“Because I’ve seen ’em do it.”

—  Head coach Kirby Smart, when belaboring the lack of big plays that could have changed momentum, mentioned Carter and cornerback Malkom Parrish.

“At the end of the day, the thing snowballed and we didn’t have anybody step up and make a play,” Smart said. “Lorenzo Carter, go make a play. Go make a tackle for a loss right there. Go make a play there on the perimeter there, Malkom, and it possibly changes the game. But we didn’t do that.”

I’ve noticed in the comments that some of you disapprove of the way Smart goes about calling out some of his players’ performances publicly, as he did after the Ole Miss game.  Honestly, I can’t get that worked up about it.

For one thing, Smart hasn’t used it as an excuse to hide behind the staff’s shortcomings.

Kirby Smart will be challenged for the first time as Georgia head coach to keep his team together and not split apart after a loss that had the Bulldogs tumbling 13 spots Sunday in the AP poll.

“We’re going to have to have guys step up and demand that players do it right and that every player buys in and practices right without ever pointing a finger,” he said. “The one thing I won’t stand for is somebody to point a finger at somebody else. ‘It was this guy’s fault, that guy’s fault.’ It all falls on all of us. It starts right here with me.”

You can argue that one man’s accountability is another’s unnecessary public calling out, and I will concede the point.  But the other reason I don’t find fault here is that if you listen to the entirety of that first quote, Smart’s coupled his criticism with support for those same players.

“Because I’ve seen them do it,” Smart said when asked why he has confident his UGA can turn the page and respond against Tennessee. “I’ve seen Jayson Stanley make that catch. I’ve seen Isaiah McKenzie make that catch. I’ve seen Malkom Parrish make those plays. He made one against a 6’5″ guy against North Carolina. I’ve seen them do it. We’ve just got to do it when we need to do it. We didn’t do it today. Like I said, it’s not all on them. We’ve got to do a better job as coaches to help them… “

When he’s right, he’s right.  I only hope the tough love starts paying dividends soon.


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  1. @gatriguy

    I’m on board 100% with Kirby and what and how he’s trying to change. But he really needs something good to happen.

    • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

      I agree with CKS. It all starts with him. He’s been full of a lot of soundbites. And nothing on the sideline. You low information fans are cracking me up trying to place blame at the feet of CMR for this debacle of a team. CKS has shown nothing on the sideline that impresses me so far. Oh…..but he’s animated!!!!! yippee!!!

      And, for the love of god, why is everyone ignoring the fact that the worst case scenario was we follow Tennessee’s path after they fired Fulmer. Yet CKS thought, “Hey, I’ve got a great idea, lets hire the OC & OL coach that manned the SS Volunteer as it sank”…….

      Couple of facts to remember:
      – No Saban assistant has turned out to be a quality HC in the SEC. And don’t say McElwain. He was lucky last year & that FL team sucks.
      – No Saban assistant has ever beaten Saban head to head.

      Personally, I believe CKS knew his best chance at a primo HC job would be to ride daddy Saban’s coattails until the prefect opportunity. The more vocal minority clamoring for CMR’s firing got their wish. And now we’re about to go through fan hell because the children of the fanbase got their way. CKS looks like a fish out of water. And his tough guy Saban image he’s trying to project is hilarious & seems ridiculous when he can’t back it up with quality wins or coaching up the team.

      • @gatriguy

        “Low information fans”. Someone is blending the self awareness of Limbaugh with the rationality of Finebaum.

      • dawgman3000

        OK, if you’re done ranting, go and clean up your room…… I meant the basement.

      • Athens Townie

        Some additional facts to remember…

        Taking a closer look at the 2013 and 2014 recruiting classes, it’s pretty easy to understand why we are not a good football team in 2016:


        Richt did some great things for UGA football. But roster management was a major weakness. We’re paying the price for that right now.

        • Irwin R. Fletcher

          I lean slightly towards the conclusion that Catalina and Pyke are starting because it gives the staff a better chance to recruit a 5-Star OT.

        • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

          Everyone in the south recruited the same boys we recruited. You can’t lay this seasons blame at CMR’s feet. As if we don’t have great players in Athens. maybe not on par with Bama, but certainly comparable to Ole Miss who just delivered our unprepared team the worst defeat in the series history.

          • Irwin R. Fletcher

            Everyone in the south recruited the same boys we recruited.

            The difference is that they got them and we didn’t. CMR didn’t recruit top shelf O-Line talent to Athens. That is 100% on that staff.

            Here’s a good example Greg Little, 5 Star OT #3 overall…the stud true freshman who lined up for the Rebels against UGA on Saturday who Richt recruited heavily and who ultimately wound up at Ole Miss.

            Rod Taylor Ot 4 Star #47 overall, Javon Patterson OG 4 Star #52 overall.

            Bottom line is that the difference between good and elite in the SEC is the depth chart on the lines.

            • Napoleon BonerFart

              We have 17 OL players on the depth chart. 6 of them were walk-ons or transfers like Catalina, who don’t really have the same recruiting process as other players (although other teams were after Catalina). Of the 11 who were recruited traditionally, there are 5 kids who were 4-stars and 6 kids who were 3 stars. 9 of the 11 kids had scholarship offers from Alabama (the gold standard for evaluating talent). And the two kids who didn’t get Alabama offers had offers from other SEC teams like UF, Tenn, and Ole Miss. So the notion that Richt just staffed the lines with rejects who couldn’t get offers from other schools is baseless.

              To be fair, you could argue that Alabama wanted Isaiah Wynn to serve as its fourth string guard. Maybe, but no real way to know. And I’ll grant that our tackles aren’t covering themselves in glory yet. But there are many other SEC teams who would have been happy to have most of our OL players.

              • Irwin R. Fletcher

                What are we talking about here? We know that Richt recruited good enough to win 9-10 games each year. That’s not the point. We know the lines for all of thier faults are good enough to squeak out wins against Mizzou, GA Southern, Tech, etc. Especially when you put elite backs like Chubb, Michel, Gurley, and Marshall behind them and have guys like L Floyd and Jenkins flying all over the field.

