Prelim S&P+ sez…

… it’s gonna be a wild ride this season.  For Georgia, I mean.

  • Five Six SEC teams in the top ten.  Georgia plays two of the four five not named Georgia.  (And hopefully looks to get number three in the SECCG.)
  • Three more members of the SEC East, Missouri, South Carolina and Tennessee, are in the top 21.
  • Vanderbilt is the lowest ranked team in the East, and it still came in at number 53.
  • Notre Dame and Texas A&M start out at 12 and 13, respectively.

There’s a lot of meat there.  Kirby has his work cut out for him, at least until the season’s closer.  Georgia Tech is 89th.



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25 responses to “Prelim S&P+ sez…

  1. ASEF

    Six SEC in the top 10, not 5.

    10 SEC teams in the top 21. Damn.

    Bill C is going to be the target of a lot of SEC Haters all off-season.



    I see zero reason for Carolina or UT to be ranked. Maybe not Mizzou either. Starting the year with 6 patsies will be huge.


  3. Mikey

    Wow just WOW… we got Top-ranked prospect Anthony ‘Ant Man’ Edwards Woohoo he has made his college decision

    Now I’m excited for Georgia BB. Go Dawgs


    • Mikey

      Oh and sorry I should have posted that on the Business Decisions Post. Cause that was basketball. I over looked it. Forgive me.


  4. 81Dog

    I can almost hear the indignation on North Ave now…..”MAYHEM IS COMING!!!!! WE GOT A NEW TOUGH TALKING COACH!!!! HE’S BRINGING THE PROCESS TO TECH!!!!””

    Sigh. Maybe by the time we get around to them, the bees will have acquired a little humility, or at least, a little reality, about Coach Jeff.

    The end of the season could be a nasty little run. At Agburn, TAMU, scrimmage, (probably) Bama. I hope the commentators whining about Cupcake Saturday are taking note.


  5. Russ

    If we win it next year we will have earned it for sure.


  6. Granthams replacement

    He listed UF’s offensive S&P 8% below UGA’s. Somehow that math doesn’t work for me.


  7. DoubleDawg1318

    I just don’t see USCe, UT, and MU being top 25 caliber teams. The schedule is not weak, but I don’t think it’s the slog these numbers might lead one to believe.


  8. 3rdandGrantham

    Can anyone explain why on earth UT is even ranked? They finished 5-7 for the second straight year, going a combined 2-14 against the SEC during that time. And its not like they vastly improved throughout the year either; instead they actually got worse down the stretch, all while losing being totally humiliated by Mizzou and Vandy to close out the season.


  9. ASEF

    It’s a predictive model, and the “ranking” thing tends to throw people off. Ratings are the better thing to look at.

    Gap between 1 and 4: 10 points
    Gap between 4 and 17: 10 points
    Gap between 17 and 52: 10 points
    Gap between 52 and 92: 10 points
    Gap between 92 and 113: 10 points
    Gap between 113 and and 129: 10 points

    Add a couple of 5 star recruits, return most of your passing game on both sides of the ball, and the model, looking back at teams with similar numerical profiles, sees strong correlation with teams that improved dramatically from one year to the next in terms of quality of play.

    The fact that 10 of the SEC’s 14 teams are in the top 21 in this list means the odds of 10 being in the AP Top 25 are non-existent. The SEC is going to be beating the crap out of each other next year.


  10. tbia

    ….and everyone will bitch because we played Murray St.


    • doofusdawg

      Yep… meanwhile Clemson. Charlotte is ACC country. Really is a joke that espn is basically moving their college football operations there. And then the SEC in Tusky country and we are stuck in the middle again.

      The top three in the east and the top three in the west will be dominating the top ten for the next five years… until they play each that is. Throw in Clemson, Oklahoma and Ohio State and that’s your top ten.


  11. Mikey

    What does weighted 5 – year mean? I don’t quite understand that.


  12. JasonC

    “Georgia Tech is 89th.”
    Apparently, S&P+ doesn’t take coaching into account.


  13. Ed Kilgore

    So Georgia plays 7 of the top 25 per preliminary S&P. Don’t think that particular stat has been highlighted yet.