“They got one shot. It’s all they got.”

Ken Blankenship, you’ve been warned.

Heading into Saturdays’ first preseason scrimmage, Georgia football coach Kirby Smart may not know just yet who his punter or kicker will be this season…

Smart called the competition between Rodrigo Blankenship and Wofford graduate transfer David Marvin “really tight” at both field goals and kickoffs.

“Those two guys are neck and neck, competing with each other,” Smart said. “But it’s still early.”

Sure hope Rodrigo can keep his dad in check.  Probably not as much as Rodrigo does, though.


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14 responses to ““They got one shot. It’s all they got.”

  1. Got Cowdog

    Speaking of the kicking game, How about Bryce punting? Why not show a couple of fakes against some of your less competitive opponents early and help your punt team?


    • Russ

      I’ve always thought that, too. He should be our mid field kicker, and at least try a couple of fakes to keep teams honest.


  2. Russ

    Oh no, the season is doomed! We’re relying on a punter from Columbia and a kicker from Woodford!

    Doomed, I tell ya!


  3. ASEF

    Not defending the dad here.

    It is odd that, for all the “pay the players” energy, no one demands more scholarships. Why is a guy who has to be at practive every day and actyally contributes in games not on scholarship? Answer: an arbitrary, one-size-fits-all 85 allocation. Stupid.


    • Macallanlover

      The only valid argument I have seen for spending more money on D1 athletes. It is a fair time to re-visit the arbitrary limit of 85 scholarships set decades ago. There has been an increase in specialization and injuries since that time.


      • 92 grad

        I’ve never thought about this and I may be way off base, but, a roster that goes 5 deep plus a 2 deep for special teams isn’t enough? Haven’t even hit 85 yet. What am I missing?


        • Enlarging rosters is only going to make the power programs even more so.


          • ASEF

            To that specific point: So what?

            Yes, you would need to loosen transfer rules if you wanted to avoid situations where a few power programs hoarded all the 4 and 5 stars – but we’re kind of already there anyway.

            And 92, there are 22 starting positions, 26 if you count standard personnel groupings (dime defensive backs, H-backs for 2 TE sets, etc.). That doesn’t include special team specialists like a punter, long snapper, or FG kicker.

            85 was an attempt to create competitive parity. Instead, all it accomplishes is roster management juggling and kids like Rodrigo getting left out in the cold. It’s a stupid rule.


            • Welp, for starters, if you want more competitive D-1 football across the board, how about reducing the scholly limit from 85 to 70?


              • ASEF

                FCS has 65. How competitive is that? Or do you tend to see the same programs cycling their way through the playoffs?

                Why are you opposed to more scholarships? It directly benefits student athletes.


          • Truckin

            Some sports give partial scholarships. Football could split one between a punter and kicker. Hope scholarship is there too.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Not sure if Kirby would be pro or con on expanding the 85 man roster limit since he has the Hope scholly as a weapon. That Hope scholly gives us a huge advantage over schools in other states. I imagine Daddy Blankenship’s head would explode if he had to absorb the cost that Hope covers too.