Behold, the new video journalism

So, this is how the next phase of sports media operates.  I have to admit outsourcing all your research is a real cost saver.

Good luck with that, Fox Sports.


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4 responses to “Behold, the new video journalism

  1. Russ

    Damn, that’s bold.


  2. I absolutely loved Matt Hayes’ response which basically re-iterated that real journalism is hard work and telling them to go fuck themselves without actually saying it.


  3. CB

    There didn’t seem to be any mention of a middle ground between giving Fox the content in exchange for a mention or telling them no. Is there some reason that they wouldn’t sell the audio to Fox?


  4. FarmerDawg

    First they took my sports page (ajc quit delivering below Macon 15 years ago), and now I can’t even read a sports column online. Watching video in the boondocks on my phone is an exercise in futility, but reading articles during downtime has always been a welcome distraction. Skimming an article for important information is quick and easy, unlike listening to some long winded jackleg express his opinion (I’m talking to you Jesse Palmer, Gary Danielson ). Idiocracy here we come.