Rise and shine

One other thing about that ESPN spring FPI set of rankings:

Teams on the rise

There are four teams in the top 25 in the spring football version of Preseason FPI that are at least 20 spots higher than their ranking at the end of last season.

… Georgia is up to No. 13 after finishing outside the top 40 in 2016. The Bulldogs return 17 starters, tied for the most in the SEC, and added the No. 3 recruiting class.

It’s another sign that it’ll be hard to make the case for 2017 being a second throwaway year for Kirby Smart.  ESPN’s not buying in.



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5 responses to “Rise and shine

  1. 92 grad

    Hmm. Georgia has done all the things that teams on the rise do, but that doesn’t mean that they’re on the rise. New coaches, better recruiting, older team, new capital projects. This stuff materializing would in fact be a team on the rise so it’s still wait and see. 2008 has given me the yips regarding this subject…..


  2. JT

    I think for UGA to be successful they will still need to be creative with blocking schemes on the OL to make up for the lack of a dominate OL. I do think with a healthy team and the schedule no reason UGA doesn’t win the East. The biggest hurdle to me is, I am not sure this staff is as good as the UF staff, better recruiters, yes, better on field coaches, No.


  3. D.N. Nation

    Ahh yes, another top 5 for Auburn that’ll devolve into 8-4 slop come the end of November.


  4. Mayor

    I seem to remember that we had a lot of starters returning last year, too. Just sayin.’