Reggie Davis, prophet

— “Vanderbilt’s always been a good team,” Georgia senior wideout Reggie Davis said. “They play very hard. The first couple of games they played everyone close. … So they’re definitely a good team and you don’t want to underestimate anybody in the SEC.”

—  “You don’t want to sleep on anyone in the SEC,” Georgia wide receiver Reggie Davis said. “You can’t sleep on them, you can’t take them lightly. They play hard from the first quarter on all the way until the clock says zero.”

My biggest regret from last week was ignoring my first instinct when I read those quotes, which was to post something about how fretting about not taking an opponent lightly is a good sign you’re probably already taking an opponent too lightly.  But I feared I might be too pessimistic.

Then came the opening kickoff and the subsequent penalty on the first play of Vanderbilt’s lengthy scoring drive.  Boy, don’t I feel foolish now.

Reggie, I promise I’ll never take your musings for granted again.

I know it’s popular to sneer at Chip Towers, but this observation has Georgia nailed: “Look, bad losses happen and upsets occur every weekend in college football. But the only thing Georgia has been consistent about is playing down to the level of its opponent.”

Sure doesn’t bode well for Kentucky or (gulp) Louisiana-Lafayette, does it?


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32 responses to “Reggie Davis, prophet

  1. Aladawg

    And McGoofy wants us to donate$50 more a seat to see this…………,..

  2. 5pointsDawg

    But it’s ok if we lost to ULL. Saban lost to ULM so it’s completely fine if Kirby loses to a Sun Belt team.

    • Bulldog Joe

      It’s only OK if he is gaining competitive advantage by oversigning and processing players at the same time.

      Which of course is not happening here.

  3. sniffer

    I don’t think Kirby has any idea what to do. That’s what scares me most.

  4. Will Trane

    Reggie Davis
    Maybe he could tell us what he has done in four years
    Mishandled a kickoff by stepping out of bounds
    Another no thinking player
    Another player with no field discilpne
    He as been coached for a long long time
    Reggie this is not Vandy or “Smart”
    This is you.
    You are not a SEC player
    If you were an underclassman you should tranfer to free up a roster positiona

    • Dawgy1

      I really don’t want to point out individual players, but poor Reggie has been a disaster waiting to happen in every game he’s played. It’s not a effort issue. It’s all about decisions.

    • Paula Marcano

      Reggie put 12 points up at Tennessee last year, watched 21 points lead disappear, and was brutally criticized for dropping a catch. This is the same player who caught almost everything thrown at him that was catchable. Watch your highlights. Reggie was the other half with Aaron Murray for the longest reception touchdown in Georgia’s history.Reggie didn’t put Nick Chubb on the field and not use him to get one yard. There is NOT a player on the team who hasn’t fumbled a ball, or missed a tackle, or anything else these young men do at their various position. They don’t need any high school water boys criticizing them.

      • Dawgy1

        Resorting to name calling doesn’t enhance your points. Reggie is a good player and had many contributions. But that doesn’t change the facts that he has many and I mean many miscues. He shouldn’t be making mistakes like he did in the Vandy game. He’s not a freshman. To point this out is truthful and as I said, pointing out a single player is not what I’m doing here. A team loss is a loss by the tea and coaches.
        As far as your high school water boys comment. Kiss my ass Paula!

        • Paula Marcano

          Name calling? You called the young man a DISASTER in every game. That seems like name calling. Written this way seems like constructive criticism. He’s not a freshman. However, this was not meant as a reply to you Dawgy1. It was actually for Will Trane.
          And Dawgy, you can’t go around telling people to kiss your ass.:)

    • Paula Marcano

      Reggie Davis
      SEC freshman of the week
      SEC special team player of the week
      Longest receiving touchdown in Georgia history
      Currently #3 kick returner in the SEC. (The Vandy returner he chased down is #1)
      Always have the highest avg. for the year among receivers
      etc. etc
      Check your facts before you go talking about these young men.
      They work too hard.

  5. I put that loss on 3 people, Beamer, Chaney and Smart in that order

  6. Bulldog Joe

    This is the same lazy team who approaches the noon games like they were hungover and slept late.

    Twelve penalties. Nine were of the procedural/mental variety. Vanderbilt declined four of them. Focus and motivation are foreign concepts, especially at the beginning and the end of each half. Our sideline looks like a frat party.

    Our return teams had no answer for the low kickoffs and punts as once again the mental breakdowns and “hidden yardage” on special teams buries this team before the drives begin.

    We started this home game like we ended the last one. Offsides on the short kickoff and we didn’t get downfield. It set the tone for the rest of the game.

    Mr. first-name basis appears to command the same low level of fear and respect of his predecessor and his athletic director.

    It’s more of the same.

  7. Remember last summer when all the Kirby supporters were saying that he just needed to take all that talent that CMR had squandered and we would be on our way to Atlanta in December? Surely a coach that sat at the right hand of Saban could take that talent and keep things atleast stable on the way to installing the process.Now he needs to get his type of players before we can beat Vandy in Athens. Before Kirby turns this ship he better close the seacocks, because I’m looking around for a lifeboat.

    • Dawgy1

      Yeah I remember too what a terrible OC we had, how terrible Pruitt was as DC, how CMR could recruit but not develop talent. Kirby Smart was going to bring a whole new culture, and never again would we have games like we’ve had against Nicholls, Ole Miss, and yesterday’s debacle.
      Now we just have to wait and have patience. Never mind that we have regressed from game 1 to game 7.

  8. Bulldog Joe

    It was just as “prophetic” as the University of Tennessee tweet encouraging their fans to rush the field after the Alabama game.

  9. DawgByte

    Not to mention Tech. Lets face it, we’re going to struggle the entire way. If Chaney insists on running up the middle on 1st and 2nd down, putting Eason in 3rd and long situations we’ll lose 3 more games; including but not limited to, Florida, Auburn and take your pick Kentucky or Tech.

  10. The defense of Vanderbilt was already very evident last season. I remember a lot of posters here were bashing Lambert for his difficulty in what ended up being a very close and difficult game for Georgia. Well this season was the proof.

  11. fred russo

    What did kirby inherit 1. worst OL in collage football. 2. Worst receivers in SEC. 3. worst special teams in SEC. 4. What did he hire? ! worst possible OC in SEC! Does the about sum it up????

  12. fred russo

    This terrible OL will cost UGA running backs big bucks in the NFL draft!!!!!!

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