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Huntley Johnson can’t save you now.

Welp, this is an interesting development, to say the least.

This one’s not related to drugs, apparently.

Florida’s press release did not specify a reason for the suspensions, but sources informed GatorBait.net that they stem from a misuse of school-issued funds intended for specific use.

Some of the players involved used the funds from part of their scholarship agreement to buy electronics equipment, then later reported the cards stolen. Some players sold the electronics equipment purchased with the school-issued funds.

On the bright side, this takes care of one potentially tough decision McElwain was supposedly facing.

Callaway’s involvement is noteworthy because he had already faced internal discipline stemming from a misdemeanor marijuana citation in the spring. Coach Jim McElwain has never explicitly stated that he wouldn’t be suspended for the Michigan game, but said at the team media day that it would be “all hands on deck” and had previously said Callaway has already faced internal consequences.

Prior to the spring citation, the star receiver hadn’t previously been charged with any form of marijuana offense, but he did admit in a Title IX investigation of an alleged sexual assault in 2015 that he was too high to have sex.

He wasn’t going to commit bank fraud, but then he got high.



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If the weather were a quarterback…

heat would have had a monster QBR at Georgia’s scrimmage yesterday.


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Understatement of the effing decade

As headers go, “Nick Chubb Needs Help From His O-Line” pretty much nails it.

Georgia running back Nick Chubb is among the most talented at his position, and among the top draft-eligible running backs entering the 2017 season. But his 2016 campaign was a bit of a disappointment, as he managed just 1,130 yards on 224 attempts.

His 5.0 yards per attempt average was easily the lowest of his career, and a steep dropoff from his 8.1 mark during his injury-shortened 2015 season.

The issue, however, wasn’t Chubb himself. It was an offensive line that struggled to create room for him to run, even against the likes of Nicholls State and UL-Lafayette.

To demonstrate just how porous the Bulldogs offensive line was a season ago, we used our new heat map tool to chart where Chubb was first contacted by the defense on each of his carries in 2016. These results certainly won’t come as a shock to Georgia fans, but seeing it in heat map form is still eye opening:


… As the map shows, opposing defenses regularly got to Chubb behind the line of scrimmage and only on a handful of occasions did he get more than five yards downfield before encountering contact.

Yeah, but some of y’all keep reminding us in the comments about how last year was all about Chubb not being himself.

It’s amazing to keep reading comments here, there and everywhere about all the different keys to Georgia’s offense this season I read:  Eason, the receivers, Chubb’s health, et cetera… none of that is going to matter much if the offensive line doesn’t improve.


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So much for that disciplined team we’ve been hearing about

Jason Butt talked with someone who was fortunate enough to observe yesterday’s scrimmage and shared this tidbit:

As a whole, however, head coach Kirby Smart was dead-on about the receiver group. It was an inconsistent day for the receivers apparently. In addition, one receiver picked up a celebration penalty following a score, which irritated Smart. The receiver was forced to run stadium steps as a result.

What is this Tennessee game you refer to, Coach?

The great thing here is thinking running stadium steps is going to have an effect when getting gut-punched at the last second in a game that Georgia had all but won didn’t.  There aren’t enough stadium steps in the world for that, I’m afraid.


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First they came for the football events…

Hard to believe this wound up being a minor story on the day.

White supremacy protests in Charlottesville, Virginia forced the cancellation of Virginia fall sports’ Meet the Team event and a movie night at Scott Stadium.

The football team was scheduled to be available for autographs at 6:30 p.m. After an hour-long autograph session, “Beauty and the Beast” was scheduled to be shown on the video board at the stadium.

Before the football team was scheduled to sign autographs, the women’s field hockey and volleyball teams were scheduled to have their sessions.

The cancellation of the fall sports events was part of a widespread cancellation of all activities in the afternoon and evening by the university because of the protests. A men’s soccer exhibition was also canceled.

Three people died because the town voted to remove a statue.  As appalling as that is, it’s capped by the realization that my President can’t even bring himself to condemn Nazis and the KKK by name.

This isn’t normal.  This isn’t some form of “both sides do it”.  It’s… well, it’s kind of hard for me to focus on Georgia football today.  Then again, I can probably use the distraction.


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