All’s fair in love and assignments.

Curious what the brouhaha was all about?  Evidently Walker wasn’t any happier with the way Georgia was defending the run than we’ve been.

Rushes on the two previous series of 7, 6, and 6 had drawn Walker’s ire, as he recognized the young 5-star prospect Cox was having an issue with his assignment.

“We had kind of a bust on defense we didn’t close as we should have, and they gashed a pretty good run, and they did it two to three times, and the same individual was not closing,” Ledbetter said. “We had to address that as a team and we did, and we came back and we fixed it, and that’s what you do.”

Let’s hope the same individual gets his shit together.



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  1. William King

    This is what championship teams do. Set the standard & uphold the standard. Baker & Ledbetter are leaders charged with doing just that. Cox will have to step up his efforts or it will be next man up.

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  2. Good programs are run by coaches. But the best programs are run by players.

    Suffice to say, this story brings a smile to my face.

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  3. Granthams replacement

    Walker vs Cox would be a good pay per view


  4. Jim

    Kirby’s analogy was how the Alabama defense got all over Reuben Foster for a busted assignment that allowed Chubb to take a long one to the house in 2015 in a game that was a total blowout and in miserable conditions. I’d left the stadium and heard the cheers for Chubb as it got him his umpteenth straight 100 yard game.


  5. Just as pass blocking for a freshman at the collegiate level is a really tough transition, run support for edge players on defense is the same. Run support was the main reason Walker spent most of his early time at UGA as a pass rush specialist. Brenton can’t just take the tackle across from him and toss him aside or just use his speed to set the edge. If you can’t hold up consistently against the run in Kirby and Tucker’s scheme, you aren’t going to play.

    I love hearing the team’s leaders doing the coaching on the field.


    • William King

      Ledbetter made it sound like an effort problem, not a physical match up problem.


      • Ricky McDurden

        Cox is going to match up favorably to most tackles and tight ends he faces; just physically big, strong, and fast. But I watched the replay of the game over the weekend and saw exactly what Ledbetter describes here: multiple RPO plays where Cox was virtually unblocked and could have shot in to either disrupt the handoff or at least earn the TFL and yet he seemed to be playing at half speed. So, it’s either his conditioning isn’t where it needs to be or he decided to play lazy when everyone else was doing their job to eat up blocks and free him up to make the play.

        Whatever the solution, all I know is that I’m happier to have it resolved in game 3 against MTSU than game 7 against LSU.


  6. Boz

    Reminds me of that NC game against Notre Dane with the Alabama QB AJ McCarron and Center Barrett Jone got into an argument during the Game. Icing on the cake b/c we could have been there and these two were fighting each other as the game was winding down, up by 28.


  7. AusDawg85

    Losing control? “Love”? Echos of the past…. 🙂


  8. DawgFlan

    I heart Walker & Ledbetter.


  9. ugafidelis



  10. Russ

    Yeah, it’s great that the players are coaching each other up, but no need for punches thrown on the field or sideline. Looks bad for the team, and despite what Kirby said, I’m sure he talked to them about the proper way to “coach” a player.


  11. 86BONE

    When teammates take ownership everyone is held accountable!


  12. Mike Cooley

    You mean, not only was it not indicative of a lack of team leadership but was in fact a manifestation of team leadership? Well I’ll be dipped in shit. It’s almost like our coaches know what they are doing better than the fans and the players have bought in a police themselves.


  13. Cojones

    This explanation makes me feel differently about my uneasiness about this game. When three players say the same thing and backed by the coach, count me in. This isn’t bullshit and is honest heartfelt team standards being upheld so that Cox can become a leader himself some day. This explanation of the worst gashing that I saw leaves me feeling much better about facing Mizzou.


  14. Hogbody Spradlin

    Pardon me speaking ill of the departed, but I don’t recall much of this under the prior administration.


  15. Hogbody Spradlin

    And Midge Maisel is up for an Emmy tonight.


  16. Dawgy1

    It’s just me but, not something that should have taken place on the field in front of 90,000. Better ways to address any issues.