Kirby vs. the media

Oh, it’s on now.

Georgia coach Kirby Smart alluded to a new player injury Tuesday during a radio appearance, but an addition to the school’s media policy he planned to implement that day would have kept the media from reporting on it from observations at that afternoon’s practice.

The policy emailed Tuesday afternoon hours before practice said that media members can’t report on players wearing non-contact jerseys, working with the training staff or becoming injured during open portions of practice unless Smart provides information about their medical status.

Five beat reporters who cover the team informed Georgia athletics that they would not comply with the restrictive policy because it “goes too far beyond the scope of what is acceptable in our eyes .” So Tuesday’s practice—scheduled to be open for 11 minutes—was entirely closed instead.

Georgia doesn’t open its season until four and a half months away on Sept. 2.

It now is expected to delay and perhaps make minor adjustments to the injury policy until preseason practices, meaning Thursday’s final practice before Saturday’s spring game would be covered without change. Further discussions about the policy with the media will continue.

We live in Trump’s world, so I know for a certain segment of the fan base, this face off rates anywhere from “who cares?” to “hells, yeah, Kirby!”, but for me it’s just sad for control freaks to be allowed this much free rein.  If you’re reading a blog like this (let alone writing one), then you’re interested in what’s going on with Georgia football and significant media restrictions are a blow to that flow of information.

Or, to put it another way, any policy that’s good enough for Booch shouldn’t be good enough for Georgia football.

If there’s no resolution to this, my guess is we’re headed to a point where all practices are completely closed to the media.  And, yeah, ultimately if Smart wins big, that’ll be no skin off his back; if he doesn’t, just add it to the list of grievances.  Treating the fan base as being on a strictly need to know basis isn’t the best way to encourage interest, but as long as we keep responding to G-Day challenges, it’s all good, no?



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75 responses to “Kirby vs. the media

  1. Russ

    He better win big. This is entertainment for the fans, not state secrets.

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  2. Granthams replacement

    I can identify with a parent being upset about finding out their son was injured via a media outlet. Kirby should have one of the administrative staff contact the parents asap and tell the media to delay reporting a prescribed amount of time, like 1 hour after practice is completed.


    • As someone asked yesterday, what’s Kirby gonna do if a kid gets injured during a game? Tell ESPN to cut the broadcast off until he can call somebody?

      This isn’t about parents; it’s about controlling the flow of information to the world.

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      • Debby Balcer



      • Would be interested in the verbal gymnastics response on how this gives us any kind of competitive advantage. I know we will get some BS answer with the underlying meaning of “I’m just a control freak”, but I would like to hear what KS is telling himself to justify it…is it really “I want to break the news myself to the parents?”


        • I think he would like to break the news or maybe have Courson talk to them. Plus a reasonable diagnosis may take more time than the near instantaneous breaking of news on Twitter. I would think reporting the following morning is plenty fair. The guys get to break their story, the fans get information, and Kirby gets what he wants too.


      • Jeff Sanchez

        Yep. Such an insult that he thinks we’d buy that as the reason

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      • Granthams replacement

        The kids parents are probably watching every game their kid is playing but not every practice.


        • So what? They’re still not hearing it from Kirby’s lips first, which I thought was the point.

          Again, if this is really what it’s all about, why extend the policy to players wearing non-contact jerseys? Surely he can tell parents about that before practice starts.


          • Granthams replacement

            I completely agree with you on the jersey report. The point was the parents are notified about their sons injury from UGA before the social media sites report it. Delaying a few hours is reasonable.


      • As you have stated and others have, coaches are control freaks with a really heavy set of OCD. If you win, great, if you do not, good luck.
        But wait someone will hire you for another try.
        And coaches will continue to be control freaks-kinda like a general in the military. Do what I say.


    • The Truth

      If a parent has let her son go off somewhere to play D-I college ball and ain’t aware of the fact that her son could be injured at any time, then someone is seriously out of touch with reality. Let the media do their jobs, and have one of your 412 consultants ready on the sideline to give mama a call if the need arises.

      Donnan is pretty entertaining during the fall on his guest stints on 960 The Ref in Athens. He says the biggest lesson his downfall at UGA taught him is that he shouldn’t have been such a jerk. Are you listening, Kirby?


  3. All injury reports are FAKE NEWS. Failing AJC and Banner-Herald are not just my enemy, but the enemy of the entire Bulldog Nation! Sad!


  4. AusDawg85

    Kids shouldn’t be getting injured. Not buying into The Process.


  5. doofusdawg

    Obviously agree. But maybe we could figure out a way to record practices clandestinely and leak the videos to the media… then it would be Obama’s world again. You had to get the political jab into an otherwise great opening article. I guess that was done to create space. Or maybe that was your way of acknowledging.


    • Trump has made a career out of media fights that his followers enjoy. That’s all my reference was about. Don’t get your panties in a wad.

      Some of you need to recognize that metaphors, even political ones, can be useful illustrations of points.

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      • Rampdawg

        Sounds like somebody else’s panties were in a wad before Doofusdawg replied. “That’s all my reference was about”. Nice deflection. Some people can read through metaphors, political or not, and see when the people who expound said metafors are full of shit.


      • Argondawg

        I get where you are coming from. We move an entire carrier fleet complete with descriptions of all the ships, aircraft and armament and the media reports all of that without complaint from the government. Yet Kirby seems to think a second string corner pulling a hammy and the bulldog media reporting that is somehow an affront to privacy. Did reporting any of this info change the line in the spring game? Pretty sure the Dawgs are favored.


