Baby, you can drive Mudcat’s car.

Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, it’s the offseason in Athens, when young men’s hearts turn to bail bondsmen.

Enjoy that one-game suspension, kid.


UPDATE:  As you would expect, Kirby is on the mutha.


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26 responses to “Baby, you can drive Mudcat’s car.

  1. ClassicCityCanine

    Hasn’t he already been in trouble once?


  2. Bright Idea

    It has been awhile since an arrest. I wonder what has changed.


  3. gastr1

    I still want to know what “Mudcat’s car” refers to.


  4. AthensHomerDawg

    i’m surprised it’s not in the Lexicon.


    • It’s the last entry in the Ds.


      • gastr1

        You couldn’t say that i response to my comment? I’ve looked in the Lexicon under M every item you’ve mentioned this the last 3-4 years.


        • AthenHomerDawg

          You posted that you didn’t get the “drive Mudcat’s car” ref. The Senator told you where to find it. I posted that it was not t in the Lexicon. The Senator told me where to look in the Lexicon. There is a subtle difference there. At any rate Google ” driving Mudcat’s car”. There you will find all the answers to your quest. 😉



    Sounds like a late night scuffle…


  6. Don’t we open with three cupcakes? can easily be suspended for 3 games. And of Kirby’s not happy with him …. Kirby will do roster management Kirby things


  7. Texas Dawg

    Brini sounds like he is making himself candidate number one when the time comes for more “roster management”.


  8. gastr1

    Alright, goddamit, now that I’ve looked up the Lexicon entry under D, it still doesn’t say anything about WTF “Mudcat’s Car” is.

    What’s the deal with the Illuminati-like secrecy on this thing?


  9. The Dawg abides

    Maybe he patted a pregnant woman’s belly.


  10. UGA '97

    Slapped a guy. Yep, 1 game suspension.


  11. Gaskilldawg

    Mufcat wasc a former 5 star recruit. Sorry I can’t remember his last name. He had a used car when he came on campus. He let teammates borrow his car and there were some times when teammates were arrested in his car and suspended. Thus the meme “driving Muscat’s car ” popped up to explain an arrest and suspension.


  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    Bail ‘Bondspersons’.


  13. 2nd strike for him, this was one provoked by him after chances to walk away. Hope KS lays him out, no excuse for acting that way. Violence in this case may have been minor, but people have died from lesser incidents. Learn to handle your self away from the field and let your aggression show during games. Just as we were getting complacent about this type of action. Brini hasn’t done much in his career in Athens, but he has a chance to earn a spot…why he gone done dat? Turn it around young man, you only get so many opportunities. Damn glad he didn’t hit the girl, it would have been all over.


  14. illinidawg

    Me and my sis at Capistrano in about 1957.