Sco’ and sco’ some mo’

If, like me, you’re not quite ready to let go of that Rose Bowl buzz, enjoy Matt Wyatt’s breakdown of every touchdown scored in that game.  For obvious reasons, it’s about nine minutes long.


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13 responses to “Sco’ and sco’ some mo’

  1. Spike

    It will never ever get old…


  2. gastr1

    Other than Parker, OU’s DBs were pathetic against the run.


  3. Derek

    Every time I watch that last play I wonder wtf their safety was doing? He was one on one with Sony and it appears he just decided not to even try. Unbelievable. Thanks #10!


  4. DBs have consistently shown through the season they want no part of Chubb and Michel. This game will be an exception. The question is whether we can make plays at the 2nd level.


    • J-DawG

      Chubb still remembers how Bama had him bottled up except for that one long run for a TD in 2015. I think the revenge tour is not quite finished yet. This is our last opportunity to watch him run and I hope he makes it an epic performance.


  5. willypmd

    Ben Cleveland has taken an already good offensive line into elite territory. He has several plays a game where he walls off an LB by man handling his DL into the second level. Someone let Richt know that OL (not just skill guys) can be playmakers as well.


  6. Mary Kate Danaher

    55-48? I guess we must have kicked the extra point sometime after the trophy presentation ceremony.

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    • gastr1

      Even had it on the wall behind him, plus called Sony “Nick Chubb” at one point, too. Matt needs an editor.


  7. Ozam

    I’m still living in the euphoria of the Rose Bowl AND the SEC championship game.

    I’m now with the Senator. I’m not sure I like the playoffs and any expansion is just too much. This isn’t pro football.


  8. Really enjoy these…both the offensive and defensive breakdowns. How did he get that helmet to float in the background? He some sort of wizard or something?