When Nick Saban has two quarterbacks…

Does this strike you as just a little… well, distanced?

Saban said the quarterback battle between Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa is — like a lot of positions on the team — “still to be determined.” Complicating matters is the prospect that Hurts might transfer.

“I have no idea,” Saban said of Hurts’ future. “I expect him to be there. I think it’s our job to give both players a very fair opportunity to have a chance to win the team at their position. I think that one of the two guys — obviously, both are capable.”

He added: “We certainly would love for every player on our team to stay at the University of Alabama and graduate. Jalen has a great opportunity to do that in December. So, we are hopeful that he will stay there and be a graduate regardless of what his circumstance is as a player.”

Obviously, you can’t let a transfer threat dictate your decision about whom to start.  But it’s kind of a funny take on things when you’re simultaneously crapping on the media for spending as much time as it has on Alabama’s quarterback controversy.


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9 responses to “When Nick Saban has two quarterbacks…

  1. Derek

    Seems to me that it makes sense for Jalen to say:

    If I’m not the starter fine, but redshirt me.

    That way when he leaves he has two years to play.

    The kid hasn’t more leverage than any one I can think of. Saban has to hate that.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    If Hurts decides to transfer he’ll be erased from memory faster than you can say Joe Stalin.

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  3. ASEF

    Jalen is wildly popular as a person in Alabama, less so as a passer. Saban admires his work ethic and the way Jalen stepped in as a freshman and accepted that responsibility. I also think Saban would prefer Jalen stay this year, use the 4 game red shirt, and graduate in December. But Jalen is going to do what’s best for Jalen, and Saban has elsewhere expressed peace with that.

    Jalen lost that job and isn’t getting it back, barring injury.


    • Uglydawg

      Never say “never”…If Tua goes out there and plays recklessly, throws a few interceptions, etc., Jalen will be right back out there. In the NC game, Tua showed three things
      1. A reckless tendency to take chances.
      2. He had a golden horseshoe for at least that game.
      3. He can play and has a cannon for an arm.
      I agree that Tua now has the job, but he could lose it back to Hurts if #1 is a tendency and wasn’t just a one game thing.
      (and we should mention that JH looked inept in the game)

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      • ASEF

        I don’t know about that. Hurts had issues all year with the top defenses on their schedule. Points were an issue, but the larger problem was 1st downs/play counts.

        Tua did have the 1 turnover, plus a near miss on a second – but the offense also ran 48 plays in the second half, on 13 earned first downs. First half with Jalen? 24 on 4.

        Saban and Smart hate turnovers, but they also seriously value first downs, Talent advantages are not static – they increase your odds, but if you’re giving the other team more rolls of the dice, that talent advantage dissipates in a hurry. Which is why they hate turnovers. But they hate offenses that can’t move the ball or stay on the field more.


    • Russ

      Yeah, the 4 game RS rule can really work in his favor here. If he’s patient, just let it play out, graduate and then transfer elsewhere and play 2.

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  4. 69Dawg

    The four game red shirt is the absolute best rule everrrrr. Well that and the new cut blocking rule which will cause Tech a nightmare. Those little DB’s of theirs are gong to get pounded since Shaw said the rule applies to the DB’s cutting offensive blockers down field.

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