“You grab a dog and shake ’em.”

Hmmm… if Franz Beard were still around, I wonder what he’d have to say about this.


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  1. Stay classy, Gators. Between this, the eye gouging and the excuse making, they are a bunch of losers.


  2. Tyler

    I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I saw it live. The Georgia player was almost snapped in two backwards while the Florida player grabbed his throat and shoved him to the ground. It was egregious, and even more so that he posted/bragged about it on social media.

    Did anyone notice Kirby as he ran onto the field at the end of the game say the words “fcking motherfckers?” He looked pissed in that moment and it seems that there’s some bad blood between him and Mullen.


    • 202dawg

      It was actually “F*** these mother****ers” but, yeah, no love lost.


    • There is clearly bad blood between Kirby and Mullen.

      Maybe it’s spill over from recruiting wars. I don’t know.

      But I do know when it is obvious that 2 people don’t respect each other. And there is that in buckets.


      • 3rdandGrantham

        This is correct; they do not like each other. Mullen especially doesn’t like Smart. Mullen felt he earned the right to get the Georgia job and had the far stronger resume, but when he was passed over for someone he viewed as an assistant and Saban’s puppet, that put him over the edge.

        Don’t forget that the Mullen’s love Lake Oconee and spend a ton of time there (some would say too much when you’re coach of a major program), so the UGA job was a dream one for him. For that, and that alone there will be bad blood between him and Kirby, but there are other things at play as well.


        • Mullen is a strange case. He took the job in Starkville and kinda got stuck there. By all accounts, he absolutely bombed in an interview with Miami, when basically let every AD in the country know that he was ready to get tf out, it there just wasn’t interest.

          I also think that there is more with the Cam thing that involves Mullen than people know. That, coupled with him seemingly compelling Leo Lewis to cooperate with the NCAA against his best interests makes me think they maybe there is some stink on Mullen our in the coaching community.


        • I guess Mullen thought McG would just hand him the job. He didn’t realize the pull the liquor barons had over the entire process.


        • Anonymous

          Nice story. Any evidence? I’m not being snarky; I am 100% serious. McGarity knows him from his time at Florida. There were rumors early on that McGarity wanted to fire Richt and bring in Mullen but all I heard was rampant speculation. Even rumors would be appreciated.


  3. Stay classy, Gators. Between the choking, eye gouging, and excuse making, they are a bunch of losers.


    • Russ

      Yeah, I didn’t realize that Mullen is channelling his inner Corch. I’m going to enjoy beating them down each year.


  4. I mean, is anyone honestly surprised that the same coach who tried to fight James Franklin and made the chocking gesture in this same game a few years ago, would also allow or encourage his player to do whatever it took to win this game? I specifically saw both Kindley and Mays stammer off the field holding their twig and berries after UF players copped a feel.


  5. Debby Balcer

    The refs need to punish this type of behavior. Fine the school at the least.


  6. MGW

    You can’t do that on television!


  7. TN Dawg

    I suspect if this was a coach, all of sports media would be single-minded in their demand that the coach be fired for his abusive style and bullying student athletes in a culture of terror with no regards for player safety.

    Eh, but he’s a player, so what, maybe he can’t start the first half of next game.

    Remember this the next time some concern troll tries telling you that a 6’4″ 300 pound 22 year old is scared of a middle aged white man grabbing his face mask.


  8. Uglydawg

    Need to coach the players that when you get a cheap shot..lie there for a minute or two like you’re hurt bad. This will get lot’s of re-run looks on TV and embarrass the refs so they have to start calling it. That’s a hell of a way to have to defend yourself, but had AM done it with Farley it might have made a difference…and also against ‘Bama. No room for dirty acts..I won’t call them “dirty plays” because it isn’t part of the game.


    • Jeff Sanchez

      Uh, don’t think AM11 ever had to act like he was hurt from any of Fairley’s shots…(but I get your point)


    • HiAltDawg

      The SEC refs would need a micro ounce of shame for that to work and we know that that cartel of devil worshiping, incompetent, dumbass losers that can go to Hell and are the poster boys of “if the refs don’t respect the game then don’t expect the players or fans to respect the officials” possess zero shame. Other than that they do too piss-poor of a job for that to work. Additionally, the SEC refs suck at every opportunity to demonstrate respect for the game and make the barest of minimums when it comes to decent calls.

      Kirbs was probably referencing the sorryass, Merica hating SEC refs that can go to Hell when he was F Bombing in slow motion.

