Musical palate cleanser, under the knife edition

Man, sorry to see this news:

Elvis Costello has cancelled the remaining dates of his European tour as he recovers from surgery to remove a “very aggressive” tumour.

The singer-songwriter went under the knife in May, but decided to go ahead with his tour dates in June.

“The spirit has been more than willing,” he said in a statement announcing the cancellation.

“But I have to now accept it is going to take longer than I would have wished for me to recover my full strength.”

It sounds like he got a little lucky with his surgery, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him.

Anyway, it put me immediately in mind of the first verse of one of my favorite songs from This Year’s Model.


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9 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, under the knife edition

  1. Dawg Vegas

    Much like the Fromm-fractured-hand story from earlier in the week, this one worried me a ton at first, but I felt a little better after learning more details. Unlike the Fromm story, this is way more serious, obviously. EC is one of my favorites, and has been for 30+ years. I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love various eras and bands and collaborations.

    Good call on Lipstick Vogue, by the way.


  2. truck

    I loved his early stuff, but what put Elvis over the top with me was his collection of classic country covers, Almost Blue. Good God, what a great album.


  3. Navin Johnson

    Oh, man. Godspeed, Mr. McManus. I always have a little EC in the mix. My wife says that I have two “secret handshakes” that let me know someone is ok – car geekery and Elvis Costello.


  4. Red Cup

    Glad I got to see him a couple of years ago at Chastain. Great show.
    Best wished to EC for a speedy recovery


  5. Russ

    This clip seemed to capture EC’s spirit. (Don’t know why it’s canted, but it’s still good.)


  6. Bulldog Joe

    Here’s one for the weekend. Get well soon, EC.