On the border between correlation and causation

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That certainly makes intuitive sense to me.  Offenses are forced to become more one-dimensional as the deficit expands and defenses are more than happy to guard one-dimensional offenses.


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8 responses to “On the border between correlation and causation

  1. Derek

    Same dynamic applies when you take the run away from a team. Hence the need to be a “balanced” offense and/or a team that can force the run against good opposition.

    You can take away the run by way of the scoreboard and you can take away the run after the opening kickoff. In either event forcing a team to be one dimensional is a huge key because only a few QB/WR combos can consistently beat you when you know it’s coming.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    I may have previously said this here, but if you’re confused about correlation vs. causation, remember that beating drums during an eclipse will always bring back the sun.


  3. McTyre

    Putting the ball unnecessarily at risk seems to inform Kirby’s focus on a dominating running game and a less than full array of passing plays. I’m good with his managing risk as long as we improve our late game offense against Bama and other elite Ds. The growth of out OL and QB and renewed focus on WR recruitment should help get us over the hump. I have no idea whether Coley will prove to be an upgrade over Chaney, but it’s not like the O needs a rehab.


  4. I would have expected a larger difference (1.20% from 0) than there is considering you know most offenses passing attempts increased by more than 1.20% from 0 to down by 22 plus.


  5. Castleberry

    In addition to being one-dimensional, I’d say teams are taking more chances when they’re down. At a minimum, why not throw it up for grabs on 4th and long? An interception is a positive play for you at that point.


  6. SpellDawg

    The large Rose Bowl deficit against Okie did indeed turn the Dawgs one-dimensional, and they one dimensionally ran that rock down those Sooner throats!