Football is a simple game.

That’s what we’re afraid of, Coach.


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  1. let just ignore who comes up with the best game plan….nothing to be seen here just move along.

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    So go forth young man, and make bricks without straw.

  3. Uglydawg

    As of last Saturday Georgia was in free-fall (at terminal velocity) and Tennessee was flying high.
    You’ve got to change both of those trajectories for Georgia to have a chance this Saturday.
    I’d love to be more optimistic…so if anyone can show me a bright side to this, I’ll get on it like a duck on a June-bug.

    • How about this? I though we’d win Saturday and I have zero hopes for this Saturday. That’s gotta be something right?

    • Charles

      Lovely to think that we’ve already reached terminal velocity, but I’m afraid this thing can go down far faster still.

    • VoxDawg

      We didn’t get any Kick-Catch Interference calls for the first time all season, in Oxford. That’s an improvement, right?

    • dawgman3000

      Josh Dobbs is not a good passer……….

      But we can’t cover their receivers. Oh well, I tried.

    • Gaskilldawg

      How about this. We are a classic trap game for Tennessee. UT just had a hugely emotional win at home. Look for UT to not play as well Saturday. We have a chance.

      I am not as down on our talent as a lot of folks are. Good opportunity for Smart to prove his worth.

      • Uglydawg

        I’ll take it, Gaskill. If there’s hope it lies therein.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          May the Lord forgive me for quoting the AJC, but here’s a cogent analysis:

          “Smart hired a strong staff when it came to recruiting. But coaching up players is part of it too. Maybe that’s not the problem right now; maybe it’s a case of new coaches not knowing these players quite as well yet, or not being able to reach them. But either way, this can’t all be pinned on a lack of talent. When you get beat that badly, there’s more at work.”

    • Red Cup

      Here’s one. While the kicker missed the kick did look like a kick. end over end and all.

    • AusDawg85

      First game in 15 years we probably won’t get their best shot.

  4. Bright Idea

    Kirby is right that gameplanning around a team that doesn’t block and tackle is very difficult. That’s why you have to practice and coach blocking and tackling which is also difficult with a thin team.

  5. John Denver is full of shit...

    We don’t gotta win Saturday in my opinion, but we better look better or else…I will still go to the games, ho hum.

    Come on young dawgs and coaches, step up!

  6. Mayor

    Quantum physics is simple, it’s just math.

  7. Grathams replacement

    I agree with Kirby, if but his OL can’t block and part of tackling is being close enough to touch the guy with the ball.

  8. Athens Townie

    Speaking of simple things…

    Taking a closer look at the 2013 and 2014 recruiting classes, it’s pretty easy to understand why we are not a good football team in 2016:

    I’m thankful for the good things Richt did for UGA football. But leaving the cupboard stocked with talent was not one of them.

    • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

      It’s, it’s it’s, it’s CMR’s fault, PAWLLLLL!

      • Finger pointing aside, do you think that 2013 had any effect on our performance this year? Or do you think it was just fine and if CMR was still around we would be playing better? Just curious.

        • AusDawg85

          Too bad we were not allowed to recruit any lineman in the 2016 class? Or maybe Kirby has SEC talent and for whatever reason they are not getting the job done against 9 in the box. Not being a smartass, but I’m curious too.

          • I know that we can do better with what we got, but not going to jump on Kirby for the 2016 o lineman class.

            • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

              Maybe jump on him a little for the refusal to zone block? I get wanting to be a street paver, but if he doesn’t have steam roller’s, maybe he should consider alternate blocking schemes until they arrive on campus.

  9. hassan

    OL blocking is part of it. That would help get the running game going. But we gotta catch the ball too. A couple of dropped end zone passes didn’t help matters much.

    Also, it looked like our DB’s were in the right positions most of the time on those long routes, they just weren’t playing the ball. They did give too much of a cushion on the shorter routes though.

  10. Saturday Is a make or break Season “Good Or Bad” Game
    I think we will be competitive & could possibly pull off the upset.
    That statement comes knowing Chubb Is Injured. GO DAWGS.

  11. HVL Dawg

    How hard is it to beat Tennessee?

    Appalachian State did it.

  12. Will Trane

    He wept.
    How long is the Jonathan Ledbetter suspension going to go?
    Discipline and punishment is one thing, but being banished forever is another.
    I doubt the moral superiors at B-M have never transgressed a day in their wine and cheese life.
    Let him play.
    Go and sin no more.
    There are a lot of fake IDs on this team at present.

  13. Will Trane

    O lines getting pushed around.
    Asked UF’s HC Jim McElwain about the second half at Neyland. No first downs until the past mid way of fourth quarter and you had an “Ole Miss” moment, too.
    The question for the Gator HC. Is he following in the footsteps of Les Miles and Mark Richt. He has a 1-5 record against top ranked teams. Not sure who that one victory was against.
    Bet they are saying a lot down the road in Gainesville about ” blocking and tackling”, or fair catching punts inside your 5 yard line.