      At least their Unsportsmanlike call on AJ was masterful and inspired–go you SEC Refs!!!!!!!!!


  9. CPark58

    Pretty much par for the gator course. I’m sure UGA’s players are no saints in the bottom of piles but they sure must be a lot better at hiding it.

    Bragging about this on social media in the wake of a 19 point ass whippin is a special kind of stupid. It will be interesting to see the reaction from the Gator staff.

    Kirby Smart is the same coach who oversaw Quinton Dial in the 2012 SEC Championship and he’s got Cade “Echo of the Whistle” Mays for at least 2 more years. This probably won’t go unnoticed, especially if UGA builds a commanding lead early and has depth at OLine. Dan Inman may be a guest speaker next year Halloween week.

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  10. ChiliDawg

    He seems nice.


  11. HiAltDawg

    It ain’t the post, it’s 1366 likes.1300 nobodies think that’s cool. That’s why I want the game to stay in the gator Bowl, so we beat them in their own house; and I never want those scumbags in the Classic City (#1 College Football town in America). The one time they showed up and beat us, I saw three instances of UGA fans threatening violence to their fans and making them drop the pieces of hedges they tried to take home. I personally thanked the Dawgs that did that and still don’t regret it to this day. I know I was raised better but when I see their scumbag behavior, there’s a disgusting, horrible part inside me that says: “don’t ever help or render assistance to and fl gator, ever.”


  12. Doug

    How is this news? Anyone who watched the game on Saturday could tell the Gators were chokers.

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  13. Helow's Heroes

    Yeah… just check out his last post punching an LSU player. I’ll make sure to keep my eye on this guy and see where he is in 3-5 years


  14. doofusdawg

    what a thug… and don’t underestimate the influence that Grantham has had on him.


  15. watcher16

    Looks like the image has already been taken off Instagram. Anybody know if there is a copy anywhere?


    • Doug

      Not only that, but Mr. Big Tough Manly Man just made his entire Insta account private. These guys are beyond parody.


    • Debby Balcer

      It is all over Facebook. I don’t know how to post a screenshot here or I would.


      • He’s denying that he was choking Jackson Harris. I wonder if anyone on campus has asked Harris about it. He probably wouldn’t say, but it would definitely be interesting to hear from him.

        I bet Kirby knows whether he had Harris in a chokehold.


        • Ricky McDurden

          Doesn’t matter what he was actually doing or not doing. He was glorifying what it looked like and now it will live on in internet infamy, not to mention in the annals of the rivalry. Good luck getting that unsavory toothpast back in the tube, Mr. Ancrum, not that you strike me as the type who truly gives a shit.

          On the brightside, I can guarantee this gets posted all over the weight room Florida week next season. Kirby can all but write out his motivation for next season and lock it away: “Hey guys, for two years we’ve kicked their ass and all we’ve gotten in return is some groping, choking, and refusal to believe that the better team won. Well, how about we make them believers this year and break a few of those hands to drive the point home?”


  16. Dawg151

    I also saw their punter try to get in a cheap shot on Hardman on a return. Threw a little punch to the ribs after he had some help bringing Mecole down. I doubt Mecole even felt it (it was the punter, after all), but it was clearly visible.


    • Dolly Llama

      I saw that, too. The thing is, we won’t have to worry about our players “getting their minds right” for this game for a long time. They’ll remember this shit next year.


  17. I hope Kirby is following up on this and some action will be taken by the SEC.

    Please keep us updated, Senator!


  18. TMC DAWG

    As Kirby says Fuck them motherfuckers!


  19. W Cobb Dawg

    Um, Mullen does realize his Oconee Lake house is deep in Georgia, doesn’t he? Not sure I’d want a reputation that i condone or promote unsportsmanlike or thuggish actions against UGA players when I’m literally surrounded by Dawgs.


    • 92 grad

      Yeah, but the way 3rd and others make it sound, Mcgoofy is prob his neighbor and how many other pricks are in that “community”. You can’t just drive in there and it’s clearly a more secure area than lake burton. But really, all these coaches can decide they can spend the rest of their lives ona pontoon boat on lake oconee and a yacht at St. Maarten at any moment they wish. I’m just glad Mullen didn’t get accepted.


  20. TMC DAWG

    That hit squad came from the water


  21. I am a 46 year old decorated combat vet.

    And I just cried.


  22. Bigshot

    There would be much more outrage if it was a real dog. Where’s PETA when you need them.