Once a dick…

He can’t let it go.

When he dies, I fully expect his eulogy to take shots at Tennessee and Georgia.


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  1. MDDawg

    Was that a shot? It sounded more like a compliment to me. Maybe a backhanded compliment?


    • Favorably comparing an AAF crowd to Neyland with Spurdog in the house?

      As somebody who’s as happy to dump on UT as the next Dawg fan, I know what a shot sounds like. That was a shot.


      • jermainesdye

        And what a fun shot it was. Me thinks you protest too much, Senator. As you often (rightfully) lament the approaching full-on corporatization of the college game and as coaches become as bland and soulless as a Howard Schultz PR firm, I miss the old ball coach. His jibes; his jabs.

        Especially after seeing your post on the legacy and faces of Penn State, let’s reserve our outrage for where it’s warranted.

        Spurrier made it fun.


      • MDDawg

        I could see that, but I took it as him just stretching real hard to make a favorable comparison for the AAF crowd, not so much as a dig at Neyland. He mentions the Swamp there at the end too, so if he’s taking a shot at Tennessee then he’s also taking a shot at UF. I thought he was on good terms with the UF admin?


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    To repeat something the Senator once said: If anyone can figure out how to be an asshole at his own funeral, it’ll be Spurrier.

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  3. Hemorrhoids and a microphone stuck in the ol’ ball sacks pie hole are two items of total disgust that could ever happen to a DAWG FAN in the morning or anytime in their wonderful life….carry on my friend!


  4. Greg

    Always wondered what a guy like him could have done at UGA. Love him or hate him, at his prime….he was one of the best in CF.


  5. sniffer

    I eagerly await that eulogy, Senator.

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  6. J-Dawg

    It never ceases to amaze me that such a flaming asshole actually ended up with such a nice wife as Jerri.


    • See it all of the time- nice looking gal ends up with a douchenozzle. Usually relates to her low self-esteem. Makes sense in this case….


    • She is a sweetie, and he isn’t bad away from the microphone. He is also much different when in her company, good listener, and interested in finding out more about non-football subjects.. Steve was BMOC during his day but it still had to take some moxie to date the AD’s daughter, proves he wasn’t always an ass.


  7. CEPH

    If he had been at UGA we would have probably never lost a game. I love the guy, he takes no shit off anyone and he is smarter than 99% of the people who try to outflank him especially the press. If you get right down to it there are some really and I mean really stupid football coaches


  8. Opelikadawg

    Sure, Spurrier is smart, witty and charming. So, reportedly, was Ted Bundy. Sp urrier’s famous wit always comes at someone else’s expense. He can’t enjoy any success without belittling his opponent. He’s a small man with a huge ego.