This is what “he’s back” looks like.

Leonard Fournette delivers a classic “did somebody get the license plate number of that truck?” blow on a hapless Ole Miss defensive back.




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18 responses to “This is what “he’s back” looks like.

  1. Prosticutor

    At one point he had 249 yards on 7 carries. Dude.


  2. gastr1

    The funny part is the DB actually got him to go out of bounds, unlike Trigga Tray’s famed effort last year.


  3. The Truth

    Targeting — hitting a defenseless in the head.


  4. Ben

    You would think that an OC who has had almost eight months to figure how out how to use his RBs would have gotten it. Instead, LSU fires their OC and Fournette looks like we always knew he would.

    It’s a shame that we are squandering an equal talent level in Athens.


  5. Amazing what it looks like to get the ball to a guy with ball skills in the open field … Have Sony or Nick gotten any chances like this?


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    That is a Herschel/Bill Bates class trucking.


  7. Ole Dokes

    Guess the DB made a poor “careeer decision”, unlike Trigga…


  8. Positively Munson

    I watched LSU and Fournette run all over Ole Miss last night and I was left with one thought…Nick Chubb is not healthy. Yes, our OL is certainly lacking. Yes, our play calling is certainly not doing him any favors. However, when given the opportunity the kid does not come close to resembling the Nick Chubb that we watched last year, or even in the UNC game. Not sure if he tweaked something on the last run in the Dome versus the the Heels or if he was running on pure hype and adrenaline. Whatever the case, the kid is not the same RB.


    • 92 grad

      I would think Chubb has more of a reality check going on than a physical issue. He has advisors in his ear telling him how to make decisions about the draft next year and his team isn’t doing him any favors. He also might be really frustrated about the Georgia administration, coaches, and maybe even fans. He’s got a lot going on, more than just “coach says we gotta get better”.


      • He has advisors in his ear telling him how to make decisions about the draft next year…

        Really? Who might that be?


        • Olddawg 55

          Similar to Hershel I imagine…who had a certain Wrightsville car dealer to sponsor Walker and family. He used that advice to enter the USFL and to take care of his money thereafter. I’m sure there’s someone that the Chubb family trusts to give him similar advice.


  9. I was that defensive back one time. Thank the lord there was not internet or camera phones back then.