker 4 Stars, Edwards 3 Stars.
    2015 – Allen 4 Stars, Madden 3 Stars, Hardin 3 Stars, Jurkovic 3 Stars, Seymour 3 Stars.
    2016 – Cleveland 4 Stars, Barnes 3 Stars. (Kindley was a late recruiting scramble by Kirby to cover up Richt’s inadequacy)

    Average O Linemen per class – 3.75
    Average Star Rating – 3.33

    It’s not terrible but it isn’t great. Anyway, it doesn’t seem exactly fair to compare between a poor win by a coach in his 15th year on the job on Senior Day in a night game and a coach in his first year in his first home game in a noon kickoff.

  53. rchris

    2014 – Galliard 4 Stars. They left him at DL while they were derecruiting him, then switched him to OL where he belonged.

  54. Jp

    Yea I watched it dog zilla and if you run it and get 0 yards you’ve got a 30 yarder to go up 15 where did you coach ?

  55. Jared S.

    ….maybe winning football games is harder than we think.

  56. TooBad

    I am against hiring coordinators as head coaches for major programs. Kirby should have paid his HC dues at a smaller school. McGarity did not even consider anyone other than Kirby. We dawg fans will have to live with the consequences for several years.

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