Roam if you want to

According to Dawgs247’s Jake Rowe, Georgia has been discussing a possible home and home with Florida State… hopefully, for some time in the next decade.



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22 responses to “Roam if you want to

  1. Greg

    BAH!!…that’s a girl’s school that has fallen on hard times. Gone back to pre-Bowden.



    just do it.


  3. I recently went to Tally. As much as I’d always heard about Florida State for so long it is not a place I’d want to live. No soul. Not a college town at all.

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  4. Mike Cooley

    Oh please yes! Would love to do this and beat their asses and shut my brother in law up. He talks all the time about how he wants this to happen so he can “sit in Sanford Stadium and do the chop. Hahahahah.”. I want to embarrass that has been delusional bunch.


  5. ATL Dawg

    They need to line this up for 2021 & 2023. The 2020-2024 home schedules are terrible and this would at least give us one interesting home matchup during that 5 year span. They won’t do it in 2020, 2022, or 2024 b/c they already signed up to be in a kickoff game those years. Might be too late for 2021 & 2023 though. We’ll see.


    • Agree, why wait a decade? So many crap games every year, an FSU home and home is better than most we have scheduled. Pay the buyout fee for a cupcake and whip the Noles twice. Also, more interesting than the GT usual fare (although some would never dare touch that piece of dung) and would rate better than a noon start.


  6. chopdawg

    SW Ga DAWGS ought to be fired up for this.


  7. CEPH

    Why? It is only an advantage for free shoes u
    They recruit against us pretty heavily in South Georgia and we already play one school in Fla. So why give them any credence at all, plus Tallahassee sucks!!!

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  8. ApalachDawg

    The Bulldog Club of Apalachicola and St George Island strongly approve this motion! Tailgate at Oyster City Brewing!

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  9. Classic City Canine

    I’m honestly shocked we haven’t already made this happen. I will be thrilled if we do a home and home with FSU.


  10. Muttley

    We need to go pound them in Tally and bring back a chunk of their turf. They have a scalp of Sanford grass from something like 1962. Other than that, I have no problem with the ‘Noles.


  11. UGA '97

    By then fsu will be on a 2nd coach after Taggart fails….they are in the midst of a 15 year decline much like Tennessee. Go ask the divided Seminole booster base about it.


    • Mayor

      FSU made. 2 mistakes. They pissed off Jimbo losing him and they hired Taggart. Taggart was a bad hire. If they fire him and hire a good new HC they’ll be back. But you are right about your comparison to UT. If they make another bad hire…..


      • Brandon

        FSU is far more likely to be back sooner and have sustained success. Big Urnge is doomed long term because their recruiting base is miniscule compared to their rivals. FSU is in Florida, they’ll be back as soon as they get a good coach.


  12. Spike

    Get er done!


  13. I was a freshman in 1964 when we played FSU in Athens. If I remember correctly, the Dawgs had an early lead , but in the second half we had no answer for the Steve Tensi (from Ohio) to Fred Biletnikoff (from Pennsylvania). We lost 17-14. The next year, the 4-0 Dawgs went to Tallahassee (after beating Alabama and Michigan), and lost to FSU 10-3 (the Dawgs were playing without their best tailback, Bob Taylor, who had a broken leg). We didn’t beat FSU again until the 2002 Sugar Bowl.


  14. WNCDawg

    By the time most of these happen or don’t I won’t be able to get to the TV anyway………. diverse corporations of the McGill society will see us through or the adult beverage corporation of Georgia as they lead McGoofy through his nose ring to the promised land