Your second half of the season narrative

Assuming a Georgia win tomorrow (I know, I know), I’m guessing the media won’t Dawgrade LSU too much, because they’ll be busy talking up Florida… and then Kentucky… and then Auburn…


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  1. Whiskeydawg

    If the Dawgs make it through these next 4 games unbeaten will the narrative of, “still haven’t beaten anybody” change or will it only change when we beat, Alabama?


    • PTC DAWG

      I’m not sure it will change then…


    • mp

      UGA is ranked #2 in the AP poll and has been for the bulk of the season. I don’t think any narrative other than “really, really good team” has taken hold.


    • Macallanlover

      If you haven’t earned it, keep chopping. Lot of viable reasons for questions at this point, a strong performance Saturday will erase many of these questions, but not all. We have been inconsistent at points, brilliant in others. I have some of those questions, you all do too. A 60 minute, focused effort will give us all the confidence we need. Right now, I would say if you don’t have some doubts, you are a bling homer. I don’t mind the “disrespect” some feel we are getting (which is hard given we are rated #2 and in everyone’s Top 5), usually UGA teams respond well to doubt. We do, if we really do have it. At this point, several teams don’t fear us. Time to get more on the bandwagon, we did that last season but that team disbanded in mid January.


  2. What are the indicators that any have arrived as a favorite in a head-to-head with us? Auburn’s quality win against a Pac-12 team, but utter disappointing losses to LSU and then MSU? Florida got handled by a Kentucky team that struggled to move against TAMU, and but Florida beat LSU whose signature win this far is a Miami team that struggled against lowly (!) FSU and an Auburn team that is questionable more so now after their second loss. I can’t say that any of them have faced a complete, balanced team, but have been the benefactor of a mismatch somewhere in their opponents. While in will agree that UK and Florida are improved over last year, I dont think we can quantifiably suggest strength based on anyone’s resume so far…even ours.


  3. Granthams replacement

    Out of those 4 none of them can beat Georgia. The only way Georgia loses is Georgia beats itself.

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  4. ChiliDawg

    LOL @ this attempt at statistical manipulation. You could engage in this same exercise with Alabama in week 1 and calculate that they have a reasonable statistical probability of finishing the season 6-6, because you are basically implying that your chance of winning each week is reduced by the margin of your win probability the week before, while your opponents’ chances exist in a vacuum. This is not how football works. That’s how you arrive at a conclusion that says Georgia is more likely to go 2-2 over their next four games than 4-0, when they’ll be favored in every game.

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    • MooseDawg


      It’s like we have a 75% chance of winning Game 1 and then the next game’s chances don’t reflect the ACTUAL results of that game (ie point differential, improvement, etc) in future calculations.

      Makes no sense to me.


  5. D as in Dawg

    I’m ready to blow this narrative out of the water.


    • Macallanlover

      And we will, when we play that 60 minute “A” game. A sound beating of LSU will get UGA the attention/respect everyone wants. Sleepwalking through easy games and dominating 1-2 quarters is what raises reasonable doubt. UGA is capable of that, we think, time to prove it. With wins over two teams once rated in the Top 10, LSU has enough creds to give us a game, on the road, to make UGA a bigger player in the discussions of who belongs.

      We knew coming into the season that we would be favored in every game, we also knew it would be extremely rare to pull it off without a stumble. Doesn’t mean any of the first 12 has our potential, still have to win and then we take away the doubters once chip at a time.


  6. siskey

    This is gonna be a Bama “Blackout” game.


  7. Mayor

    If the linked article is correct and the Dawgs lose one of the 4 games, the worst thing would be to lose to FU and have the Gators win the rest of their conference games. Same thing with Kentucky. That way Georgia would not win the East and get locked out of the SECCG and probably the playoff.


  8. Russ

    I’d say the probability of a Dawggrade is high if we win. We’ll have beaten a 2-loss LSU team that’s ranked low in the polls, and after Bama beats them, will probably wind up out of the polls. And so it goes.

    Just win, baby.


  9. One at a time … Corn Dogs, you’re next. Dawgs 28-17 in a game not as close as the final score indicates.


  10. 81Dog

    Heard an ESPN talking head sniff that LSU will win because UGA hasn’t played a good team in a hostile road environment yet. Whaaaaaaaat? I heard all summer that SCjr had a huge home field advantage, crazy loud fans, SANDSTORM and a better QB AND Deebo! Now? Bah.

    This is the kind of same an elite team wins. We got the claim check. Let’s go grab the baggage.


  11. Hobnail_Boot

    This is already the narrative.

    SCU and then Mizzou we’re supposed to be our first tests. Nope, now it’s LSU.



  12. Uglydawg

    I’m sure there is a sensible answer to this, but why is the “College Game Day” weekly propaganda being broadcast from the Michigan St./ PSU game today?
    UGA and LSU both outmatch both of those teams,
    And with the game in BR there is a lot more color.
    I have my suspicions.
    Maybe because GA/UF or GA/KY will be likely CGD venues.