                The question though is about how to be great. How to beat teams like Ole Miss and Bama and Florida when they are rolling out true Elite talent on the lines. How to stop the bleeding when you get hit in the face by a truck by imposing your will on the game. Kublanow and Wynn are good players…but teams like Bama and Ole Miss surround those guys with ELITE 5 star tackles not a converted d-lineman, a transfer from Rhode Island and a guard that lost his starting spot last year.

                If we’re being honest, great offensive line recruiting doesn’t start with signing a 4-Star defensive tackle and converting him to OG.

                • Athens Townie

                  Good points.

                • Napoleon BonerFart

                  So, how do you explain that the teams with elite lines recruited Georgia’s linemen?

                  • Irwin R. Fletcher

                    I thought I already did. Bookend Kublanow and Wynn with some 5 Star OTs and you’d have an elite O-Line. That’s the issue here. BTW…having an offer and being a take at a place like Bama are two different things.

                    • Napoleon BonerFart

                      No, you didn’t. Yes, having 5 star tackles would help our line. Nobody’s arguing that it wouldn’t. I’m simply noting that Bama (and other SEC schools) offered scholarships to most of our OL players. You haven’t explained (besides hindsight) how Richt (and Smart for half a recruiting period) landing the same kids Bama wanted equals failure.

        • Chuck

          Yep, and Bush is still to blame for all of the United States problems that we are facing today.

      • Mark Richt called and asked for you to get off his dick. It’s 4 games in and the HC does not have the players that he’s used to and it’s going to take a little while to fix.

        • Napoleon BonerFart

          Especially if he’s not going to make adjustments.

          • Irwin R. Fletcher

            Hate to break it to you, but those adjustments are probably not coming until Signing Day.

            • Napoleon BonerFart

              Is that what great coaches do? Just shrug their shoulders and claim it’s impossible to compete without 5 star kids at every position? Hell, I can probably coach that kind of team.

              • Irwin R. Fletcher

                Championship teams have 5 star talent all over the place but especially in the trenches. And to answer your question…what great coaches do is get those kids to come play for them.

                • Napoleon BonerFart

                  Yes, recruiting is part of what makes a coach great. Les Miles was a great recruiter. His signing classes rivaled Alabama’s every year. And he’s out of a job. There must be more to it n’est-ce pas?

                  If Kirby Smart’s master plan is to sign elite high school linemen while his team gets smoked in the SEC for a few years, he’s not as smart as you think he is. First of all, he’s doing it wrong. He and his coordinators should be at high school games on Friday nights instead of with the team. Also, a few years of noncompetitive teams will end with a new coach in Athens, enjoying the fruits of Smart’s recruiting labors.

  2. Mad Mike

    This team needs a Shawn Williams ca. 2012 moment.

  3. Bright Idea

    This team also looks like Kirby has worn them out physically. They’ve looked tired since week 2.

    • Irwin R. Fletcher

      I’m sure those two false starts on first down were due to being worn out.

      Those were absolutely killers. Goes back to something we saw in the stats prior to the game…Eason is overmatched in 3rd and long situations. By that I mean he REALLY plays like a freshman when d-coordinators know a pass is coming.

      BTW…that’s where I’d jump on the coaches a bit. You’re defense just forced a FG, you are in a 3rd and 10 after watching your freshman QB take a sack on 3rd and 13 the prior drive. Chaney coached him up after that sack, but do you really expect a Freshman to all of the sudden make great decisions just 2 minutes later? Just run a draw and flip the field.

      And by the way, try using some of those timeouts in the first half.

      If anyone is interested, Eason on 3rd and long…(3rd and 7+ to go)
      6 of 21, 28.5% completion, 154 yards, 1 TD and 2 INT.

      Now that’s not all on him…drops are killers…but we can’t win with false starts killing drives.

  4. Cosmic Dawg

    I didn’t mind those quotes when I first saw them. What I minded were the quotes like the “battleship” quote and asking the press if they knew any kickers, etc.

    CKS has been whining (albeit sometimes subtly) about one thing or another since he got here. He has talked more about player shortcomings than coaching shortcomings when describing the team issues. Even when he occasionally pays lip service to “we all have to improve”, it never feels like he’s part of the team, but some expert hired from the outside to whip this sorry enterprise into shape. He has been defensive and paranoid.

    Who wants to go to war for that?

  5. FisheriesDawg

    Agree with Kirby far more than his most ardent defenders on this subject. For all of the cries about Richt leaving the cupboard bare, the players are there to be competitive with a team like Mississippi if the players show up motivated, execute, and are put in the right places by the coaches.

    I’m ambivalent on the calling the players out thing. It is his job as the head coach to decide the best way to motivate them. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, we’ll find somebody new to start the 2019 season.

  6. AusDawg85

    Perfectly fine what he said. Behind team doors. That doesn’t belong in the press. He’ll learn

  7. ASEF

    Someone please identify the offensive linemen or defensive linemen who would start for any SEC team not named Vandy, SCar, or Kentucky.

    Smart may be an idiot, or he might be learning some hard lessons about the difference between a consultant and a leader. Or both.

    But Georgia is a disaster in the trenches n the one league you cannot get away with that.

    • @gatriguy

      Thompson. That’s it. Maybe Pyke if they could shift him back to guard.

      When you look back at the numbers coming out of the 2012 season and then realize what a disaster the 2013 class was, the program is basically 3 years removed from self-imposed probation.

      The hid it last year with smoke and mirrors and a generationally soft schedule, but this bill was coming due eventually.

      • dawgman3000

        The truth^^^

        • down island way

          Look at your opponent that week and ask, how many of my starters could/can start for that team….1,8,10 or no one, it’ll find out where your team measures up individually. GO DAWGS!

      • SAtowndawg

        Pyke was one of the best guards in the SEC two years ago…not sure there was a better one at pulling, getting to the next level and putting a helmet on an LB…he and Andrews worked very well together…he is being wasted at RT and I feel bad for the kid as his draft stock must be dropping…Wynn was at least competent after moving to LT last year…much better than Catalina

      • lakedawg

        Tougher schedule last year than this.

    • Uglydawg

      Pretty basic stuff, but still true…and a fact a lot of people are overlooking
      Still, the point KS made about not making a play..is spot on. The last time someone stepped up and did that was when IMac caught Eason’s pass to win against NC. Dropped passes are not the line’s fault. Neither is falling down after a catch, missing tackles, being out of position, turning the wrong way on a hand off, missed field goals, etc. It starts in the trenches but is finished by skill..both..ALL FACETS.. need a lot of work.
      And as far as that one special play that would have made a difference, we were once again completely screwed by the ref on the dropped touchdown pass where the defender was tackling IMac around his ankles when he lost coverage. They called us for holding on an early play where our defender grabbed the shirttail of a player on a pass that was well out of bounds. We didn’t lose because of the refs but they’re still rotten.

