“There are no worries at the quarterback position at the University of Georgia for a long time.”

If you’ve been jonesing for some Dawg porn, here you go.


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8 responses to ““There are no worries at the quarterback position at the University of Georgia for a long time.”

  1. Greg

    SO!…..when did you first start to believe??


    • Macallanlover

      For me, the way he came in and took control against Appy with 30 quick points before we coasted to the end. The offense seemed to hit another gear, and he looked in control from the start. But that was App State, it became real to me that he was an upgrade in the Missy State and TN games. Handled a high profile game against a decent quality, much ballyhooed faux Bulldog team and an SEC team on the road. Seemed to have ice water in his veins, and the immediate respect of the offense, including the Senior starters.


      • TomReagan

        I thought he confirmed he was the guy in the first game. Not saying I knew just how good he’d be, but that he looked a step above Eason.

        Eason’s main flaws that were evident just by watching the game and not knowing the mental aspects were holding the ball too long, having too long of a throwing motion once he did pull the trigger, not knowing when to dial back the fastball, and accuracy on the deep ball.

        Fromm was not just better on all of those fronts, but excelled at them. And when I saw how he’d rope out routes like he does, I had no questions about his arm strength.

        The Notre Dame game and Tennessee were the games that first showed his intangibles to me, though. The thing about that was that he was only rarely tested as far as that goes.


      • Mayor

        If you’ll remember, Fran Tarkenton called this—he said before the season began that Fromm should be the starter.


        • Got Cowdog

          I remember a pretty good shitstorm about that, one of the more fun ones from last season. Who was it that named their dog “Fran”. Was that Scorpio? Had a picture and everything ……….


  2. Brandon

    I need the season to start…now. Anybody know the date fall camp starts?


  3. Uglydawg

    Three. That kid from Mississippi looks fantastic too.