“If anyone has an extra ticket for the game,” she said, “please let me know.”

This is a helluva take.

…  According to StubHub, more than 50 percent of the ticket sales have come from within the state of Georgia, compared to 4 percent from Alabama. According to TickPick, another ticket marketplace, the number is 66 percent in Georgia compared to 6 percent in Alabama. “Mama is giving up her shoes to go to this ballgame,” said Randy Cohen, the CEO of TicketCity.

The demand started in earnest. Georgia fans crashed StubHub’s site not long after the culmination of the Bulldogs’ double-overtime victory against Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day. StubHub spokesperson Cameron Papp said the site went down for 20 minutes. Since then, it has been selling tickets at high levels, as a suite went for $94,000 and the highest single ticket went for $12,080. Face value for the tickets range between $375 and $875. The lowest price to get in the game on the secondary market is $1,250.

No one has realized the demand of Georgia fans more than Alabama fans, who are savvy in the market from the Crimson Tide being part of six of the past nine national title games. The theory in the ticket industry is that Alabama fans, sensing the ability to make a profit, are putting their tickets on the secondary market to exploit the lust of Georgia fans. Georgia hasn’t played in a national championship game since the 1982 season.

While the secondary market sellers can’t specifically identify where the tickets are coming from, TickPick director of client relations Jack Slingland said there’s “a lot of rumblings within the industry” that Alabama fans are exploiting the demand. “There are Alabama fans out there receiving tickets from the school,” Slingland said. “They’re a little more willing to sell.” He added about Alabama’s championship fatigue: “It’s something that’s always going to creep in. That’s always a factor in these.”

Well, now.  I was already interested in seeing the makeup of Monday night’s crowd.  If “championship fatigue” — what a concept! — is really a thing and that’s reflected in the stadium, I can hardly wait to hear what Saban has to say about that.  Especially if Georgia wins.


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19 responses to ““If anyone has an extra ticket for the game,” she said, “please let me know.”

  1. I am assuming the reference is to the 1982 game against Pitt. i thought they ended up ranked 4th. So how is that a national championship game?


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Pitt game was part of the 1981 season played Jan. 1 1982 Sugar Bowl. UGA was ranked number 2 at the time Clemson being that season’s only loss and Clemson won the Natty.
      Penn was part of the 1982 season. Georgia was ranked #1 and Penn #2 again played in the Sugar Bowl January 1 of 1983.


  2. CFPTitle_Dawg

    I believe that the school received tickets on the teams’ sides (ours are). The other day I scanned the Stub Hub listings by price. The first 50+ were upper level Bama side, and this pattern is consistent on every site. If coming from out of town, their difference between expenses for yet another title game vs sale revenue is at least approaching 2000 dollars for 2 tickets. That also means that if we are the buyers, that place could be a lot of fun Monday night assuming the game goes well…


  3. This makes me feel a little better about listing mine, I really didn’t want them to go to a Bama fan.


  4. gastr1

    Seriously, I hope Saban does his usual complaining. I love to see them eat their own.


  5. I just got an offer for parking, same price as the Rose Bowl so I took it!


  6. AthensHomerDawg

    “championship fatigue”…..wonder if players can develop this?


  7. Derek

    We took over south bend and the rose bowl and the seecg. Let’s take over the damn natty game too!

    My recollection is that we were pretty well represented in 2012 in the dome. We’ll do better Monday.


    • FisheriesDawg

      This will be more unbalanced than 2012. Tons of Bama fans hold annual SECCG tickets dating back to Birmingham that go beyond the allotment. Not the case for this game.


  8. heyberto

    Wel, obviously no one over there is tired of winning championships… but they are tired of paying to attend them.


  9. waterloodawg

    Don’t forget there are a lot more Bama fans in Georgia than Uga fans in Alabama.


  10. Jason



  11. JG Shellnutt

    Fine. Just ask Notre Dame what happens when you “exploit” Georgia fans on the secondary ticket market.


  12. JasonC

    My uncle, a long-time Bama season ticket holder and grad, put his up for sale and was asking $4000 but would only sell to Bama fans.


  13. Wonder what BD’s take is…


  14. ugafidelis

    “I’ve got to pay off my Sea-Doo.”