      • uglydawg

        Man, I’m in PTC right now at the dentist…but it will be less painful than watching last Saturday’s debacle.

    • Gaskilldawg

      I do not know how other SEC lines perform. I do know Greg Pike was named to an All-American team last year.

      • Mayor

        Good point. Why is Pyke playing worse this year? Coaching? Blocking schemes? Something is different. The move from guard to tackle has not been good for Pyke. Different skill sets are required for the 2 positions. As bad as I think the HC is, it is really the assistants where the coaching failure is, IMHO.

  8. Grathams replacement

    Might be time to switch some starters to the bench to get the message across. The competition level in practice is driving the poor performance. As bad as the first team OL and WR think how horrible the scout team guys are. The first team is getting a bad look during practice so on Saturday they are overwhelmed. Practice up to the UNC game was different with 3 weeks of one on ones. Bamas 3rd team guys are freshman who will be all SEC in 2 years, UGAs are guys who will never see meaningful time in an SEC game.

  9. The other Doug

    The flip side is Kirby and the rest of the coaches need to dial up some stuff to put them in a position to make a play.

    • Russ

      Amen. Good coaches use the tools they have, and don’t try to force what we don’t have.

      Don’t ditch the “get tough” philosophy, but do add in more toss sweeps, screen passes, and put Michel and Chubb on the field at the same time. Our linemen are small, so use that to get them outside where they can hit someone their own size or smaller. If the defense is keying on Chubb, put Michel out there with him so they have to pick their poison. The coaches aren’t showing any creativity, and when you keep asking someone to do something they can’t you’ll lose them eventually.

  10. Greg

    Kirby reminds me of John McKay (pro). Waiting to hear someone ask him what he thinks of the “execution of his team”……He really needs to keep all of the negative comments behind closed doors imo. Also getting tired of him saying what he does not have, he knew what he had coming in. He needs to do a 360 on that crap….or the team will get away from him – if it already has not.

    • Uglydawg

      Painfully honest, Greg

    • dawgman3000

      So what would make you happy? To have Kirby hold their hands and tell em how much he loves them?

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      He has 8 5* players and 3 top 10 classes. He’s being disingenuous with this “no talent” whining.

      • dawgman3000

        He never said that those guys weren’t talented, he said their talent wasn’t to his liking. Coming over from Bama, do you think he is lying about that? It seems like some on here want Kirby to be Richt. Kirby is building this program the way he sees fit, and that way is to compete for championships. Even Saban will tell you that he himself is not the best HC but rather he is the best recruiter. Being a good X’s and O’s coach will get 8 to 10 wins and a mediocre bowl game with decent talent. Getting great players are what create dynasties. Those of us who realize this are willing to give Kirby time to bring his players in and not whine about him being a really bad man because he chooses not to coddle his players.

        • Napoleon BonerFart

          But is it too much to ask that, until his roster is full of 5 star players, that he scheme a bit to maximize his advantages and minimize the other teams? Hell, with the roster you’re expecting, he can probably let Eason draw up plays in the dirt and still win by a mile. But do we have to wait two more years to be competitive?

    • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

      If he wants to talk tough at the pressers, he should look like he has a game plan on Saturdays. As a friend of mine (rival fan) said to me today:

      “If you’re going to be paid 3 million+ annually to be bludgeoned to death on national television, then you have the obligation to answer any and all questions that come your way. And to do so politely”

  11. CPark58

    Say what you want but the guy knows what winning looks like and what it takes from inside the Georgia Dome confetti and knows he ain’t got it right now in Athens. He isn’t hiding his thoughts as well as some may like but he’s A) a young head coach not yet polished in his crafted coach speak bullshit and B) if anything, a constant recruiter. You have to imagine that aside from challenging current players, he is sending a message to recruits as well.

    I’m sure I’ll get an out of date Bear Bryant quote thrown at me for this but you can say that Kirby can’t win 10 games with these guys like Richt could and I wouldn’t argue. However, I’d personally rather have a guy that recognizes he needs chicken and goes out and builds a chicken plant rather than a guy who can make one hell of a chicken salad out of well, not chicken. Its 2016 and the game has changed and there isn’t another Erk Russell hiding out there to motivate 230 lbs defensive linemen to hunker down one more time and the Steve Spurrier, schematic geniuses are few and far between.

    That isn’t a knock on Richt, he brought UGA out of Egypt to a point where we can legitimately expect and demand greatness and they should eventually immortalize him at the university in a big way for that. But we have obviously been wondering for some time now, and IMO Kirby is the guy to take UGA the rest of the way.

    • CPark58


    • Greg

      I’d rather have a coach that can adapt to any situation….including the talent that he inherited (10 wins). Not giving up on him, I am just not impressed or surprised.

      • CPark58

        I assume we are talking about the same talent that beat Missouri 9-6, eeked out a 13-7 win over 3-9 Georgia Tech, and won an OT thriller against Sunbelt powerhouse Georgia Southern on Senior Night? or are we talking about the talent that lost 38-10 to Alabama(who lost to Ole Miss the week before) in the biggest game in Athens in years, blew the monster lead against Tennessee, and got ran out of the Jacksonville?

        The fact is the talent wasn’t there last year and it took a tremendous coaching job to go 10-3 when 6-7 was a very real possibility. However, being in a situation where the talent is so deficient 15 years into a regime is unforgivable, hence the current situation

    • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

      So Richt brought us out of Egypt. And we had to find a coordinator to bring us out. So lets say the vocal minority was correct and CMR needed to go after bringing us out of Egypt…..shouldn’t the next step be finding a proven HC to take the talent at hand and find even more. Someone who had already won at a high level? Shouldn’t we take into consideration that Saban’s assistants don’t fare very well in the SEC without him on their sideline? The Kirbyphiles are experiencing what the Richtophiles experienced. We’ve all swapped places. Now no one can admit theyre wrong. We’re all wanting to prove our point. 4 games in and we’ve become Tennessee.

