Booch channels his inner bizarro Dooley.

I think this is the opposite of building up your opponent’s long snappah.

You need to get out more, son.


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12 responses to “Booch channels his inner bizarro Dooley.

  1. Go Dawgs!

    I am really looking forward to watching the Vols get boat-raced by Alabama. Roll Tide.

  2. Timphd

    Yeah, I want UT to lose too, but if that means UF backs into the Georgia Dome then I will be very unhappy. I guess I just have to hope that UGA beats UF and at least helps keep them out of it. Worst case for me is another Gator East title. As much as I don’t like UT, they fall well below the Gata and Allbarn.

    • Mayor

      Personally I hate UT waaaay worse than FU. Allbarn is in the West so while I hate them they are not as important IMHO. It does no good for the Dawgs for either FU or UT to win the East. I would rather have Mizzou win it that the other two. We don’t recruit against Mizzou.

      • Mayor

        The other thing…whoever wins the East–UT or FU–gets as its prize a free ass-kicking on national TV from Bama. So maybe winning the East is a booby prize.

      • Timphd

        My ex father in law was a FU grad and I had to listen to him for years gloat when Spurrier was there so I built up a real hatred for the Gata. Before that they were just another rival. Hatred only increased during the Corch years. Never had that level of animosity towards the Vols. As for the Barners, they are a pack of lying cheating SOB’s. Hate them just on general principal. I do agree that Mizzou winning the east is better than UT or FU.

  3. ASEF

    Honestly, if it has to come down to UF and UT for Atlanta…

    Then UF backing in by weaseling out of the LSU game, while UT steams and howls and whines and cries about it, would sort of be a best-case scenario. Both sides lose.

    That has to count as sort of a transitive win for Georgia fans, doesn’t it?

    • Normaltown Mike

      yes, i’m with you on that. I’d love to hear the Yew Tee people go bat shit crazy in that situation.

      • Macallanlover

        It would be the best, although them getting beat by Bama, Mizzou, and one of either Vandy or Kentucky would also satiate my hate. Wonder who would be the new coach when Sgt Carter’s head explodes? Because it would.

  4. Will Trane

    Personally, I can’t get past Vandy.

  5. Cojones

    I’m with Will. Each game is a blunderbuss for us and we don’t know what’s coming out each shot. I’ve begun to depend on the D for the fate of this team’s season.

  6. Got Cowdog

    If UGA beats uf, then ut wins out in the east, ut goes to the SEC championship, right?
    UGA beating uf is a good thing. It will make me happy.
    It will also make me happy to see ut get plowed by Alabama this weekend. I am not partial enough to the rest of the teams on ut’s remaining schedule to hope for a ut loss, because I would like to see Alabama beat the shit out of them again.

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