Proof that Seth Emerson hates Georgia football

There he goes, using statistics like… um, well, statistics.


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38 responses to “Proof that Seth Emerson hates Georgia football

  1. HVL Dawg

    Am I reading that right- the difference between 39th and 99th on kickoff coverage is 12 inches?

  2. Bill Baird

    Comments do not mean Hate.

    • Tell that to everyone who’s expressed an opinion in the comments here that Seth has an agenda.

      • I’ve made comments about Seth, and he doesn’t go out of his way to find positives about the Georgia athletic program unlike many of the other schools’ beat writers.

        I still miss David Hale …

        • 202dawg

          I miss Hale, too, but still don’t get the loathing of Emerson. I don’t want our beat writers ‘rah, rah, Georgia’. I want them to tell the truth. I leave the fairy tale to the good Senator…😉

          • Russ


            Seth is fair, and positive when warranted.

            • dubyadee

              The only problem with Seth is that he followed David Hale. Hale has a gift for capturing the zeitgest of sports fans without being overbearing or sappy (like so many other supposedly great sportswriters). That and he is damn funny.

          • I don’t want them to be rah-rah either. I do want someone who objectively writes about the program … positive and negative. He’s taken a bunch of not so veiled shots at the program and, especially, the fan base over the years.

  3. GL

    Not sure we want our punter to get more into a rhythm

  4. Seth can be pretty passive aggressive. Miami’s special teams are of 0 relevance to his story. It’s just a way to keep the Pro-Richt embers glowing.

  5. 69Dawg

    Our lack of a field goal kicker will cost us a game we should never lose. Vandy and Kentucky come to mind. We are going to lose to UF and Auburn because of their defenses.

    Everyone’s right about Eason not being Stafford. Stafford finally turned it around in his freshman year. I don’t think we have the WR’s to make it easy on Eason to do this. He has to thread the needle on too many throws because the WR’s can’t get any separation. His feet are not going to get less Happy facing the defenses of Vandy, UF and Auburn. The kids got arm talent but the deal Kirby made with the Devil that has caused him to be thrown into the fire might just backfire.

    • I love how you have already sentenced us to death when we play the mighty and powerful juggernauts of Auburn and Florida.
      The Gus Bus has rolled over exactly one SEC opponent whose power ranking is still highly questionable; LSU. Missy State is terrible and AU should have beaten them. Arkansas State and ULM…wow, I’m impressed.
      Florida? Wins over UMass, North Texas, Kentucky and Vanderbilt?
      You ought to be ashamed…

  6. rchris

    I think Seth just rattles his brain to think of something to write about, and when he comes up with an idea that’s potentially clickable he starts typing, without regard to its impact on the program.

  7. heyberto

    I’m surprised that’s a thing. I think Seth is the best beat writer we’ve had.

  8. John Denver is full of shit...

  9. Mayor

    Well, if you kick the ball out of the end zone you don’t need to worry about direction of trajectory. Just sayin.’

    • Macallanlover

      Solid point, indisputable as well. I don’t get the Seth hates UGA bit that bothers so many. I wouldn’t waste my time on a blind homer, nor would I read someone who is intent on tearing down what I love either. Seems clear UGA isn’t number one on his Hit Parade, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t bring up valid points when he finds something with our team that is lacking. He may jump on more negative issues than positive ones but I can’t say his observations or research are unreasonable. I do think strong comments from UGA fans have pushed him further away than he was initially, and he should check his objectivity about that if he wants to succeed as a professional. I want to hear info that enlightens us to where we need to improve, I also want recognition when it does get better, and I will read those writers who keep that balance.

      This also relates to my inability to see why so many fans, of every singleCFB program, thinks the play-by-play, or color analyst, has it in for them if they dare pick someone else to win, or feel one team or the other, is not playing well. It is the most immature position to take, and it happens every game….from both sides. There is the occasional time a talking head has a vested interest in who they want to win, or who they prefer to praise, but I honestly think that is less than 5% of the time. And who cares who they predict to win the game on TV shows during the week, or before the game begins? Pollock, Herbie, or Finebaum’s opinion is no better than anyone reading this blog, and changes nothing. I didn’t feel any better about our chances to beat Old Miss because someone said UGA would win….and I didn’t think he was damaging our chances, or challenging our manhood if they picked the other team.

  10. The Truth

    The very last word is the most damning of Seths article: lately.