      • doofusdawg

        Just think how useful it would be if you used left wing political metaphors as well. Talk about leaving points on the table.


    • What are you blabbering on about?

      There was an open FBI investigation into collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign for 5 months prior to the election. Obama was the president. Did you or anyone else know about it before the election?

      I know facts are your enemy but for fucks sake yank that useless appendage you call a head out of your ass.


    • Cousin Eddie

      North Korea is already recording them. They are everywhere, studying every defense the US has and planning on how to stop every offense the US plans to use. You can see the satellite images at Crazylittlemadman.kor/Dawgs/football/practice


  6. Charlottedawg

    Thank God Kirby is instituting this policy with the media. Could you imagine how much worse the loss to ole miss would have been had the media been able to report who was in a non contact jersey for the fifteen minute viewing period. Come to think of it media reporting directly contributed to the losses to Florida, tech, and vandy.

    As the senator mentioned ultimately the only thing that matters is wins and losses. But I can think of a million other things Kirby can focus on that are more important than Seth Emerson’s four bullet points from his short viewing period.


  7. Bright Idea

    For a guy who surely uses and understands modern day technology in recruiting Kirby must understand these are the times in which we live. This is just another symptom in what is apparent about Kirby, he fears losing any degree of control. It is also borne out during the games when he’s out on the field screaming between every play trying to align all 11 guys. I like his passion but at some point he’s going to have to trust others to be successful.


  8. 69Dawg

    Let me get this straight we hire Lil Nicky to be our HC and when he acts like Nick we are shocked and appalled. I know the internet needs to stir shit to get things going but to act like we didn’t know this was what we signed up for is just stupid. If he wins anything this will just get worst so enjoy.


  9. NoAxeToGrind

    Smart is the head coach, and he can run his practices as he damn well pleases. I doubt he gives a shit what anybody else thinks. Does Saban?


  10. Cojones

    I would like very much to know who is injured and at what position. I don’t want it sprung on me before the Spring Game kickoff that so-and-so is out for the season and we won’t see them in the game. Does Kirby expect that to be kept secret until after our first SEC game? I think not. How can we empathize if we don’t know what the coaching staff is up against concerning injuries?

    The fans deserve to know what’s happening through practice observations. What is the media there for, to make for a practice cheering section? I thought they were there to report to us, the fans.


  11. sniffer

    it’s just sad for control freaks to be allowed this much free rein.

    Agree. Press writers, reporters and media pundits are out of control. How much control do they want?


  12. Saxondawg

    Captains, here are the rules. Should the head coach win big, everything’s ducky and he’s a genius. Should he lose, he will be fired quicker when everyone suddenly decides he’s a d-bag. Let’s shake hands and play ball.


  13. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Well, if Kirby hires Melissa, uh, I mean, Sean to do pressers, we’ll know the transformation is complete.


  14. Captain Obvious

    Yawn. who cares either way? it’s not like they’re dying


    • DawgPhan

      If you are a UGA fan then Smart’s war with the media probably means less quality dawg content created everyday and at worst it means that the media guys get the long knives out for smart.


  15. The Dawg abides

    Meh, sounds like they are backing off in that last paragraph. Just don’t allow live tweeting of practice injuries. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. For their part, l also don’t think it’s too much to ask for the team to have a post-practice injury report ready for for the media, instead of Smart’s go to answer of ” I haven’t talked to Ron yet”. It doesn’t have to be detailed, just ” player x was shaken up with an apparent lower extremity injury and is still being evaluated”.


  16. Biggen

    Eh, I’m ok with it to be honest. Just win baby and everything works out fine…


  17. HVL Dawg

    While I know this isn’t national security stuff, we should be pretty proud of the 5 beat writers.

    Maybe the Grady School of Journalism has inspired them.


  18. Normaltown Mike

    Let’s be honest, this policy comes out of Kirby’s high expectations for the team and the program.

    Kirby demands his players never get injured, not like that molly coddle Richt that was always letting players feign injuries and leave practice.


  19. Hogbody Spradlin

    Bear in mind that Nick Saban is able to control anything and everything he pleases, with a compliant press corps doing his bidding. That’s the knee at which Kirby learned. Kirby might have to make a few adjustments to accomodate the local adverserial press.


  20. Malcolm X

    My God. The US CONSTITUTION is being defiled by a FOOTBALL
    Coach, and people are mad at the esteemed Senator Blutarsky? My mind boggles at the astonishing fascism of those who support Kirby on the matter
    Of restricting free speech. Our founding fathers would have hung you whack jobs. I am saddened and depressed that there are so many Americans that
    Don’t support or understand free speech. Some kid gets hurt in public at a publicly funded UNIVERSITY and the Coach thinks he can control comments? What a fucking nut job. What’s next? You can’t say the Earth
    Circles the Sun? Sorry, Kirby ain’t the Pope, and I ain’t Galileo.


  21. Aladawg

    This is really beginning to feel like the Donnan, aka “Dumb one” years with arrogance and a crass nature being the norm. CKS must feel really confident he will win soon. He’s burning up goodwill faster than gasoline on wood!


    • Tim in Sav

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. We WOULD have won a National Championship if we wouldn’t have fired Jim Donnan


  22. I really hope the football season gets here before you guys tear each other apart. A bunch of damn screaming meemies, I tell ya.


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