“Walking around, I’ve seen a few of the things but it’s really just talk.”

Bulletin board material, it’s what’s for breakfast.

For sophomore offensive lineman Ben Cleveland, it’s a reminder. Not only is the guarantee from Gurley on the walls but South Carolina’s hype video has been playing in the weight room all week and according to the 6-foot-6, 340-pound guard, it serves as motivation. He doesn’t necessarily need a reason to want to beat the Gamecocks more, it just helps him stay focused on outworking the opponent.

But, he, too has Smart’s mindset. The outside noise and talk isn’t what matters. It’s all about the game and the individual battles that have to be won.

“Yeah, it’s plastered all over the walls,” Cleveland said. “We see it one time and I want to feel like we let it sit in our hearts and we don’t really dwell on it. We know what we need to do.”

It’s all how you use it, I suppose, but all that talk about how Kirby doesn’t use outside chatter to get a team ready appears to be fake news.  As long as it works, I’m cool with it.

In the meantime, judging from this, it doesn’t look like the Dawgs are giving Boom’s team much to work with in that department.



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13 responses to ““Walking around, I’ve seen a few of the things but it’s really just talk.”

  1. Jim

    God I hope we can go in there and robotically take care of business

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  2. CPark58

    Just a reminder, UGA has more former 5 Stars at any single position group as South Carolina has on its whole team.

    Doesn’t guarantee victory by any stretch but it does make this trendy upset pick a bunch of nonsense.

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  3. Brandon

    Some dude over at Dawgnation is providing some bulletin board material saying Deebo may be overrated. Thanks AJC.


  4. Spur 21

    I wonder if this will be brought up?

    “I can’t really wear a glove on my snapping hand, but we have some stuff that makes your hands grip better,” Stanley said.

    Stanley did not reveal what the Gamecocks were using, but whatever it is, is working, Bentley said.

    “We got it fixed (Tuesday),” the quarterback said. “It was a lot better. They were fine today.”

    “NCAA Rule 1-4-5 Illegal Equipment. Sub-article i: i. Adhesive material, paint, grease or any other slippery substance applied
    to equipment or on a player’s person, clothing or attachment that affects the ball or an opponent “

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    • Comin' Down The Track

      I thought that, too.


    • Whiskeydawg

      I heard they’re using one of Boom’s jock itch powders from his personal collection; Lotrimin AF or a 1994 Gold Bond Medicated, an extra powerful anti fungal for that year; very rare and sought after by jock itch collectors.


  5. Dawgy1

    The usually delusional cock fans have been out doing themselves this year. It seems to me that they have put most of their faith in Deebo. A receiver whose stats are very unimpressive except for the first two games last year.
    Bentley whose stats are far less impressive than Fromm’s. And of course Williams Brice, and I’m not sure what position he plays but he must be a hell of a player?


  6. DawgPhan

    Those things work if you want them to work. If you want to get better you are going to need those little reminders, motivators, whatever to help keep you on track.

    Its great to hear from a guy like Cleveland that he is tuned into the things that help him stay on track.


  7. Uglydawg

    D-Con (not that D-Con that’s a GT thing) rodent poison should be a USCe sponsor.
    I think the writers, fans and possibly the Usc team has consumed a whole bait of rat poison.
    Of course, it’s daily fare in Columbia. Has been for years.
    They scarf it down over there.
    Meanwhile, Kirby is channeling Vince.
    He dropped a subtle remark, off the wall kind of, about how he felt Fields did some good things against A/P.
    You know Will’s ears perked up.
    Not to suggest that Fromm will be anything less than stellar. He’s a great one. But the specter of Fields coming in has to concern the Cocks.
    Also, the Boomster has made a remark about how he expects a few surprises. I don’t think he’s talking about an on-side kick.
    So I think we’ll see Fields in the game in some situations and possibly to take advantage of a hopefully tired defense in the second half.
    This is treasure that all of the pundits seem to ignore when discussing this game. Georgia has two of the top 5 QBs in the SEC and maybe the nation.
    What I really want to see is our third string QB get a couple of drives under his belt in the fourth…hell, make it three drives..in the third.
    But I’m not predicting or expecting a blow out by UGA….just a comfortable win will do.


    • DoubleDawg1318

      Fields ain’t playing outside of garbage time. He does not have command of the offense yet. I highly doubt there is a special package for him, given that he is our only backup on scholly.


      • Uglydawg

        That makes sense and I’ve said the same thing…my point mostly, is that it’s best if the SC coaching staff has to prepare for and worry about him.


      • Macallanlover

        While that may be true about special packages, I think he will play more than that all season long. Situationally could be one reason, another is just because of that, as a backup he needs more game reps to be a truly prepared backup. Coming in to just handoff and have defenses only prepared for that does nothing to move his learning curve along. Play him with our regular offense, and the 1s, when you can and see what he can do. Would be silly to waste the opportunity, he is not a RS candidate, might as well get him developed…one play away from being needed desperately.