    Why have we only been taking special teams seriously lately? That is a coaching fail.

  11. Mike Cooley

    He doesn’t have an agenda. He’s just a tool.

  12. Greg

    “The fish stinks from the head down”

  13. I do not get the Emerson dislike. If you want a homer read the with their sports writers. Emerson is also far from each major papers, “hired hit man” who dislikes everything. Seems pretty objective.

    • Uglydawg

      I don’t think anybody hates Seth. He’s OK as a writer..he just garnishes the obvious with unseemlyness. )I invented a word)

  14. Cojones

    I never noticed dislike of Seth to the point that it stood out as a fan base. Stupid negative posts about other people, writers and players says a great deal about the poster, more so than where their vitriol is aimed. As soon as I see that the person is headed there, I skip to the next post.

    Seth and David have been good writers for UGA and if some can’t separate their remarks from their fandom, they shouldn’t read what the pros write. The decriers certainly aren’t deserving to be taken seriously in their criticism of professional writers – the same being true for remarks about players’ abilities. Seth’s detailed write up of special teams is informative and doesn’t have poo to do with his loyalties.

    Steamboat egos with motorboat IQs should stay away from criticizing the fourth column while using fifth column reasoning.

    • Uglydawg

      Cojo, you need to lay off the cookies…you’re actually agreeing with Blutarsky on this. (Completely out of character for you both.)
      Sometimes we have to side against him because he is the “Establishment” on this board of malcontents.

  15. Mike Cooley

    I don’t get why people who do like Emerson come rushing to his defense like a doe coming to protect her fawn. It’s fine if you like him but there is nothing wrong with not liking him and it certainly doesn’t warrant fourth and fifth column references. It’s not that important. I personally just think David Hale was a lot better at the job. And Emerson has just always made me roll my eyes with attempts at dry humor which mostly fail to mask the fact that he’s just boring as hell. The whole too cool for school act doesn’t make up for his dull writing and constant stating of the obvious. I guess it’s cooler than when Barnhart does it because Emerson wraps in kewel.

    • Cojones

      Mike, do you read Seth’s pieces? A time ago he was comparing new recruits to what we had and ranking players as he saw them. That took guts and he placed his player knowledge out for all to see. I agreed with what he said in those pieces about the potential of the players and I’ve read great fan pieces. After he went to the Journal, it changed his writing game because he now plays with a sports writing team and deals with some suggestions from the staff instead of all-out, balls-to-the-walls, jumpin’-up-and-down fan articles he fed us. His insight hasn’t been reduced and his Dawg loyalty hasn’t either. Dull and boring he ain’t.

      This gives us an in-depth look at STs and it should be welcomed by all.
      Looked up “kewel” and since I don’t look for that in fan blog writings, I can understand that you deal with the sideways expressions that are supposed to register as “cool”. If that’s what you judge by, then have at it, but your other descriptions don’t match what I’ve read from Seth; thus the lead question I asked of you. He’s straight up and honest and that’s getting harder to find in sports writings and announcing these days. He hasn’t adopted the trolling habits of many AJC sports writers and that bodes well for him when he writes of the Dawgs. More power to him.

  16. lakedawg

    What happened with Brice Ramsey? Kirby still pissed that he did not sign with Bama?

    • Macallanlover

      Been my question as well, did he forget how to punt during the QB trials? He looked pretty solid last season in that role.

  17. Greg63

    This “For what it’s worth Miami, where Mark Richt brought over Todd Hartley as special teams coordinator, ranks 20th nationally” is my problem with Seth. What does that little nugget have to do with anything?

  18. See, here’s the thing: I’m glad Seth is pointing this out now because as this program gets turned around, as the process unfolds, as CKS’s vision takes hold and gets implemented, we’ll be able to look back on this as empirical confirmation that things have gotten better. Eventually the statistics will fall into place – just like the wins. But what’s most important at this stage is building the right culture, and CKS is doing that. He’s not macro-managing from a distance – he’s on the mother. It is completely understandable that the current personnel would struggle with his insistence on excellence and fanatical attention to detail. We have settled for mediocrity too long. And that’s why I’m glad he mentions the Right UofM statistic … when our special teams are annually top five, we’ll be looking back at that legacy of good but not great and thinking ‘good riddance’. Being twentieth in the nation is how you win 10 games a year and not championships. That’s not the Georgia way.

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