“Pittman’s good,” Smart said. “He’s really good.”

No shit, Kirby.  No shit.

Should our inner Munsons be nervous that Pittman’s never stayed at one school longer than five years?  Let’s try not to think about that, shall we?


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12 responses to ““Pittman’s good,” Smart said. “He’s really good.”

  1. Derek

    Do we need his doppelgänger as a DL coach?

    It’ll be interesting to see how this class finishes up and whether Scott hangs on to that spot.


  2. Jack Burton

    I’d be happy as shit if we get 5 years from Pittman!


  3. I think I read back in 2015 that Pittman said Athens was his last stop. If he keeps recruiting and developing players, no doubt Kirby will make sure the financial commitment is there.

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  4. Beave

    What an incredible benefit it is to have a guy on your staff who only wants to be a position coach and not much more like a Rodney Gardner or Sam Pittman. It sure makes it easier to recruit and develop that position.


  5. The other Doug

    Why would he leave?

    He doesn’t seem to be interested in being an OC or HC. Money? We better not lose out there McGarrity. Kirby is a jerk? I can’t see him running Pittman off.

    I think he stays until he retires. btw, how old is Pittman?

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  6. CPark58

    Yea but…
    Athens>Columbia, Mo>Norman>Knoxville>Fayetteville

    Not to mention he can recruit his face off here, win championships, and get paaaid. Hopefully dude sticks around.

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  7. CB

    Pittman has almost made me forget how good of a coach Will Friend was. Speaking of which that will be one nice feature for Pruitt up in K’ville,


  8. Cojones

    O Linemen, Pitt Bulls, all of them. We have an O coach that’s looking to join the likes of “Mr Clean” in our minds (and hearts, if he remains). The fact that he came purposefully to support a new up-and-coming coach speaks well for his gamble that he and Kirby could succeed together.

    If this line and backfield don’t rip the heart from our rivals this year, I will be disappointed. I figure that there is room for about two more disappointments in my life’s age (soon to be 78) and these coming years will put a sweet spot there that will see me and all of the other old Dawgs the rest of the way. Go Dawgs!


    • 69Dawg

      Amen to that. As another Ole Dawg I hope I see an Offensive line that will just move the pile down the field.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    CMR had a lot of turnover at OL coach. I think Kirby understands it’s the backbone of a team. Pittman had a rough start, but has settled in as the #1 OL coach/recruiter in cfb right now.