The soft bigotry of low expectations

Shorter Paul Johnson:  Our fans need to have the mindset that when we play better teams, Georgia Tech is going to lose.

Moar shorter Paul Johnson:  Hey, don’t blame me; blame the administration!

I don’t know about you, but were I a Tech fan, I don’t think I’d feel much inspired to rush out and renew my season tickets.


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76 responses to “The soft bigotry of low expectations

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Blame the administration = “You fu**ed up, you rooted for Tech.”

    • John

      Who are you blaming, seems like every coach since Vince Dooley, and the professor outed him out where she was told to pass players whether they cane to class or not. UGA has the stadium, players, coach, and if not for a lucky fumble recovery on Nickols 10 yard line, you would have loss to them to go along with the Ole Miss & Tennessee losses. Every player at Tech has to pass 2 years of calculus, legally pass, no wave Bys. How many if your player could do that. Also you have player’s that couldn’t get in Tech due to entrance requirements that coaches have tried to get changed by adding majors that would lower the entrance requirements to be able to get players other schools can get, but the administration refused. I respect them for that because education ( Graduation in a legitimate major ) is what they are there for. A very small % go to the pros. What do you do if you are not part of that small %. I realize you don’t care about that. All you care about us wins. Before you put down Tech, you have the facilities, etc. Why haven’t you won your side of SEC, and SEC championship. Guess you need to sell lot more hot dogs are anything else that you all are talking about on this site. We have 4 national championship, 3 while in the SEC. Have many do UGA have, can you count to one. You have facilities, coach, and fans ( also hot dogs ), so what is your excuse. Seems to me you constantly blame three coach. Spend more time figuring out your problem before trying to put down Tech program. All of you on this site need to use to your brain to figure out your own problem instead of being so fixated and stuck on Techs program, enough said. Maybe UGA will win a few more, or you will be ready for this new coach to go.

      • Bazooka Joe

        Considering your obvious lack of proper English I assume you went to Tech ?

        • John

          I use swype on my phone and the keys are very small. No different than what I’ve seen from UGA bloggers. I can set and peck each small key, and the spelling and english would be proper. If you want to get technical, it’s Dog’s, not Dawg’s. Let’s do a little competition in calculus and aerodynamic design velocities, and see where you stand in that.

          • John

            Oh, and if your talking proper English. You were suppose to have a comma between (english) and (I assume). Guess you went to UGA.

        • John

          My professor in quantitative analysis always said, “When one assumes, it makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me”.

  2. aristoggle

    Maybe they can get the renewals if they offer more hot dogs and Cokes.

    • Maybe a dingo ate our OL (aka W Cobb Dawg)

      More hot dogs! They need to attract the Joey Chestnut and Kobayashi crowd.

    • John

      Maybe UGA will someday live up to your expectations if you can become unfixated and transfixed on Tech. Solve your own teams problems. Would have lost to Nickols if not for a lucky fumble on their 10 yard line with little time left for a TD to avoid what was really a a– whipping, a really bad a– whipping by Ole Miss, and reverse Nickols karma put on you by Tennessee. But eventually you strart blaming Kirby Smart. You had two good first years with Ritch, now you hate and blame him. It’s always the coach. Great stadium, facilities, players, coach’s, lots of fans, what is UGA’s problem. According to all post, it’d the coaches. Spend less time figuring out your own problem instead of others. Use your brain, if Tech beats you, or loses to you, it’s just one game. It’s not the problems for all the other losses you have. Tech has 4 national championships, 3 while in the vaunted SEC, how many does UGA have, can you count to 1. Solve your own problems before commenting on others. It almost seems like you all think if you put down Tech, you own problems will go away. Believe me, it doesn’t work that way.

