Drop this.

Mighty impressive, this.

I keep saying Hankton’s doing the Lord’s work this season.


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12 responses to “Drop this.

  1. Russ

    Mecole has really blossomed. Early last season, I thought he was Roberto Duran.


  2. Argondawg

    With Holloman coming on this group is going to be VERY solid to end the year and next year. Sprinkle in a little physical maturation of Demetris Robertson and you have something damn close to an elite corps of receivers for 2019.


    • doofusdawg

      Odds are that one if not both leave early. Both are physically maxed out which is not a bad thing… Ridley definitely.

      Great stat though and Hankton is quietly earning his money. Hope he can reel in Hazelwood.


  3. Mayor

    There is such a thing as throwing a “catchable ball” too. My impression is that at least part of this is because Fromm throws a catchable ball.

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  4. Mg4life0331

    Throw the damn ball Chaney?



  5. bulldogbry

    I’m not trying to whatever, but that sideline pass to Hardman wasn’t catchable? Or was I influenced by Gary D. telling me that “Meco” Hardman wishes he had that one back? I haven’t gone back and watched, just asking.

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  6. Milldawg

    I guess they didn’t think that pass to the sideline against LSU was catchable for Mecole. Regardless the kid has come on hugely.


  7. Brandon

    (knocks on wood)


  8. MDDawg

    Why to they have to jinx us like this?


  9. Navin Johnson

    No tennis balls?