Overreacting pundit accuses fans of overreacting. Film at 11.

Georgia and Georgia Tech are both 3-0.  If you’re Jeff Schultz, that can only mean one thing:  Dawg fans have begun making too much of a big deal about their team.

It’s building in Athens because, well, it always builds in Athens after a win. Jacob Eason makes a big throw to win an SEC game on the road and suddenly the overwhelming thought among Georgia fans is, “If he can do that at Missouri, he can do it at Ole Miss. And he can do it against Tennessee. And Florida! And New England!”

The door is open on North Ave but there’s a little more caution among that fan base because, well, duh. But Georgia Tech is 3-0 and the offense was impressive against Vanderbilt, and even though Vanderbilt isn’t nearly Clemson, even if half of the Clemson players had their arms and legs duct-taped together, the Paul Johnson-Dabo Swinney history tilts in Tech’s favor and there’s just enough there to make you think, “Hmmm.”

This week won’t define the season for either Georgia or Georgia Tech. But it will tell us a lot about the potential of each program this season in their respective conference races.

And, yes, it’s debatable which program is sitting in a better position today (as Bulldogs fans read that sentence and spontaneously combust).

Anything’s debatable, Jeff… well, maybe not the quality of Tech’s recruiting.  But I digress.

The man should really spend some time reading the comments section here at GTP.



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21 responses to “Overreacting pundit accuses fans of overreacting. Film at 11.

  1. Those are some of the dumbest comments about our situation and Tech’s imaginable. This guy is not someone I would ever follow.


    • And give Mercer a few more to actually give scholarships, yep only giving partials at this point, they will probably kick Tech’s ass.


      • Gravidy

        This is Mercer’s third year in the Southern Conference. There probably are some players receiving partial scholarships, but they are allowed 63 full football scholarships to use as they see fit just like all other FCS teams.


    • Bulldog Joe

      He gets paid to build these strawmen at his desk.

      What a country!


  2. Noonan

    What kind of drooling moron does an editor have to be in order to pay someone to write terrible columns like this? He could get a junior high student to write better commentary for free. The same paper employs Cynthia Tucker, who is the Schultz of political writers, so at least they’re consistently awful.


  3. Warthen

    If you think Shultz is bad now, just wait until he pens the “Did Miami make a better hire than UGA?” article in two weeks. I would like to see the stats on how many clicks he gets vs. Emerson who, you know, actually reports relevant news.


    • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

      That’s actually a relevant and worthy title.


    • Given that the “big dummy” and his Kentucky-loving cohort were leading the charge to have CMR run out of Athens on a rail, that column would require a monumental lack of self-awareness. I hope CMR brings the Canes to Atlanta, beats the brains out of the nerds, and then tells the Atlanta media to stick it up their collective @$$3$ as he takes his share of the deed to historic Vince Dooley Stadium at Mark Richt Field with him back to south Florida.


  4. JarvisCrowell

    The delusion of Tech fans never ceases to amaze me. The fact that this writer has the audacity to even compare our programs is astounding.


  5. OrlandoDawg

    I’m a long way from Athens, so maybe it’s me that’s off base and not him, but is he serious? Among my circle of Dawgs the attitude is and always has been Dooley poormouth pessimism, in which we’re always either proven right or pleasantly surprised.


  6. Otto

    Another click bait AJC article where I will not take the the bait


  7. D.N. Nation

    Schotty beat Vandy too.


  8. Uglydawg

    Who wrote that garbage? Jeff who?


  9. In the immortal words of Fred Sanford, JS is a big dummy.


  10. ClydeBoogie

    I concur a worthless pundit indeed. Jeff I know you’re lurking around here you lil fanboy.


  11. D as in Dawg

    He just thinks we lose big this weekend so he can write a self-contradictory article next week. Well, Jeff, we’ve got news for you. We all know we’ll probably get a little beat down this weekend. Ha! How you like that? We might even lose 3 or 4 more before it’s done. Eat that optimism, buddy. But guess what… we’ll still beat the honey off your little stingers. Wait… That didn’t come out right. Neither did that really. It’s so bad and wrong I’m going to have to go ahead and post it. Sorry if you don’t see it. Good for you.


  12. Bulldog Joe

    Does Jeff even talk to Georgia fans or does he just make this stuff up?

    Most of Georgia fans around me are pissed about what they’ve seen so far with our lines and our special teams, and that’s being nice. There are no delusions of grandeur.

    Can’t say what Tech fans are thinking this year because I have yet to find one.


  13. Hardcoredawg 93

    That opening paragraph is laughable.

    Warthen- you are right, I would bet that Miami article is pretty much ready to go to print.