      • Cpark58

        I guess for the super silent majority 15 years of waiting and hoping and defending only affords 4 games worth the patience for the next guy.

        • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

          You didn’t answer my point. If Richt brought us to the next level but we need someone else to take us further, shouldn’t the logical hire be a proven NC winning HC?

          • That ship has sailed brother.

          • CPark58

            Well, are you asking do I think Gene Chizik or Les Miles is a step up from Mark Richt? No. Do I think Urban Meyer or Jimbo Fischer is a good fit for UGA? No. Do I think Nick Saban would come? Absolutely, we should’ve got him.

            Like many other UGA faithful, I think Tom Herman, with his one year of HC experience, would come right in, install the spread with our plethora of athletes, endear himself to the players, and and we would’ve owned Ole Miss last week. All while building a fence around the state of Atlanta in recruiting. Georgia is also probably his dream job and he wouldn’t bolt for Texas or Oklahoma when that job opens up, so we’d have that going for us and could build around it.

            But alas, we didn’t go that route. I do think Kirby Smart was the next best choice from the standpoint of what UGA is and wants to be, which is a tough defensive/pro-style offense program that can maximize the in-state recruiting grounds and build for sustained excellence over one and done success. In other words…build on Mark Richt’s successes.

            Richt was the best coach we ever had. A lot of good memories but we plateaued and now he’s gone. He’s moved on and re-energized, so should we.

  12. Spike

    Carter has been a disappointment given all his physical skills. That “almost sack” he whiffed on turned into a TD pass.

  13. Processed Cheese

    I consider Smart to be a Saban disciple. In Saban’s first year at Alabama he went 7-6. The next year he was undefeated during the regular season and the next year he went 14-0. Saban had to weed out the kids that weren’t buying into the process because they were negatively affecting those that bought in. I think Smart is doing something similar.

    • McGarity couldn’t say it better himself.

      • @gatriguy

        I think McG is as big of an unqualified joke as the next guy. But the structural problems on this team can’t be blamed on him, unless you want to sell me that he was in charge of roster management the whole time.

        You play with fire, you get burned. We dodged it for a few years, but a season like this was inevitable–regardless of who the HC. AD, President, or grand poobah was.

        • I’m not sure where you’re getting the idea that I’m blaming everything on McGarity.

          If you read my post yesterday, you’ll realize that the point I’m making is not that everything wrong can be laid at the feet of the AD. It’s that Kirby’s on his own getting things going in the right direction, because McGarity doesn’t have the first clue about what to do to help.

          • Granthams replacement

            Kirby is recruiting like Saban. It might take 2 more classes but he’s going to have top shelf talent, including on the line of scrimmage where CMR did not recruit well. If CMR is still the coach UGA is 1-3 right now.

            • If CMR is still the coach UGA is 1-3 right now.

              Gosh, it’s hard to rebut facts.

            • Greg

              Richt was ranked #3 in the country before he was fired. It will be interesting to see how many sticks after this season. I hope they all do, but more performances like this past Saturday (staff)…they will not.

            • @gatriguy

              Meh, I think we’d probably still be 3-1. I think this season would basically be the same no matter who the coach would be.

              New OC and DC were happening either way. The roster would basically be that same. Richt would probably be able to run the ball better because he would have kept the zone blocking in place.

              This season is more about surviving and purging the rest of the 2013 disaster out of the program. It was going to be damn near a total rebuild either way.

          • @gatriguy

            No, don’t think that at all. Shouldn’t have come across that way, my bad.

            The point I was making is that there isn’t one single magic bullet that explains everything. McG might very well be a talentless hack (I defended him for a while, but I think I’ve turned for good), but that doesn’t explain the current situation.

            I am happy that he’s opened up the purse for Kirby. If nothing else, it takes that excuse off the table.

            • It’s too early to expect an explanation. We’re four games in and Kirby is trying to redirect a football program in a different direction.

              I’m not pushing the panic button, but I’m not gonna lie and pretend that two epic bad performances in four games isn’t reason for some concern.

              • Otto

                It wasn’t unexpected. Smart will break the team down. I believed that Richt did not create the toughness needed to win at the highest level. Smart is trying to do that, only time will tell if he can succeed.

                I still also believe Smart was not McGarity’s 1st choice but it was the one the boosters would finance.

                • @gatriguy

                  Bro, I’m not sure McG’s opinion or choice meant jackshit. Granted, this is speculation, but I think after Jax the last 2 years Leeburn (and maybe some other power boosters) had seen enough and told McG what to do.

                  • Otto

                    Only McGarity and a few wealthy people know for sure. It is well reported McGarity wanted Richt out the year before.

                • No One Knows You're a Dawg

                  Wasn’t the rumor that McGarity wanted Dan Mullen? #couldalwaysbeworse

                  • @gatrigur

                    That was definitely out there in 2010, when it would’ve made sense. Last year I think Kirby was decided for him.

                • Napoleon BonerFart

                  If Smart is trying to toughen the team mentally by letting them embarrass themselves on Saturdays, he’s an even bigger idiot than his worst detractors think.

              • @gatriguy

                With you 100%. I think everyone should have some concerns at this point.

                • Granthams replacement

                  It’s 4 games in and Kirby wants to play a different kind of football than CMR. It’s going to take time to coach improvement or recruit the right players. Last week the OC was getting praise for going 4-5 wide to move the ball. Not getting a good kicker was a mistake, a good, something he should have known from the Bama experience.

              • It’s probably due to a hardheaded Einstein of HC in partner with a hardheaded OC hidden inside the closet not for the media to see.

      • Sh3rl0ck

        Hence why it came from “Processed” Cheese.

    • 81Dog

      So, the fact that Nick went 7-6 and won a NC the next year proves KS is on the correct path to a championship? Brilliant.

      Nick didn’t exactly stroll into Tuscaloosa for his first head coaching job. He knew exactly what he needed to do, he had the complete support of a competent athletic department, and an unlimited checkbook. KS may figure it out soon, or eventually, or never, but it’s silly to compare him so far this year with Nick’s first year at Tuscaloosa, or to suggest that year tells you anything about this year at UGA.

  14. HVL Dawg

    A whole lot of our players had offers and could have played at Alabama, but chose UGA instead. I’ll bet a bunch of them are thinking this is bullshit.

