Matt Wyatt’s Film Study: Alabama vs Georgia | CFP National Title Game

If you have the stomach for it, Wyatt provides an excellent breakdown of Georgia’s last game.

This game really was mainly about the three quarterbacks, wasn’t it?



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28 responses to “Matt Wyatt’s Film Study: Alabama vs Georgia | CFP National Title Game

  1. DugLite

    I’m still deep in my feelings.


  2. I don’t. I have not watched any replays or highlights yet. One day I suppose.


  3. mwo

    I dropped my subscription to the SEC network to remove temptation to watch it.

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  4. John Denver is full of shit...



  5. Borodawg

    Ain’t watchin’ that.


  6. ugafidelis

    Haven’t pressed play, but looking at the picture on the screen I can only imagine how those Seniors’ and Roquan’s hearts sunk when Smith caught that ball.


  7. Vidaliaway

    still screaming at the tv and it isn’t even on… not yet.


  8. Tronan

    Too soon. Way too soon.


  9. kfoge

    I haven’t re-watched the entire game, but I did watch the “plays in question” regarding missed calls (the blocked punt, the facemask, the false start on the 4th down TD pass). And I watched the final TD play to see if Parrish tried to knock the WR of his route and no, he didn’t press him when the play started. Come on spring practice!!


  10. Bulldog Joe

    Matt does a great job.

    Turns out the play of the game was the 4th down TD. Ball was not caught by the intensded receiver.

    A desperation throw into a crowd caught by a guy who likely did not see the ball until the last second.

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    • Literally every break went Alabama’s way. Maybe that’s just a product of having more talent, but it sure seemed like the stars aligned.


    • Reggie pretty blatantly tackled the intended receiver so if it gets through its 1st down.

      Play should have been blown dead for a false start. Should have been 4th and 9. They probably have to kick.

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    • The Truth

      “A desperation throw into a crowd caught by a guy who likely did not see the ball until the last second.”

      This +100!

      And either Fowler or Herbstreit said, “Tua throws a bullet to Ridley!” It wasn’t a bullet, and he wasn’t trying to throw to Ridley.


      • gastr1

        Gawd, no kidding.
        The guy made several great plays. But he got lucky a time or two, as did the whole Alabama team (outside the field goals).


  11. Mayor

    The blown call on the blocked punt was basically the game. If Georgia sores a TD there, game over.The refs also missed two of the three blocking backs moving before the snap–that’s why the Georgia player started moving early. So the refs actually made 3 mistakes on what was the most important play of the game.


    • ASEF

      False start just replays from 5 yards back right? It’s not as if Georgia has an option there to keep the result of the play.


      • Macallanlover

        No. First of all, to your way of thinking, it would have have been a net change of 10 yards, the five they penalized us for and re-kicked, and the five they would have been penalized had they called a false start or illegal motion.

        But here is what everyone is missing….they did not call the movement on Alabama! Had the linesman not missed the call, it would have been a blocked punt, UGA ball at the 19 yard line. You cannot correct a call that wasn’t made, nor would there have been a review. False starts, etc., happen before the snap, no official called it. It is never called after a play has progressed and ended. Ball Game UGA.


    • gastr1

      I know, but…Fromm might have bounced the next pass off a helmet to end up in a fat guy INT.

      In other words, i thought we had the game after Tua’s INT on the Alabama 39. Shit.


  12. Mike Cooley

    I will never watch this game again. This one goes in the category with the 2012 SECC. I said before the Sugar that I had rather playAlabama than Clemson. This was mostly based on how Alabama looked late in the season. I was crazy. I should have known that even if we played well enough to win the game (we did) something crazy would happen that would save Alabama’s ass. As it turned out, three crazy things happened. The officials totally blew the call on the blocked punt. I think that play changed the game and without it Alabama loses. Fromm suffers from a totally freak play when he throws it too early and doinks it off a helmet with the ball landing safely in the arms of an Alabama player who just happened to be in the perfect spot. If we get any points at all on that possession we win. And last, Nick Saban gets desperate and shits out a quarterback that was talented but more importantly just stupid enough to not realize he was in one hell of a bind in the biggest of moments. Alabama and Saban were shitting bricks and didn’t know what they were going to do. The quarterback change was a complete desperation move. They can talk all the crap they want about how it was all something they had in reserve as part of the game plan and how he was a hair away from playing instead of Hurts all season. Bullshit. If Saban had thought he had a better chance with him at quarterback he would have been starting him. Total desperation move. And because they are freaking Alabama it worked. We have got to beat those bastards.


    • Erk's Forehead

      Agreed. My hatred for Alabama supercedes Florida. I would pull for a legion of demons to beat Alabama. Even a B1G team.


    • gastr1

      The first Georgia game I ever watched as a serious fan was in my freshman year a few days before moving to Athens. 1985 versus Alabama. We block a punt for a TD with a minute to go to win the game! But no, they march down the field in less than a minute and throw a touchdown pass to end it. It’s like it’s written in the cards or something.


  13. Erk's Forehead

    The missed offsides call on Alabama’s 4th down TD, though.


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