Today, in bidness decisions

Tennessee football, don’t ever change.

I’m sure the prospect of Booch managing Smith’s future made an enormous difference, big enough that this was merely an irrelevant coincidence.

In the summer Tennessee hired Ashley Smith, Trey’s sister, to work in the football program with the title of executive assistant to the head coach.


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48 responses to “Today, in bidness decisions

  1. DawgPhan

    wouldnt it have been better for the money boosters to start up a minor league baseball team and just pay the players through that instead of all this other non-sense they do?


  2. Clearly no one ever advised his sister not to take a job with a business that’s about to file bankruptcy.


    • Hell, what’s the big deal? She’s getting paid to make sure her brother gets his ass out of bed and goes to class. She was doing that for free before she met Booch.


      • My point is, if Butch gets canned, she’s out of a job, no?


        • Oh, I know. Just kidding… although it’s nice she’s getting bank in the meantime.


          • Butch is nothing if not a brander. Who wouldn’t want to be a Champion of Life™ on Team 120™, building Brick by Brick™, while winning their 1 on 1 Individual Matchup™.

            If there are any Vol fans left buying his schtick, then we need no further proof that a sucker is born every minute.


            • Gaskilldawg

              You made the accurate observation in a different thread about how the guy cannot say anything that isn’t a cliche.

              I do not know if it is because he is not very bright or he figures his Tennessee audience isn’t very bright and cannot understand anything other than cliches.


              • It’s probably a little of both, but I believe the fanbase has caught on.

                That dismantling by Alabama this year was the ultimate glass of cold water in the face. There was no hiding it: he’s been building for 4 years and put together a team that couldn’t stay within 5 touchdowns of Saban at home.

                No amount of slick marketing and branding can hide what everyone saw.


              • 92 grad

                I used to play under a conductor years ago (symphony orchestra) and all she ever did was use cliches. Everything the woman ever said or did on the podium was something someone else said but people loved her, thought she was brilliant. Drove me nuts and I called her out on it regularly.


            • Sh3rl0ck

              You missed the best of Butch’s branding. It is also the most relevant for his sister is he gets canned. “Opportunity is nowhere”.


  3. TN Dawg


    Between the black separatist, leftist tirades of Stephen A. Smith and his fellow talking heads, the Catlyn Jenner Courage Awards and the NFL’s hatred of America, it appears more and more people are tuning out, turning off and dropping out.


  4. Spike

    And the hits just keep on coming at UT…


  5. dawgfan

    What happens when all the other players and recruits family members come to Booch with a resume?


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Every time I see that trick I think of Larry brown hiring Ed Manning as assistant coach at Kansas. How Convenient!


  7. Uglydawg

    I’ve been told that Old Miss used to have a swimming team, stocked with a nice pool of scholarship athletes, but no swimming pool.
    Use your imagination, Booch.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Veronica Walker says, “Hello”.


      • Russ

        Thought the same.


      • Uglydawg

        Veronica is to be lauded as moving the UGA Ladies’ Track program from envisioned to reality. It was a good thing…and it shows that VD knew how to play the system long before there was The Process.
        The question we have to ask ourselves is this…if a five star kid’s older sister is a prostitute, which school will establish a whore house on campus for her to work at..or maybe even manage?


  8. Interesting take but not an original thought. Bloomberg had it a day earlier (without the “hot” political” take) and their analyst was actually touting an ESPN in sell off in May before the NFL season started.


    • The broadcast rights to live sporting events is what is killing ESPN even more than the dropped subscribers. There is no way out from under that overhead.

      It really shouldn’t be that way. ESPN was essentially bidding against itself for a lot of this.

      They can drop all the on-air personalities they want, but that’s pennies on the dollar compared to what the broadcasting rights are costing them. Whenever they come up for renewal, ESPN is going to have to locate their balls and be willing to let MLB or the NBA walk. They can’t keep paying more and more each renewal with less and less coming in.


  9. 69Dawg

    Fox and NBC are riding to the rescue. Now every broadcast contract coming up for renewal will have 3 bidders. It’s about to get real. If the cable and sat. companies pull ESPN, FN1 and NBC Sports from basic it’s over. Nobody is going to play $50.00 per month for MLB, and the NBA. NFL will get it’s pay per view dream come true and so may CFB. I’m old enough to remember the few seasons Georgia actually had their own broadcast. Lewis Grizzard was the color guy. LSU and Bama had theirs. There will be a reckoning.


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