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This ought to be good.

Be still, my heart.

Saturday’s game will be broadcast on ESPN. Mike Patrick and Tommy Tuberville will have the call.

Between Patrick wondering what Brittney Spears is doing with her life and the potential for Tubs to give Kirby coaching advice on how to succeed in the SEC, this has all the earmarks of an instant classic.


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Today, in amateurism

The NCAA on crowdfunding:  no for student-athletes; yes for the buildings they play in.


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Wingin’ it.

When it comes to the right time to play Jake Fromm this season, it’s kind of like Justice Stewart on pornography:  the coaches will know it when they see it.

Personally speaking, if Fromm gets to strut his stuff in four or five blowout wins, I’m down with that.


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Ken Blankenship is on pins and needles.

Still no decision on who Georgia’s starting kicker will be.


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The biggest question for Saturday night…

… isn’t what you think.

It’s whether Riley Ridley and Elijah Holyfield, who were both arrested for marijuana possession earlier this year, suit up or are suspended.

If they play, it’s the clearest indication yet there’s a new sheriff in town when it comes to Georgia’s drug policy.  If that happens, I wonder if there’s anyone in the administration or on the Board of Regents who will have the guts to step up and publicly defend the change.


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Do you believe in miracles?

Despite breaking a bone in his foot that required surgery, Malkom Parrish hasn’t been ruled out for the Appalachian State game by his head coach.

If Parrish does play in the opener, that’s just more proof that Ron Courson is a wizard.


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You’re not paranoid if you think Appy State is really out to get you.

Jeez, guys.  Really?

I hope they at least leave on the jersey numbers Saturday night.


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