    2-3 years to get the culture change.

    Sometimes a school changes coaches and the players rally for the new regime. Can you think of a school where that has happened?

    • Granthams replacement

      Michigan 2015, Auburn 2013, Florida 2015 are a few

      • D.N. Nation

        2015 Michigan lost at home to Ohio State as bad as we lost to Ole Miss. 2013 Auburn is the luckiest team of all time. 2015 Florida was actually pretty lousy down the stretch but managed to not defeat themselves like UT/UGA.

        (I’m agnostic about the whole argument FWIW)

      • ASEF

        Auburn 2013 had the former offensive coordinator coming back to the juniors and seniors he recruited on offense. And it’s increasingly looking like a one-hit wonder.

        Florida 2015 was a one-dimensional team that lost 4 games. But they did beat Georgia 27-3.

    • I would like to see an analysis of our current roster of scholarship players and their claimed offers because I think you’ve struck a chord.

      “Sometimes a school changes coaches and the players rally for the new regime” … See Georgia 2001. A team that quit on Jim Donnan (down 34-0 at home against tech, anyone?) pulled off the Hobnail Boot 10 months later.

      • Coach Bobby Finstock

        Not to defend CJD, but he did not let Teck get out to a 34-0 lead on us in 2000, or any other year iirc. We lost to them 27-15 in 2000. It was ugly, but not as ugly as your post would indicate.

  15. Russ

    Okay, I’ve harped on the coaches for a lack of creativity (rightly so, IMHO). But I do have to keep reminding myself that Kirby is a rookie head coach and he has a definite idea of what he wants. I’m not sold on the Chaney/Pittman thing, but I damn sure don’t want to see Kirby start swapping OCs. That’s the fast track to Boomville, for sure. I’ll just have to keep reminding myself that we need to stay the course for a couple of years before I should expect real results.

    But, damn, this is painful to watch and I fear this Saturday will really be ugly.

  16. SemperFIDawg

    You know. We fired a guy who won 10 games last year, because we wanted the program to take a different direction. I wasn’t really enamored with the firing based on Richt’s intangibles he brought to the University, but I am willing to give Smart time before I form an opinion of his coaching acumen. I think there was a lot of unbridled optimism (did I say unbridled?) coming into this season, that was unsubstantiated by anything other that hope and vibes. Chubb’s return only exacerbated the optimism.
    It takes time, and anyone not willing to cede that IMHO is being unreasonable. In other words let’s talk about this in 2018 when we have a body of work in which to make an accurate assessment on. All this tea leaf reading and subsequent knee jerk emotions are useless. Just my opinion, which the older I get; the less I feel a need for.

  17. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    Stipulated: I thought Richt had earned the Jacob Eason Era before being pushed out. his teams were hell on wheels when he had a great QB. he did not recruit OL well. 2013 class was garbage somehow.

    My thoughts: the team just doesn’t look prepared and even less so than with Richt. What we saw against Nicholls, Mizzou, and now Ole Miss is mental mistakes and a lack of toughness. I’m ok with our guys getting out “athleted” right now. We have gaps in talent. The things that bother me are the mental and effort things. Kirby and “The Process” were supposed to fix that.

    When Kelly ran for that touchdown untouched, I had a flashback to Godsey’s TD run for tech back in the Donnan era. The defense should be better in the back 7 than last year, with the addition of Maurice Smith, and yet they seem worse. The front 4/6 has less talent, but minus some explosive plays, they don’t seem to be doing the easy stuff like setting the edge and playing their assignments. explosive play is one thing, disciplined play is another.

    I’ll leave offense to another day, as I have no idea why we are so bad there right now. The things we’re not doing well on defense right now are the things I expected to be our strengths, especially, given that we’re largely playing the same style of defense as Pruitt ran, even if the points of emphasis are different.

    I’m not bothered by A loss to Ole Miss. I’m bothered by how we did it and how lucky we got in the previous weeks to not be at 1-3 right now.

    I’d hoped the Eason 4-10 pass to win at Mizzou was a hobnailed boot play for Kirby rather than quickly forgotten fluke. I guess that book is yet to be written.

    • Otto

      Lack toughness? A Richt team doesn’t fight for the 60 minutes to get the UNC and Mizzou wins. Ole Miss gave me more reason for hope than Bama last year.

      • The biggest Georgia loss in the history of the Georgia and Ole Miss series and you’re hopeful after it? It was on pace to be one of the truly epic beat downs in the 124 year history of the Georgia football program if Freeze had decided he wanted to embarrass young Kirby, but instead he called off his team as if we were Vandy or UK.

        • Snoop Dawgy Dawg

          Freeze’s quote post-game said it all, something to the effect of, “it’s not often you get an opportunity get everyone some playing time in an SEC game, and we were able to do that today”

        • Otto

          Ole Miss isn’t what they have been….. Ole Miss beat Bama 2 years in a row and played them very well in a Saban revenge game this year. Saturday saw more reason from optimism than Bama last year. UGA had more chances to score than last year. If bloggers were this quick to get down on Richt, he would have been gone years ago.

          • That’s some looking for a silver lining in some very dark clouds. I’m never optimistic after a 31-point loss. The fact that it was a 45-point deficit when Freeze decided he had made his point is even more troubling to me.

            If we had lost 45-14 in Knoxville in 2001, people would be howling the same way they have been since Saturday.

            • @gatriguy

              We were down 35-0 at UT in 2007 and 35-0 in Columbia in 2012. Those were Richt’s last 2 great teams vs good, but not great opponents.

              Beatdowns happen. Jimbo lost by 31 to a good, not great Oklahoma team his first year. Butch got his doors blown off his first year at Oregon.

              It sucks, but beatdowns, especially on the road when things start getting away from you happen.

              It’s like choosing between the giant douche and the turd sandwich, but I think Bama at home last year was worse–1, the weather was fucking horrible, 2, it was at home, 3, we tried to fight them in the tunnel like a bunch of jackasses, 4 we had every big time recruit we could squeeze in the house watch Saban come in and basically take our wives home with him

              • Otto

                Pretty much, and a blow out with a complete culture change in process nor the team looking tired is not shocking. I fully expect this team to look terrible at times but great at others. It will be a roller coaster year.

