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Today, in misplaced righteous indignation

Some columnist (h/t), his panties in a complete wad over Temple’s… um, innovative plan to sponsor jersey numbers, sputters out this:

How long before someone who donates $50,000 per year for four or five years tells the athletics director he’d like the football coach removed and wants a significant role in the selection of the next coach?

Greg McGarity says, “hold my beer”.



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Sleeping under the influence

You know there would be a different outcome had Da’Shawn Hand been a Georgia player.

Jimmy Williamson can only shake his head in disappointment.

Good luck against FSU, Da’Shawn.


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What’ll it take to put you behind the wheel of one of these babies today?

It turns out there’s at least one major program football player out there gainfully employed during the summer.

The Georgia nose guard is 6-foot-6 and 305 pounds, one of the biggest players on the Bulldogs defense and quite a sight at his summer job at Heyward Allen Toyota, where he has served as a greeter for four years now.

From the article, it sounds like Atkins shows up for work, which, given the first thing that crossed my mind when I thought about a football player on the payroll of a car dealership, is definitely a relief.

I’m also legitimately impressed that, in this day and age, he’s found the time to carve out to earn a few bucks on the side while still doing everything required of him for the team.  Helluva work ethic, my man.


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“… but you go get your booty out there in that 100 degree heat and see what you’ve got every day.”

Georgia’s indoor practice facility — no snark; just right.


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“I would have to ask, and have asked, are you telling me that with a straight face?”

Houston Nutt’s attorney keeps dialing up the rhetoric.

“There can be no doubt, especially when it comes to athletics, that Ole Miss holds the SEC record for sure for being the most notorious flagrant violator of their state’s open record laws.

“From what I’ve learned in the past two weeks, I dare say they probably hold the same record when compared to every other Division I school in the country.’’

Greg McGarity smiles knowingly.  You can’t easily violate an Open Record law you rewrite for your own benefit, Ole Miss.

In Mars’ defense, the school does appear to be engaged in some fairly deep hairsplitting.

The school said in the letter that Freeze’s phone was provided by the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation and that allowed Freeze to use the phone for personal and business calls. The foundation is a private, non-profit organization that provides “direct and indirect funding … and other support for the University of Mississippi department of intercollegiate athletics,” according to its most recently available federal tax records.

In the letter, university assistant general counsel Robert T. Jolly, wrote that cell phones used by athletics personnel, including Freeze, are provided by the foundation. Jolly wrote that “Mississippi law prohibits personal use of state-issued cell phones and requires elaborate and time-consuming reconciliation of all activities on state cell phones. As a result, very few University employees use state-issued phones. This has been the case for about ten years.”

However, Jolly also wrote that to ensure compliance with NCAA rules, the foundation “provides the University detailed usage information designed to meet our compliance needs.”

Beyond that, Ole Miss contends that, due to the labor-intensive nature of the task, that it will cost more than $20,000 to review all of Freeze’s phone records.  Despite that,

Hugh Freeze is being given the opportunity to review and redact phone records of calls he deemed personal during his five years as the University of Mississippi’s football coach, the university’s general counsel, Lee Tyner, said Thursday.

To be fair, Hugh probably does have a lot of time on his hands these days.


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