Vicarious living seeks roommate.

Apparently Stingtalk is open for business and they’d like to hear from us.


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  1. mwo

    Pitiful, and they don’t even know it.


  2. DugLite

    That is some sad $hit right there.


  3. Bless their nerdy little hearts. Their obsession with and inferiority complex about us is pathetic. If they were all the titans of industry and technology they would have everyone believe, you would think they would have more important things to do than live vicariously through every athletic program that plays us in a game of significance.

    Kirby, if you beat them unmercifully to the point of them begging to end the series, I won’t care if you ever win a national championship.

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  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    It looks like they opened on Tuesday just for this purpose. How flattering.


  5. Meh, not even worth the energy. At one point in my life during the 90’s, I mocked a Gators fan for an FSU loss, then realized how pathetic that sounded. That board is a thousand times as pathetic than that, without the self awareness.

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    • Jason

      So true. Your team won 12 games and lost the championship in overtime you suck sounds lime someone who is a loser would say… i just dont understand how you can suck that much as a person.. i mean nake fun of us sure.. dont do it for getting to a game they cant get to even if we lose. Its like they are missing something when it comes to logic.

      What bowl did they play in? Oh wait..

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  6. So while we are looking at how we can get a few more 5 star recruits to replace the exodus of players to graduation and the pros, they are reupping the contract for the Genius who blames it all on the defense. While we are working towards a solution to Tua and how the SECCG 2018 will be a path to the playoffs they are hoping to be bowl eligible.

    Seems to me that their lamentation of rednecks who never sniffed a college campus rooting for the Dawgs has been forgotten as they embrace the phrase “RTR”, which is, for all intents and purposes, the epitome of uneducated masses rooting for collegiate football, second only to our friends from Rocky Top.

    Welcome to the bottom, nerds. You’re gonna be there quite a while.

    Do I point out here that their once biggest bandwaggoning fan base, which was a football-less Georgia State, has been jumping ship as Tech now can’t even claim to be the best college football team in Atlanta, let alone the state?

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  7. PharmDawg

    But WE have GSOD playing for the Dawgs!!!!


  8. Most pathetic comment of all IMO,

    “RTR – and it’s great all the flags down, the apparel everywhere you go etc….I can’t wait till we get Adidas so we can have better distribution to stores. We might see an uptick in our gear then.”

    Their piss gold crap doesn’t sell because of marketing, not because they suck, lol.


  9. JoshG

    I love how they don’t have an ounce of self-awareness at how sad that thread is from a sports fan perspective. They’re talking about the SEC champions who won the Rose Bowl and took Bama to overtime in a national title game…in year 2. It’s truly awesome.


  10. PTC DAWG

    Not clicking that link…y’all suffer fools better than me.


  11. The quincy Carter of accountants

    Damn man I would be a little embarassed to be celebrating that hard…when my team didnt do anything.


  12. Beer Money

    This coming from a group that knows deep down that this is a game they will never, ever even come close to playing in…whether the genius is there or not.

    Nobody gives a shit about Georgia Tech. It crushes their souls to know that we rarely take them seriously and don’t even really acknowledge their existence except for Thanksgiving week. They want to be counted so badly, but nobody cares.


  13. rchris

    The DWAG posters are photoshopped right? Surely we don’t have fans that would do that.


    • OrlandoDawg

      The original Dwag sign was a joke that started when Georgia played in the Citrus Bowl about 10 years ago and a Gator fan had to come as a Georgia fan because he lost a bet to his Bulldog buddy. To have a little fun and get a little payback, he showed up with the Dwag sign. Actually a pretty funny prank if you don’t take such things too seriously.


    • Stoopnagle

      Yeah, man, you gotta own the #dwag. It’s basically like #barves.


  14. 79DawgatWork

    Could anyone imagine a Georgia forum lighting up with “ITPAY” (or whatever the hell Clemson says) after them beating the nerds? Me either…
    Maybe the saddest part though is the lack of self-awareness in realizing that one of the primary reasons Tech pussied out of the SEC was … Bama and the Bear’s recruiting/roster management tactics!!!


    • AlanH

      To the lack of self-awareness, I would add the Bobby Dodd-Bear Bryant feud that started with a nasty late hit after a punt was called for a fair catch. The Tech player was hospitalized and never played football again.


      • Mayor

        Yeah, the nerds don’t even remember the reason why they aren’t in the SEC anymore. Really ironic for any Tech fan to be happy about a Bama win especially winning a natty. For people who profess to be so smart they certainly are stupid.


  15. Rampdawg

    Sting Talkers, the biggest collective of vaginas…..wait, that insults vaginas. A vagina has way more testosterone than any stingtalker drone.


  16. dawgfan1995

    Perhaps they’ve forgotten that the words to Alabama’s fight song “Yea Alabama!” calls out Tech — “Send the Yellow Jackets to a watery grave!”

    In fact, it’s funny that that song calls out only two teams — Georgia and Georgia Tech.


  17. pantslesspatdye

    Senator, that is a great article title even by your standards


  18. Hillbilly Dawg

    I guess they need Bama to do their winning for them


  19. ChiliDawg

    Is “dwag” supposed to make us angry?


    • Mike Cooley

      They honestly believe it makes us mad. They truly think we are as obsessed with them as they are with us. When you tell them different it makes them furious.


  20. 81Dog

    In situations like this, I like to follow the advice of Jay Z: Never beef down.

    If those sad losers want to claim victory because Alabama squeezed past us on the last play of the game, have at it. If we dropped them from the schedule (which I am not advocating), I doubt we’d ever think twice about them. Getting their ass kicked by UGA 70 plus percent of the time the last 50 years is about all that keeps anyone talking about them. Kennesaw State and Georgia State are gaining in your rear view mirror, nerds. Better worry about them, and not who your betters are playing for titles.


  21. Russ

    What sad little people.


  22. Zach

    What’s up with all the homophobia on their UGA threads? They love to call us a bunch of uneducated bigots but methinks they doth protest too much…


  23. hassan

    Can’t they just cheer for their own football success?

    Oh, that’s right…


  24. FisheriesDawg

    Reading that actually makes me feel a little less depressed about last Monday. Well done, jackets.

    I think the saddest one is the supposed Falcons fans who said they wanted the Falcons to lose so it could make the Georgia fans among their number more miserable. What a sad, sad existence as a sports fan.


  25. Stoopnagle

    How adorable!

    They know what’s coming.