              • 81Dog

                It’s only fair to see how the rest of the season shakes out before making any judgments about what kind of job KS is doing, which includes seeing how we handle getting thumped by OM. But the trend at the moment is worrisome, I’d say. Maybe we beat UT and right the ship. Maybe we lose a thriller and say, “Well, we haven’t rolled over.” But a second blowout? That would be another bad sign, wouldn’t it?

        • I would guess that Richt did not testify against him on the Tunsil affair, LOL.

  18. Rocket Dawg

    I think the “Fire Richt” crowd on here (and you all know who you are) take any criticism of Kirby as someone being a “Richtophile” or “Richt lover” and that is just not the case. As big of a Richt supporter as I was (and I still think he is a great coach and leader) it was time for a change at the top. It is hard to be in one place in any industry for 15 years a not become somewhat complacent, not to mention sometimes the rank and file just need to hear a different voice. I believe Spurrier said that 10 years was about as long as anyone needed to be in one place.

    My beef(s) are the fact that 1) the job should have never gone to a coordinator. UGA is not the place for Head Coaching OJT, maybe it was 15-20 years ago but not anymore. We should have hired a proven head coach from another school (a la Urban Meyer at UF, or Les Miles at LSU). Instead we get a guy who no doubt bleeds red and black but obviously is in over his head at this point. I don’t know if the team has quit on him or if the program is in such disarray that no one seems to know WTF is going on. It is great to yell and jump around at practice and games when you are getting your point across, otherwise you end up looking like a fool. 2) The team has come out the last 3 games looking lethargic and completely unprepared. We managed to get away with it the first 2 times (albeit barely in both cases) due to an incredible amount of luck and a couple of talent deficient teams. It wasn’t that we lost on Saturday to Ole Miss, they were clearly the more talented team, it was the WAY we lost. No creativity on offense to put our Freshman QB and sub par Oline in a position to be successful and a defense that looks more lost than the Grantham days which is saying something. All we are missing is the hand flapping and confused looks. Urban Meyer took over a Florida team in 2005 that didn’t have his type of players (spread) and a talent deficient roster and instead adapted his system to the QB in place (Leak) while using the QB of the future (Tebow) in spot situations. He also adapted using a FB in his system because that is what they had on the roster. Kirby wants to play smashmouth football and we obviously don’t have the Oline right now to do that so instead how about we adapt to what we do have: 2 top notch SEC RB’s, a talented stable of TE’s and a QB who has a rocket arm. Screens and drawas, 3 step drops, quick hitches, TE seam routes, anything but RB dive in the 1 or 2 hole (for those of you old enough to remember that offense).

    I need to see some creativity and at least some fight this week against the Vowels or I am done for the year. Last season almost gave me an ulcer, I am not going to finish it off this year watching a hard headed coaching staff waste arguably the second or third best RB in school history by running him into a brick wall over and over again. Hell if I am Nick Chubb I might consider sitting the rest of the year to stay healthy for the NFL. Why waste and epic comeback from a horrific injury on a team that isn’t going anywhere.

    • @gatriguy

      Um, yeah. Go back and look at that 2005 UF roster, especially on defense. Zook might not have left Urban perfect fits, but he had top flight talent everywhere except RB.

    • Otto

      I was in the fire Richt camp, and I was also in the camp that didn’t want a HC without HC experience. However, we now have a HC without HC experience. I was in a fire Richt facebook group and they are just as unreasonable as many of the Pro RIcht group and oddly posting many of the same assessments.

      Change takes time do you want a powerhouse or an Auburn flash in the pan?

    • shad

      “Urban Meyer took over a Florida team in 2005 that didn’t have his type of players (spread) and a talent deficient roster and instead adapted his system to the QB in place (Leak) while using the QB of the future (Tebow) in spot situations. He also adapted using a FB in his system because that is what they had on the roster. Kirby wants to play smashmouth football and we obviously don’t have the Oline right now to do that so instead how about we adapt to what we do have: 2 top notch SEC RB’s, a talented stable of TE’s and a QB who has a rocket arm. ”


      Every coach has a “system,” which works wonderfully when you have all the proper players for it. Good coaches actually adapt their schemes to fit what is available. Kirby and the boys aren’t doing that right now.

      I wish Kirby would say something like:
      “We don’t have the players right now to do what I what to do, so I’m going to adjust things to get the best results now while we recruit the players we need to run the system I like.”

      Seems obvious.

  19. Kirby is learning on the job. We all know what that feels like. It’s damn hard and overwhelming at times. Great coaches take their roster deficiencies and work around them … still waiting to see us do that.

    Chaney? Where do I start? I think he haz a No. 2 fat pencil (pun intended) instead of a crayon. I’m more convinced every week that he got the job, so Kirby could get Pittman as his offensive line coach.

    Tucker? Assuming Kirby isn’t calling the defensive signals, he’s quickly becoming an unmitigated disaster. If something doesn’t change soon, “3rd & Tucker” is going to join the Lexicon along with “3rd & Willie” and “3rd & Grantham.”

    • Turd Ferguson

      I, too, am worried about the two coordinators. At least Tucker came in relatively unheralded. (In fact, I remember hearing more than a few times about how bad he was in Chicago.) I don’t know how hands-on Kirby is already being with the defensive coaching in particular, but I think he’d better step it up a bit.

      Chaney, on the other hand, was praised by many as an offensive “genius.” So my hopes were relatively high. And boy has he underwhelmed so far. I’m willing to cut him a little slack, considering how green Eason is and how terrible the OL is. But, damn.

      • Chaney has done nothing of note since Drew Brees left West Lafayette for San Diego. No one should mention Tyler Bray, Nathan Peterman or Beyond Crompton. If he were such an offensive genius, the guy would have been considered for a head coaching job by now.

        • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

          +1000. I’ll ask again. Why, after firing a popular coach, would we bring in an OC & OL that last coached together at UT with Son of Dooley after the firing of a popular coach?

  20. SAtowndawg

    Smart was heard yelling in practice last week that the second team DBs weren’t playing because they didn’t know how to line up right…after spring practice, fall practice and three games in, that is a problem…say what you want about Pruitt, but he could coach DBs

    • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

      Not to borrow worries for later, but Bama’s defenses always had trouble under CKS with option teams. I’m not excited about CKS defending Tech.