  3. JarvisCrowell

    Try saying “I’m a GA Tech season ticket holder” without a crushing wave of depression washing over you

    • John

      Try saying, I don’t have a degree in engineering. And, didn’t UGA lose two SEC games in a row with a huge stadium, new coach, but sam old record. Oh, did I mention tech has 4 national championships, 3 while in the SEC, and we played alabama, auburn every year, and UGA didn’t up until recent times.

  4. Just as a sincere consolation to GT fans, here’s my loud LOL.

    • John

      Here’s my lol for the a– whipping Nickols poly on you that would have been a Nickols win if not for the Nickols fumble on their 10 yard line that went for TD in last minute of game, then the complete a– whipping by Ole Miss, and the reverse Nickols karma put on you by Tennessee. I wouldn’t be laughing if I were you.

  5. Uglydawg

    He’s just being brutally honest. And to be honest myself, I think GT did beat itself last week. Those back to back turnovers (which I loved..don’t get me wrong) were the actual difference in the game. PJ may be a horse’s ass but GT is a dangerous team…and his comments about keeping up in the facilities race is just reality. Clemson is making huge moves.
    I’ll probably take flak for being a PJ or GT “apologist”. Have at it. I’ve done my share in hating on them, but this isn’t about that. I hope they never upgrade and I hope they lose every game…but Tennessee is first on my hate list now..that’s been growing for a few years now.

    • Russ

      Yeah, he’s right, but I still hate tech and hope they lose every game.

      What’s hilarious is the first thing you’ll read on their message boards is how every graduate is handed a $1M paycheck the first week after graduation. With all that money floating around with the alumni, you’d think money wouldn’t be a problem, right?

      • Irwin R. Fletcher

        I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s brought in an offense that is about as far away from the NFL as humanly possible, hasn’t had a good D-Coordinator the entire time he’s been there, and puts an emphasis on not recruiting guys that have (and explore) other options.

        You literally are in probably one of the three most fertile metro areas for producing NFL talent in the entire country and rather than try to exploit that, you go the complete opposite way? GENIUS!!!!

        BTW…I love this logic. “We need to do everything they do to compete with them….except for run an 21st century offense. That’s our competitive advantage!”

        • Sh3rl0ck

          hasn’t had a good D-Coordinator the entire time he’s been there

          Dave Womack was his DC the first two years. Womack is an excellent DC. There just isn’t much you can do with crap talent.

          • Irwin R. Fletcher

            Excellent may be overstating it…but I can concede Wommack is a good coach.

            What I can’t concede is that either team in Johnson’s first two years had crap talent. For all of the Chantastic coaching, the guy could recruit talent. Derrick Morgan, Morgan Burnett, Michael Johnson….there are a good handful of other NFL guys on that squad, too.

            Here’s a fun GENIUS Stat…The number of GA Tech players drafted in the Genius’ first two seasons (8) is almost the same as the number of players drafted in the 6 seasons since (10).

          • John

            Based on your historic quotes, every coach at Georgia has been the problem. You are still fixated on Ritch. His Miami team is # 10, what is yours. Want be long, and KIrby will be on that UGA hated list. Solve your on problems instead of Techs. Tech can either be one loss or one win for you. Your problem is all the other losses.

        • John

          I saw that offense in the Nickols game where you won on a fumble at their 10 yard line that went for a TD, otherwise it would have been a loss to go along with the Ole Miss whipping, and the reverse of the Nickols luck in the Tennessee game. Spend more time trying to figure out UGA’s problem which is the same old thing since the 1st few years that Ritch was there. Now you hate him just like every coach that comes after him and those before. Solve your own problem before getting fixated and all consumed on what is going on at Tech. I usually don’t get involved in these sites, but you UGA fans act like if we down Tech, it will solve our own teams problems. Get a life. If you lose, the sun comes up the next morning, you still have a job, you still have friends, but I guess if you run your mouth like you all do, that’s a lot of crow to eat, so I’ll just dump my heartaches on Tech. A little bit of advice, don’t blame Tech for all you woes at UGA. Spend your time solving your own program. Then maybe you’ll maybe win your division of the SEC.

