When freshman meets senior

This isn’t… um, good, is it?

Pre-injury, I thought Parrish was a good, if undersized, defensive back, but he never was the same afterwards, it seems.  Alabama sure figured that out.

(The PI call was BS, by the way.)


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  1. Greg

    If that was the one where the receiver “flopped”, yes I agree. He did a good job of selling it..probably would make Dennis Rodman proud.

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  2. The PI call was another of those total joke calls in the 2nd half when the game truly became 11 vs. 19.

    I read we haven’t submitted any tape to the B1G offices or to the CFP brass.


  3. Russ

    It was almost criminal the way Parrish was treated in that game.

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  4. SeattleDawg

    Makes sense they’d target Parrish, due to its effectiveness.

    Meanwhile our OC was targeting Payne.


  5. Derek

    Anyone know what happened to Tyrique? He seemed pretty good over there after some early issues.


    • Granthams replacement

      I was wondering the same thing in the fourth quarter as Parrish was doing his best Greg Williams impersonation.


  6. Derek

    More reason that sanders getting caught out of position there was so bad. You know that’s where they’re going.

    Really thought we should use our timeout after the sack to settle things and re-explain that Cover two means get your ass over the top Dominick.

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  7. Tronan

    At the outset of the season, our OL, DBs, and receivers were big question marks. All things considered, I think the coaching staff did a remarkable job making them assets (and kudos to the players for working hard to improve).

    However, the NCG demonstrated that “improving” is not the same as three-deep with 4 and 5 stars getting the same kind of coaching. Parrish would have been nothing more than a special teams player for Bama. I feel bad for the kid – I don’t think he was intentionally trying to suck out there – but we were thin in the secondary and Bama took advantage of it. Ironic, really, considering Pruitt was the one who chased off 2/3 of our DBs in 2015.


    • In his defense, those Bama WR’s are pretty exceptional.

      I think people tend to forget that all 3 of them were 5 stars, they just never put up numbers because they played 12.5/13 games with a RB for QB…


  8. Macallanlover

    And a face mask penalty too, it was just pathetic, all night long. Of course Bama targeted him, who wouldn’t? If he was hurt, he should have pulled himself. but regardless, someone should have pulled him. Yeah, a timeout on 2nd and 26 would have been good, the situation had changed dramatically. Cover 3 wouldn’t have been bad either. Hate it for Parrish, but the coaches left him hanging.


  9. WF Dawg

    Senator, I think you’re right about the foot injury being the watershed for Parrish. I remember a time when I thought of him as our best CB, or at least close to it. Good thing for us, as Parrish regressed, Baker really came on.


  10. Mike Cooley

    What was going on that caused us to play him so much? Am I wrong that Parrish was mostly backup for most of the season? Early in the game I noticed him playing a lot and thought it was strange. It also worried me. As the same wore on and I kept seeing him out there I was wondering why he was playing so much. I agree that he was never the same after the injury. I really hate to say this about one of our guys but I’m glad he is out of eligibility.


    • There ya go, kick him when he’s down. Remember when we won as a team and lost as a team?


    • hailtogeorgia

      I said the same thing. From the first time he was burnt when Hurts overthrew the receiver on an early drive, I was wondering how much longer he’d stay in the game. Maybe Tyrique was hurt?

      I don’t see how it’s kicking him when he’s down…he’s a DGD, but that doesn’t mean we have to want to see him out on the field forever.


  11. 1smartdude

    Parrish was very good in run support over the years, he played as a true freshman, but he struggled in coverage. Starting a true freshman( a three star freshman) was more of a sign that recruiting wasn’t where it should have been under the last regime.


  12. Starbreaker

    The first half would have been a different story if Hurts could have hit on a few wide open opportunities at the expense of Parish. I couldn’t understand why he was covering Ridley so much. At any rate, honestly, when you realize this is the same secondary (more or less, with the exception of Briscoe being gone) that was part of that debacle at Ole Miss last year, it’s pretty amazing. As noted above, really good job by the staff to get them up to snuff to get to this point, but we all knew it was a weakness coming into the season and it was exploited by a really good team. Here’s to the continued upward trajectory and let’s hope we land that Campbell kid in addition to the studs already in the 2018 class. It is huge that Baker is staying.