  21. Will Trane

    Just think for some of these guys they are a few seasons from going pro early, signing a big contract, and getting all the press.
    And a few months ago some of them make a big-to-do about signing that letter of intent.
    They want that press and bright light.
    They want there name in the paper and ESPN highlights.
    It cuts both ways.
    Smart is not the only one calling out some of these guys for execution.
    Check out some of the subtle comments from SEC NOW and ESPN about the play of the team
    In today’s culture a lot of the young people started out with mommy and pops that let us not keep score and everyone get a trophy for just suiting up.
    Yep, that has been the culture at UGA for awhile.
    Time to take names and kick ass.
    It works both ways.
    Tell you what.
    Go ask those players how they feel after that performance Saturday.
    First they will tell you they played an Ole Miss team on a mission. A pissed off Ole Miss team. And they took the brunt of that anger.
    If I was Eason I take that comment from SEC NOW about not being athletic to heart. I would show them I was. Have a little pride and a pissed off attitude for a change.
    This team needs to start hitting some folks hard. That what Erk Russell put in them back in the day.
    Now let them do that to the Vols!

  22. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Can I just make this simple…the place kicker that Richt inherited was Billy Bennett. He inherited Reggie Brown and Terrence Edwards at WR and Greene at QB. But above all…he had George Foster, Jon Stinchcomb, Jon Sullivan, and Charles Grant. That 2001 team was LOADED with upperclassmen talent that was really the nucleus of the 2002 championship team.

    Think about Richt having to start DJ at a true freshman that year with Fred Gibson and Damien Gary their top wideouts and an oline anchored at the tackles by two upperclassmen who would get drafted in the top 37 picks after their senior seasons. I’m not saying there isn’t talent on this team…but I am saying is there is a HUGE gap between the talent of the upperclassmen on this team and the underclassmen…something Richt didn’t have to deal with in 2001.

    • Then why didn’t Jim Donnan win with that same nucleus and additional talented players (Stroud & Seymour, for example) the year before … the team that he “waited 55 years to coach”?

      • @gatriguy

        Because he rode Quincy out of town, didn’t burn Greene’s redshirt, and let Jasper play even though we was fat and a program cancer.

        Donnan was a PR nightmare and a meh head coach–but he was and still is as good of a talent evaluator as there is.

        • I agree with your perspective on talent evaluation. My point is that everyone 15 years later thinks CMR just got lucky. Regardless of what you thought of his performance over the last 10 years, CMR got rid of the guys who didn’t buy in (Quincy and Jasper both were gone before spring practice) and got that talent to play to their potential in 2001 and 2002.

          • @gatriguy

            Nope, jasper was on that team until the week before ole miss. We shifted Haynes to TB

          • Irwin R. Fletcher

            I never said Richt got lucky. Not once. I’ve always said he could flat coach, but I guess some folks read what they want.

            What I did say was that Richt inherited better upperclassmen talent…particular on the lines. I also would add that one of Richt’s major deficiencies was recruiting/coaching-up the O-Line and D-Line.

            Between 1999 and 2003, UGA had 8 players drafted in Rounds 1 and 2 on the O-Line and D-Line. Between 2004 and 2016, UGA had 1 player drafted in Rounds 1 and 2 on the O-line and D-line.

            • Otto

              Richt wasn’t just lucky, he coached very well early on and then got lazy or maybe just overly CEO.

              Further he didn’t seem to make OL a priority. http://patrickgarbin.blogspot.com/2015/01/living-low-on-hogs.html

              • Irwin R. Fletcher

                I’d disagree. I think he was still coaching pretty darn good towards the end. The problem was that we lacked talent…especially on the o-line and d-line.

                Momentum is such a funny thing in college football. I’m working under the theory that what we know of as ‘Richt brain farts’ where teams didn’t show up is actually just a plain, old fashion lack of talent that is most visible when things are getting off the rails and you have no answer on how to impose your will in the trenches.

                • Otto

                  Part of coaching as a HC is signing talent.

                  I also get back to Richt would have lost the Mizzou game as he would not allow a 1st yr starter to put the game on his arm.

                  • Irwin R. Fletcher

                    Hilarious. Yeah…when did Richt ever let a first year starter throw the ball? I mean, David Greene throwing over 30 times for 300 yards against Tennessee in his first SEC road start doesn’t count.

                    Save that for your Fire Richt FB page group. They’ll eat it up.

                    I agree with you on talent. As you’ll see below.

            • Sorry, Irwin. I’ve just read so many people say that Richt only won because he had Donnan’s players. I fell into the same trap.

              • Irwin R. Fletcher

                Well…I think the issue here is coaching with a little c and COACH with a big C.

                I’m of the opinion that you don’t win as many games as Richt did if you can’t do both. And, honestly, I think if Richt ever had a desire to go and be an OC and QB coach, he could still crush it. But what did Richt in was that he stopped doing as much ‘little c’ coaching and delegated AND the attention to details or lack thereof in the Big C coaching made it unlikely that UGA would ever have sustained championship level excellence. They’d be really good…and still may win a championship…but it was hard to see the program taking that next step to perennial contender.

                • All of that is totally fair and right on. I actually think he learned those lessons and is applying them in Coral Gables. Whether it works out remains to be seen.

                  • MLB2

                    ee, would like to hear your response to my opinion. CMR was hired by Dooley and leaned on him heavily for advice and support. Once CMR won the SEC, Adams had his saviour and wouldn’t renew Dooley’s contract. Adams wasn’t a Dooley fan but was scared to get rid of him up to that point. He appoints his guy in Evans and they urge CMR to give up playcalling and start delegating team mgmt to the assistants so he can be used for fundraising. We know what happened to Damon. McGatory comes along and wants to hire his own coach after 2010. Adams won’t allow it unless another bad season follows and UGA wins the East the next 2 years. CMR stepping back from the team to be a CEO type was what brought down the Richt era and I blame Michael Adams(orrydawg) and McGatory for the current state of UGA football. Richt shoulders a lot of the blame for the coordinators he hired but it could have been prevented if the administration would have left him to football. What say you?

                    • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

                      I’m not ee, but I can see it.

                    • Scorpio Jones, III

                      “He appoints his guy in Evans” Nope… Evans was Dooley’s guy. His hand-picked choice…but the rumors got around and Dooley wanted a mulligan and an extension on his tenure. Adams was too stupid to listen to what Vince was trying to tell him about Evans, thought Dooley was trying to take over.