      • John

        We don’t try to have the best team money can buy. You start that, and you have the players arrested with drugs & guns like Alabama has. Also compare the majors at Tech, and the fact that every player has to take two years of calculus. Check the entrance requirements for recruits to Tech compared to most SEC schools, and we don’t lower these standards to get ball players others can get in school that we can’t. Consider the small % that make it to the pros. What are you going to fall back on if you are not in that %. Also consider how many make it to the pros to only leave within first year. Education matters. Compare our player graduation % compared to national average. UGA has great facilities, good coaches, what is the problem that they don’t win their division and SEC championships. Don’t look at a straw in our eye when you have a stick in yours. I don’t like to get caught up in this kind of stuff, but I’m old enough, been to war, had a career in a large corporation, and can’t believe the petty put downs by people that don’t have a clue in the grand sheme if things. Tech lost to miami by self inflicted wounds. You know what, the sun came up the next morning. I’ve found out that people that put down others have three same problems themselves, and misery likes company. Get a life.

      • John

        The call was prearranged. Kimbrough spoke with Johnson and Tech voice Andy Demetra for about three minutes about preparations for the launch and the mission itself.

        “The main mission up there is to do a bunch of science and research to benefit everybody here on Earth,” Kimbrough said. “We’re really looking forward to that piece of it.”

        Johnson had his own question for the retired Army colonel: “Do you get ESPN up there?”

        Kimbrough, a sports fan, replied that some games are streamed up to the space station, usually a day late, and that the orbiting lab does receive one channel it can get live. Kimbrough also said he planned to bring some Tech paraphernalia to space.

        Kimbrough is one of 14 Tech graduates who have been in space. He was previously aboard the space shuttle Endeavor in 2008. Tech fans looking for an omen will note that Kimbrough was in orbit for two of the biggest wins of Johnson’s tenure – over Miami and Georgia.

    • Hopefully Not 2012 Derek

      Our hate lists. That would be a good blog for the Senator. I think we all have the same teams on our lists, just in different order.

  6. Macallanlover

    There is just no reason for anyone to like GT, unless they pay you to work there, or they are your customer and you profit from them. And most people don’t, that is why in a metro population above 4 MM people they cannot sell fifty thousand tickets at discounted prices. But I really don’t waste any hate on them, they aren’t worth it and there are much more significant teams to save your hate for. Frankly, they are worthy enough of that level of concern. Just wish they could go away, want nothing to do with their fans or team.

    • Russ

      Once we win 8 in a row, then we can talk about dropping them. But until then, keep beating up on them.

      • PTC DAWG

        It is a no win situation for UGA. All they do is line up on offense and dive at opponents knees. Time to play them every 3 years or so in Athens…

      • Will (The Other One)

        We can start talking, but we need to get it to 9 in a row (rather than share a tie for “longest win streak in series”) before dropping them.

        • Macallanlover

          Do we really need to prove anything more to them about football? Even their fans can’t get up ad talk any smack. It’s a joke at this point, the “rivalry” is never mentioned when CFB people talk about end of the year “throw the books out” games. Just another noon game for us with all downside, nothing to gain.

          • John

            Just another noon game because you can’t win your side of the SEC, much less the SEC championship. That’s what you née to be concerned about, but that hurts to much.

      • John

        Had too have the luck to get a Nickols
        fumble at thereasonable 10 yard line and run it in for a TD to avoid a loss from a FCS school that made them like a pick up team. We have 4 national championships, 3 while we were in the SEC. How many do UGA have, can you count to one.

    • PTC DAWG


    • John

      I’m old enough that I remember going to UGA games, and walk up and pick any ticket location you wanted. Small stands on both sides. Now you have a great facility,good coach, good players, but still can’t win your own division. Tech has 4 national championships, 3 while in the SEC. How many do you have, can you count to one. Enough said.

