Name that caption, angry genius edition

The look when you’re 2-10 in your last dozen conference games

Paul Johnson, Eason Fromayan

(AP Photo/Fred Vuich)


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38 responses to “Name that caption, angry genius edition

  1. mwo

    I told you not to piss yourself when there is a blitz!

  2. Mayor

    I have to make this comment. 2 coaches’ respective teams play a football game. The first coach is 8-3 that season. The second coach is 3-8. The 8-3 coach wins the game making his team 9-3 in the regular season and the other coach’s team 3-9. One of the coaches gets fired post-game. Which one? (You fill in the blank.) Irony. Just sayin.’

  3. heyberto

    Please don’t let Paul Johnson Get Fired
    Please don’t let Paul Johnson Get Fired
    Please don’t let Paul Johnson Get Fired

  4. ScoutDawg

    I told you to fry the damn fish!…

  5. AthensHomerDawg


    No. 15 Miami (3-0) and longtime nemesis Mark Richt visit Bobby Dodd Stadium on Oct. 1. Richt is in his first season as the Hurricanes coach after 15 years at Georgia, where he went 13-2 against the Yellow Jackets.

  6. Spike

    Have you guys seen my buyout?

    • Aunt Edna

      I have two issues with the fact that PJ has a significant buyout. 1) How many college teams running the triple option are going to come hunting for him with deep enough pockets to scare GT and 2) It really shouldn’t be an issue to buy him out when you consider how much money the GT fan base has (

      Lest we forget that this school has won a Natty more recently than we have. It blows my mind that they feel the need to run this gimmicky offense in order to win at this level.

    • 3rdandGrantham

      Not just that, but if they do fire him, the new coach will have to spend several years completely overhauling the roster in order to install a more traditional system. Whenever that day occurs, that will be a brutal transition lasting up to 3-4 years; maybe longer.

  7. AusDawg85

    Is that a PLEDGE PIN?! On your UNIFORM?!!!

  8. Bulldog Joe


  9. Russ

    I’d love to see Duke beat them.

  10. Dawgy1

    Looks like you’ve Shit your pants and we’re not even playing Georgia!

  11. Suite jesus

    ” it’s not an illegal block unless I say it is. …ignore the refs !! “

  12. 3rdandGrantham

    As old mentor used to say regarding those who continually made excuses and blamed others….’that’s not a they problem…that’s a YOU problem.”

    Fact is GT recruiting has been abysmal for years, in which they often are fighting with W Kentucky and E.Carolina type schools for talent. Yet when PJ can’t beat he UMs, VTs, and UNCS of the world with said limited talent, the only person he should be yelling at is himself in the mirror.

  13. Leodawg

    A pledge pin?!!! On your uniform!?!? You’re all worthless and weak!!!

  14. Mallarddawg

    A pledge pin?!!! On your uniform!?!? You’re all worthless and weak!!!

  15. Cojones

    I still get to use the headphones! Just because you come off the field doesn’t change that little fact! They are mine, I tell you…… they are mine!

  16. NGa Holly

    Will Muschamp of the ACC

  17. Uglydawg

    “Hey, tell me if my breath stinks. “

  18. The Dawg abides

    Say WHAT again, mutha fucker!

  19. 81Dog


  20. Bigshot

    If Tech hired Art Briles it would be a nightmare.

  21. Noseanmorono

    Playbook? We don’t need no stinkin’ playbook! Oh, wait…

  22. Ole Dokes

    Check out the angle of his right wrist. He looks like a petulant school girl who just had her dolly stolen. Looks like his next move will be the high knee stomp off in mock anger. He truly is the perfect fit for the NATS.

  23. William

    I said bring the 5 piece you idiot!

  24. I said “OPTION RIGHT!”

  25. Uglydawg

    “You ate the last chuckle!!”

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