                      Blame who you want to, but Adams did not fire Mark Richt, and McGarity only got the press coverage for a decision that had been out of his hands for over a year.

                    • MLB, clearly, that question calls for speculation and information that I don’t have. My opinion is that the administration should have left CMR alone to deal with the football team. I do think it hurt Richt’s development as a head coach to lose Dooley as an AD with Evans as the replacement. I have to imagine he would go to Dooley’s office with requests for insight when he needed the opinion of someone who had “been there and done that.” CMR should have told Adams and Damon to go pound sand when the request came to step into a CEO role and help the University with fund raising if he didn’t want to do it.

                      Just using Richt’s own words in his farewell press conference, he wished he had been more hands on during his last few years in Athens with the offense and the QBs. I think he tied his future to the hiring of Brian Schottenheimer and that blew up in his face … along with 2 face plant losses to Florida.

                  • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

                    So far, so good. They’re posting silly numbers. Against inferior opponents. But still.

        • 81Dog

          maybe Kirby should hire JD as a consultant. Looks like we could use the help.

  23. Will Trane

    Where is the logic is saying UGA should not have hired a coordinator. This latest one being a defensive coordinator for a very successful SEC program and team.
    Seems to be, and as best I can recall, Mark Richt was an offensive coordinator for the Noles when he came on board.
    Why not let this play out and stop the loud chatter for awhile.
    I will say it again. ESPN and SEC NOW thought the Gators had the best defense in the SEC and playing a team that they had beaten like a drum for 10 years. A defense loaded with seniors and juniors.
    Butch Jones flat out coached the Gators Saturday. He has a very good team. Took awhile to build, but he slowly put in the pieces.
    Get your emotions out of this and start watching the game and critizing every freaking damn play that does not work the way you think it does.
    But I will agree with the comments by others, this team looks a little tired. Young teams do. Been on the road for three of their first four games.
    The staff is trying to coach up and build depth. It takes more than four games!

    • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

      Our program is in much better shape now than when CMR was hired. We didn’t have to hire a coordinator.

  24. Will Trane

    Did Richt win the bowl game last year or did someone else?
    RE performance.
    There would be two positions coaches I would look at very closely re their players performance in next few games. The running backs coach, Dell McGee, and the wide-receivers coach, James Coley. Do not think their players have played up like they should have.
    On the O line they do not have the SEC players and SEC numbers. Need more than 5-6. At some point with a 12 game schedule you have to have 7-8 for significant reps in a game.
    Perhaps if Chubb gets a full 100% and Woerner gets 100% that would help.
    Plus the progress of a legit frosh QB, and the OC filling in the playbook more for him.
    At some point this offense will start putting up some heavy numbers.

  25. I figured the OM-Bama game might cause a hangover for OM, but I was wrong. What showed up was a resilient Black Bear team, one that no one had thus far seen in 2016. Hats off to Freeze for keeping his team from collapsing.

    Here’s another thing to keep in mind re: Kirby…Saban, IMHO, isn’t a coach that can take yours and beat his. He’s runs a complex program that apparently runs best on 4 and 5 stars. There’s a process, no doubt, but that beast runs on stars. Who knows about Smart. If so, you guys indeed might have a rough couple of years because, regardless of rankings, you’re short at a few spots.


    • @gatriguy

      Thx BD. The transition to try to go from good to great can be bloody. Maybe we’ll get there, maybe we won’t. But we’re definitely in for some growing pains we haven’t experienced since about 2010.

    • Irwin R. Fletcher

      Runs on Stars in the O-Line and D-Line.

      Here’s the starting O-Line..
      LT- Catalina SR – 0 Stars
      LG- Wynn JR- 4 Stars ranked 109 overall
      C- Kublanow Sr- 3 Stars ranked 185 overall
      RG- Galliard RS Soph, converted D-Lineman
      RT- Pyke Sr 3 Stars ranked 413 overall

      LT- Cam Robinson JR- 5 Stars #4 Overall
      LG- Ross Pierschbacher RS SO- 4 Stars #74 overall
      C- Bradley Bozeman RS JR- 3 Stars #473 overall
      RG- Alphonse Taylor Sr- 4 Stars #264 overall
      RT- Jonah Williams FR- 5 Stars #17 Overall

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        And, BD, and I mean absolutely nothing bad with what I am about to say, but Bama has its entrance rules and Georgia has different ones.

        Kirby’s players will still have to pass muster with the academics…we’ve already lost one OL prospect to USC because he was not going to be admitted to Georgia.

        Not saying it can’t be done, but Blutarsky’s comment figures are going to be through the roof for at least a couple years.

        You gave up on Mark Richt, you gave up, I gave up, we all gave up. Now we are gonna pay the piper for some time. Deal with it.

        • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

          The one thing we know CKS brings that he learned from CNS is “internal discipline”. I would say we won’t be seeing anymore discipline transfers. Our players will magically not get in “significant” trouble. So that’s a +.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            Sorry Hopeful, but that’s not the way things are done at Georgia…if we don’t have significant discipline transfers it will be because Kirby has more and better internal police than Richt was allowed…and even that is no guarantee.

            • Hopefully Not 2012 Derek

              Scorpio, I believe that’s the way things used to be at UGA. If CKS is going to emulate the “Process”, part of that is the ability to make things disappear. Or never hit the media.

  26. 69Dawg

    We will know for sure if Kirby has lost the team when we play South Carolina. Barring a total reversal by UT from this past week, we are going to lose this Saturday. Hopefully we will not get humiliated again but I wouldn’t count on Butch to call off his Vols. If Muschamp’s boys out play us at their house we are going 6-6 if we are lucky. Speaking of Georgia Tech, Alabama’s Kirby D gave up 500+ yards rushing to Georgia Southern running that high school offense. They won but it was the most Saban had ever given up. Just saying this season has a chance to go straight to hell. Keep your finger’s crossed.

    • Since Saturday’s debacle, I believe every game with the possible exception of ULL is a potential loss. The light needs to come on, and it needs to come on quickly.

  27. Now after 4 games in we have the term “Kirbyphile?” Really? The guy is 4 games in. Somebody has been eating retard sandwhiches again.