    • John

      What seems to be UGA,s problem, get stadium, facilities, players, another coach. Why can’t you win your side of the SEC. Given time, and you all will be against this coach just like all the rest. I remember when UGA had a receiver that didn’t make every catch, and fans had billboards up putting him down, as well as harassing his mother to the point of tears. You all have a lot of room to talk about anybody. Then he started catching balls, and he was the greatest thing since cotton candy. Quit riding the fence, and bad mouthing Tech for your own deficiencies.

    • John

      What’s your problem at UGA, Nickols, Ole Miss, Tennessee, same Ole Georgia, blame it on the coach, that’s been the historic way to account for your problems. You have enough to worry about at UGA to be concerned about Tech. Guess you are using the old misery loves company.

    • John

      As much time as you all stay fixated with Tech, it makes you wonder who likes UGA, especialy after, Nickols, Ole Miss, and Tennessee. And there are going to be more, but as usual, you’ll start blaming the coach. One day, you’ll run out of coaches to blame. You hated Ritch, he has Miami at #10, what was the problem that he couldn’t do it at UGA. That’s what you should be concerned about. GeorgiaTech is my horse if they never win another game. I’m mature enough to know that when we lost to Miami, the sun was going to rise the next mourning. Every team has good years and bad years. Some day you’ll understand that if you can just get off your fixation on Tech.

  7. Low expectations are why fish fry is still there. He better be careful what he asks for. When the AD starts shelling out money, you better win PJ.

    • Cojones

      While he dwells on the strength of the teams they face, the plea for facilities improvement should hit a vein of interest there. The better facilities impress the recruits; we all know this, but Miami isn’t any better off and that excuse can’t extend to his last game. Of course Miami, like us, knows that new facilities are on the way while Paul ain’t got shit for commitment for the future, much like Richt’s last years at UGA. He has problems and needs new facilities (somehow I thought they had a new player’s facility built into the stadium, or was that just plans?) and he’s giving notice of a “Don’t blame me if you guys can’t get off the dime to support me.” situation that needs attending to.

      Other than understanding where he is coming from, he can go fuck himself and Tech in the process.

      • John

        UGA has all that, what seems to be your problem. Take away a lucky fumble on Nickols 10 yard line for a TD, and they would have whipped your a__. Solve your own programs deficiencies before bad mouthing someone else. TECH 4 national championships, 3 while in SEC. UGA, can you count to one?

  8. pldog

    PJ’s seat is hot.

    He’s going to lose to Pitt, NC, VT, and UGA. 6-6 season.

    His defense sucks.

    He’s an arrogant dude who has no basis for it.

    • Derek Smart

      The UGA prediction may be a bit premature. Coach Kirby has had an extremely difficult time defending mobile QB’s & the option.

      • Cojones

        Every coach does.

      • Will (The Other One)

        I’d say his struggle is more RPO mobile QBs who are actually good passers. Tech’s never had one of those at QB.

        • John

          What about Joe Hamilton, Shawn Jones, Kim King, and so on. Oh, I forgot, they whipped UGA their fair share. Then their was the UGA transfer to Tech, John Dewbery. Athens police did what the whole UGA team couldn’t do, stop Dewberry.

    • Will (The Other One)

      I think it’s mistake to assume that they beat both Duke and UVA this season. But they’ll probably survive GA Southern.

      • John

        As long as we do it a little better than the UGA luck of a fumble recovery at 10 yard line for a TD at last minna of game to keep from losing to Nickols who was kicking UGA,s but. Then Ole Miss & Tennessee wiped your but. I’m sure you will get a few more wins, but as usual, no SEC division win, no going to SEC championship game unless you want to see a good team.

      • John

        I remember when UGA barely got by Georgia Southern, and beat a fid florida team. Know your history before trying to create it. I don’t understand how you have time to pull for UGA as fixated as you are on Tech. UGA needs all the help ( and I don’t have a clue ) they can get to figure out their problem.

