Larry Scott surveys all he sees and pronounces it good.

Man, this is something.

In the wake of a report that Pac-12 leadership has influenced decision-making during the replay process of football games, commissioner Larry Scott announced an immediate change that will prevent any real-time involvement from conference leadership moving forward.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that we’ve made mistakes in terms of our procedures involved with replay review in the command center,” Scott said. “We nixed administrative oversight and leadership with real-time replay review calls made by our experts on the field, in the stadium and in the command center.”

An instant-replay booth report obtained by Yahoo Sports said a “third party” “did not agree” with the booth’s and the command center’s decision to call targeting in the USCWashington State game on Sept. 21, resulting in targeting not being called.

Yahoo identified that third-party as Woodie Dixon, the Pac-12’s general counsel and senior vice president of business affairs, whose involvement was confirmed Thursday by Scott at the conference’s Pac-12 men’s basketball media day.

It’s bad enough that there’s questionable officiating throughout college football, but now we’ve got some untrained suit putting his thumb on the scale — I mean, what could go wrong here?

Evidently, not much in the eyes of Commissioner Scott.

Scott indicated there would be no punishment for anyone involved in the process and that the policy change “is the most significant, strong response” he could imagine at this stage. He said he was confident there was “no mal-intent” by those involved and that Dixon, who oversees football for the Pac-12, did not believe he was dictating to the replay official what call should be made.

Well, thank goodness his heart was pure.  I’d hate to see anyone held accountable.



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13 responses to “Larry Scott surveys all he sees and pronounces it good.

  1. Dolly Llama

    So some high-ranking lawyer for the conference gets veto power over both the on-field and replay officials?

    Part of me wants to know if the same type of shit goes on in the SEC. Part of me really doesn’t.


  2. Connor

    I saw that story yesterday and could barely believe it. Setting aside the refereeing malpractice of the actual call in that game, it’s stunning that a league would be so blind to the need to maintain the integrity of that process. It’s already an area prone to the most fevered fan suspicions, how could you not take every precaution to avoid even the hint of scandal?


  3. ChiliDawg

    This right here is the most damning case against having calls on the field determined by faceless people in a dark room. As if officiating already had transparency issues, the revelation that people outside of the crew can influence decisions basically calls into question the legitimacy of any replay review.

    MLS has the center referee review calls himself on a tablet that is brought to him from the sideline. That is how it should be in college football. Baseball too, for that matter.


  4. Macallanlover

    I am one who favors oversight, but it certainly should be trained oversight. This was outlandish and deserves the ridicule it is getting. How many gaffes is Scott allowed? Like a participation trophy, the Left Coast allows more than three strikes.


  5. Nashville West

    The back story here is that it is USC (the real one) that got screwed, again. They one of the few teams that get screwed by the refs almost as often as the Dawgs. This is typical of the Penn Wagers type treatment that they normally get from the inept Pac-12 refs.


  6. 69Dawg

    I have a great idea. If you want to be a referee you agree in your contract that your personal tax returns would be subject to audit by a CPA on behalf of the conference. Referees that are in financial trouble would then be on notice that they would be singled out for special review on obvious blown calls. But wait you say these guys typically make more money from their day jobs and might not agree to this, BFD let them quit. One way to get the older SOB’s with build in bias for teams to get the hell out.

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  7. 79Dawg

    “An untrained suit” – have you no decency, Senator???


  8. ApalachDawg

    This is slim shady auburn-esque type crap


  9. Gurkha Dawg

    I wouldn’t doubt for one second that something like this happened on the Tyler Simmons play in the NC game. Some fucking lawyer put the word out not to let any big play stand that finishes Bama. Such bullshit.


    • Mayor

      Wasn’t a lawyer. It was mob money controlling the refs. If the refs don’t intervene and UGA wins that game some game official(s) would have gotten a broken leg—or worse. They were paid off and had to deliver—or else.

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  10. Macallanlover

    I seed ’em too!!! They was little fellers with one big eye and a single horn on their head…all dressed in tin foil. Jumped on that saucer and shot away, quick as you could blink.


    • Macallanlover

      Intended for Mayor, you ain’t alone big guy, lots of weird stuff going on. Don’t let them say you are paranoid or imagining things!