    • I only partially watched the second half, but it seemed like Florida decided to blitz Dobbs a lot more.

      Personally, I think that’s a mistake. He’s experienced enough to make his hot reads. I say play zone and see if he can consistently be accurate.

  14. Bulldog Joe

    I liked it better when the Dasani bottle did the talking.

  15. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Interesting takes on this game. I think they need to be competitive at home…crowd needs to be good…TONS AND TONS of recruits there this weekend. Really, really important from that standpoint.

    Richt, Saban, Smart…no one was winning the SEC with this O-Line…8 wins still feels right to me. But I need some culture defining moments…playing 4 quarters of competitive football against Tennessee at home and not crapping the bed in Jax are more important that getting blown out by a far superior talent-wise Ole Miss team.

  16. Hopefully not 2012 Derek

    CMR lost by 38 or more once in 196 games. It took CKS 4 games. Wonder how many more he’ll notch.

    • Tell ya what: if Kirby falls behind 31-0 at home in year 8 with the preseason #1 team, the future #1 overall draft pick, and 3 first round picks, then I’ll fully admit you’re right.

      Until then, give it a rest, yeah?

      • Bob

        You mean that game that was 31-17 going into the 4th quarter? Yeah, that is the one. Bad night. Not prepared. Didn’t quit. Saturday was a debacle. And two weeks ago in Athens was as close to erasing Michigan-App State from memory as you can get while still surviving. This team has not been remotely prepared to play since the opener in the Dome. And spare us the “bare cupboard” BS. This ain’t Kansas.

        I am on board with Kirby. He is the HC and EVERYONE needs to support this team. But to make one excuse after the next for this year’s team is weak. Yeah we have talent shortfalls…but not 45 points worth before Freeze pulled his starters. Everyone knows that game could have been 60 or more to zip.

        • I guess you’re speaking to the collective, but I haven’t made one excuse after another for Kirby.

          I have said since March that the talent wasn’t what everyone thought it was. I’m not saying there isn’t talent at all, but it hasn’t been this bad since at least 2010.

          I’m not knowledgeable enough to completely figure all of it out, but I had a former SEC and NC winning coach tell me to my face the day before Kirby was hired “the talent level at Georgia has really bottomed out”. Those exact words.

          It is what it is. Kirby is paid the big bucks to figure it out. But like I said earlier: blowouts happen–do you really think Louisville is 43 points more talented than FSU?

          Sometimes games snowball on you on the road. UGA fans should be very aware of that.

  17. 69Dawg

    Lets look at this from the Alabama perspective. Kirby’s D at Bama was never that great against running QB’s, UT’s runs, a lot. We play man and that’s the worst thing you can do with a running QB. I guess the gamblers are not impressed with UT as they are only a 3 point favorite but really if you bet would you take the Dawgs to cover that after last week?

  18. Macallanlover

    This game is a much better match up for UGA than any part of last week’s was. Their OL isn’t much motr effective than ours, it is why they were pushed to the edge by lesser opponents, and trailed in the other two games. But their DL is pretty good, and will again stifle our OL uinless an OC figures a way to neutralize that. TN doesn’t have the passer or receivers that Ole Miss had to run free and open, and their running game isn’t much better. The key issue is the QB can hurt you running the ball, and hit wide open receivers if we blow coverages again. I don’t think that makes us better, or makes us a favorite, but the chances of keeping it close, or winning is significantly better.

    As stated above Cheney needs to work his butt off this week in getting us into better sets, use the screen and flare passes for a change, and utilize all his personnel as receivers. If he does that, and our freshman QB improves his accuracy, and can find open receivers, which we have had a few times, we should make this a 4 quarter game with the crowd staying in it. Yes, we had some drops last week that need to tighten up, but that hasn’t been the issue. The team should be properly embarrassed about the performance last Saturday, I expect us to be ready for an SEC slobberknocker of a game. TN might have the overall edge, but I don’t see it as being Mission Impossible like last week was, they aren’t Ole Miss talent wise…we can do this if our guys step it up. If we get blasted by this TN team, some of the discussions about the team not buying in might be legit, there is no other reason for a blowout with this much motivation for our guys. Stay with ’em folks, this game is important for many reasons. Not necessary for us to win, or to win the East, but we have to show some flashes of hope.

    • dawgman3000

      Can’t disagree with any of that Mac

      • Uglydawg

        I don’t want to disagree with any of that Mac.
        Job#1 for defense is to shut down Dodd’s running.
        If he gets to play the gazelle, we’re not going to be able to keep it close.

    • Will (The Other One)

      Still waiting/hoping one of our taller WRs steps up, even though it hasn’t happened yet. If just one out of Chigbu, Stanley, or Wims can make a leap, that makes life easier on Godwin and iMac, and could get more room for the run game.

  19. Hogbody Spradlin

    And receivers should catch the ball. THAT’S THE WHOLE IDEA!

  20. doofusdawg

    we could have kept cmr, geez

    • Will (The Other One)

      Yeah, imagine going into Oxford with Schotty calling plays…but a new DC because Pruitt still left.