    • John

      Looks like UGA is going to lose quite a few to.

    • John

      The way UGA is playing, you need to be worrying about the rest of your probable losses. No SEC playoff again this year. Talk about arrogant, Kirby is scared to let his players talk to media. What is he scared of. Allowing them to not talk to media makes them wonder what problems are going on in the program.

  9. DawgByte

    Paul Johnson is a curmudgeon and totally out of step the rest of college football and HS athletes. He runs a 1950’s offense and refuses to adapt to the realities of the 21st century. The administration is equally at fault for sticking with this Cro-Magnon man coach.

    • PTC DAWG

      In other words, if we have to keep playing these clowns yearly, the perfect coach.

      • John

        The offense UGA has been running hasn’t been pretty for a long either.

      • John

        Like every coach at UGA other than Dooley. That’s your favorite bland all, Ritch, and so on. With the stadium, players, fans, new coach, what is UGA’s problem.

  10. Got Cowdog

    I was at my favorite watering hole watching Miami play gt. I said after the Ole Miss game that I hoped Georgia’s previous regime lost every game it ever played for reasons I will not restate. I found it impossible to pull for tech. but I couldn’t pull for Miami either. It was quite a quandary for me. I really wanted to be happy for the day-drunk Miami fan down the bar and couldn’t. I usually take a lot of pleasure in tech getting curb stomped and I couldn’t do that either.


      I agree with you cowdog 100%!!! Felt the same way during the game. GATA JYD!

    • 69Dawg

      Holding a grudge against a 15 year ex-coach who was the second best coach in the 126 years of UGA football says a lot about you. Hope you can let it go.

      • Got Cowdog

        I really am trying.

        • Irwin R. Fletcher

          Not to mention Thomas Brown. The guy I’m wary of is that Mike Rumph….he’s going to flip some kids in South Florida back to the Canes.

          BTW…I hope we all know where this is headed, right? Miami vs. UGA in the TaxSlayer Bowl. I kid, I kid.

          • Cojones

            More true than you may think. Several bowls would love that flavor, just as the time when Richt came to UGA and they put FSU in the Sugar Bowl against us. The bowls, through encouragement from writers and others, are apt to book that kind of venue above all others.

  11. Derek Smart

    I hope Tech signs that man to a lifetime contract!

    • John

      Someone’s you get what you wish, and it ain’t what you want. Some day, if you tell the truth, you’ll want Ritch back. KIRBY is not a Saban. If it doesn’t work out like it has been for years, you’ll just blame the coach. If you spend time trying to figure out UGA’s problems, you want have time to be so fixated and concerned about Tech.

  12. Bigshot

    If Tech hired Art Bryles it would be a nightmare. He is one of the few coaches who could take what they have now and perhaps do something with it.

    • 69Dawg

      They might as well hire him. The students at GT don’t even date girls must less assault them.

      • Uglydawg

        Now that’s funny, 69 Dawg!

      • John

        Maybe one day you will figure out what that thing between your leg is for, and then you can stop using your tongue. We don’t assault girls because we have enough character and respect for girls that are the kind you want to be with. Quit using the tounge, find a nice girl, treat her right, and you want have to assault them.

  13. John


    Last game: Beat Nicholls State 26-24. Record: 2-0. Next game: at Missouri.

    Overreaction narrative: “Same ol’ Georgia.”

    Reality check: Same ol’ Georgia.

    This isn’t to suggest the Bulldogs are going to have a bad season, based on Saturday’s inexplicable performance against a weak FCS team. Their schedule suggests nine to 10 wins. But it’s a bad sign when a team can’t overpower an undermanned opponent in its first home game of the year. It’s a bad sign when it can’t run the ball with possibly the best running back in the country. It’s a bad sign when a seven-to-eight-touchdown favorite finds itself trailing in the third quarter.