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Always be controlling

Nick Saban, as you might imagine (not that it takes much imagination), isn’t too fond of the new transfer rules.

“It’s a pretty slippery slope, not just for seniors but for all players on a team,” Saban said on Wednesday’s SEC conference call. “We have a responsibility and an obligation as coaches that have programs that we support the players and help them be successful, personally, athletically and academically.

“And then they have an obligation on their side of it to play.”

You left out “for me”, Nick.

This isn’t indentured servitude.  If you want your kids to stick around, you’d best come up with some means of making them want to stick around.  Otherwise, they’ll pursue that obligation to play somewhere else.



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A note from wine country

You are looking at the main building of TH Estate Wines, Terry and Jennifer Hoage, proprietors.

We visited there yesterday and met Jennifer, who graciously spent time with several folks who wanted to talk a little Georgia football as much as wine.  (If you’ve never tried any of their products, they make some terrific Syrahs.)

Anyway, one little tidbit to share.  Several of the wines have names that are subtle references to football.  In discussing that, the subject of Hoage’s block in the national championship game against Notre Dame came up.  Jennifer mentioned that Terry sees that play as the one that really got his Georgia career going.

By the way, Terry is planning on visiting Atlanta and Athens next February to do some promotional work.  If you’re a Dawg fan who enjoys good wine, it might be right up your alley.


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Even Alabama

I forgot I had this little tidbit bookmarked until Brian Cook mentioned it yesterday.

The Alabama board of trustees on Friday approved Phase I of the athletics facilities rebuild starting with Bryant-Denny Stadium…

The meeting and interview with Byrne shed more light on unanswered questions surrounding the project officially announced Aug. 16. A few answers:

— The new capacity of Bryant-Denny Stadium will be “a hair under 100,000,” Byrne said. It currently seats 101,821.

— What happens to the fans displaced in the upper deck when the video board replaces a big chunk of the 8,500 bleacher seats? “Most of those are student seats in the upper deck,” Byrne said. “Right now, we’re going through the process of contacting fans who are impacted by this and getting their input on what their first, second and third choices are as part of the relocation.”

— Five percent of ticket holders will be impacted by the renovation.

Folks, when even Alabama commits to shrinking stadium capacity, it’s time to acknowledge we’re likely past the canary in the coal mine phase.  We’re seeing college football embarking on corporatization of the product.  Asses in the seats are being replaced by premium features and pricing.

It’s been nice knowing you, five percent of ticket holders.


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