TFW you run out of Georgia and Tennessee snark

For some reason, Visor Man decided to take a shot at his last place of college employment, where I thought he received better treatment than he dished out.

“I tell you the football gods have been smiling on me the last two (AAF) weeks,” Spurrier said about the Apollos being fortunate to be 3-0. “I think all the crap I had at South Carolina those last two years, they’re coming back. They’re smiling on me a little bit.”

So the football gods were handling recruiting?  That explains a lot.


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17 responses to “TFW you run out of Georgia and Tennessee snark

  1. Bright Idea

    So he won’t have to quit again mid season? Where would he go next?


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    He really is a particular breed of jackass.

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  3. Doug

    He makes it sound like it was just plain ol’ bad luck that made him go 9–10 in his last two seasons at SC. I really wish people would stop patting themselves on the back for weathering “adversity” when they brought the adversity on themselves in the first place.


  4. Mark

    Jackass is not NEAR enough word to describe him.



    Classless. he is a Gater, Just carryin on the tradition


  6. Mike Cooley

    What a despicable little shit. I will be so glad when he’s gone. I don’t mean dead, just not in the public eye anymore.


  7. Spike

    Classless Jerk. always has been. always will be.


  8. Milledge Hall

    52-20 and the pussy quits in mid season, and it’s the “football gods” fault??
    Yeah, go on and kid yourself, dickhead.
    You quit once, you’ll quit again.


  9. Did you expect him not to be an asshole? If so, based on what?


  10. jtp03

    He’s one of the best football minds of all time, but he always still has to have something to insult.

    Petty, small- dicked jackass.


  11. Timphd

    Once a dick, always a dick. Hate the prick.


  12. FlyingPeakDawg

    He’s spot on. We beat the crap out of him those last two years, and now he’s back to being full of shit.


  13. Mayor

    I really hate it when someone bites the hand that fed him. So now he’s ashamed of his previous employer because the place wasn’t good enough for him? If that’s true he never should have taken the job in the first place. I hope the Cocks fans all saw that quote and react accordingly.


  14. Jeff Sanchez

    Seems like some UGA fans are finally getting over that “you gotta love that ol rascal!” mentality with SOS and not a moment too soon