“What you see on G-Day isn’t necessarily what you’ll get, come fall.”

Bill King, on our annual spring celebration of the backup quarterback’s QBR:

While Smart has put increased emphasis on G-Day as a promotional opportunity during his time as head coach, trying to pack Sanford Stadium, the actual intrasquad scrimmage itself has become increasingly irrelevant as an indicator of what to expect during the coming season.

It’s largely a show put on for recruits, with a grandstand full of fans serving as an impressive background. Fans aren’t privy to the real spring work, done in closed practices and scrimmages.

King thinks fans looking for answers to questions like scheme changes in the wake of departing coaches are bound to be disappointed.  Well, yeah.  But “increasingly irrelevant”?  How long has it been since people expected profound answers in the spring, anyway?

I go to G-Day because it’s an excuse to visit the Classic City in the spring.  The weather’s good, the beer is cold, tailgating with friends is its usual fun… and you can’t beat the price.  I get a few bonus points out of judging the team’s depth and the S&C work, not to mention seeing if the chatter about certain kids’ physical attributes has any basis in reality.  Aside from Smart’s rather ham-handed efforts to convert me into a recruiting prop (to which at this point I’m immune), there isn’t really a downside on the day.

So, yeah, I’m already looking forward to it.  How about you?



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15 responses to ““What you see on G-Day isn’t necessarily what you’ll get, come fall.”

  1. Greg

    Like to see the dawgs put some pads on this white boy…I hear we need a returner…..”what do you see, what do you see”??



  2. Al

    I gotta say, if Kirby keeps recruiting at this level, I don’t mind being used as a prop.

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  3. Bill King got insight.


    • Otto

      Reminds me of another AJC reporter which went on to become world famous as Mister College Football.


    • doofusdawg

      He really does highlight all the pertinent questions heading into 2019. The biggest question in my mind remains how much Kirby has evolved in terms of the teams overall aggressiveness on offense and defense. On offense I still want to see several bootlegs each game and fewer wasted plays up the middle to set up the deep pass. I think Coley will make up for this by attacking the edges more. On defense it’s all about the ilbs and their ability to cover space created by pressure off the edge. Hopefully we get substantial improvement from those ilbs.

      The call for a fullback is spot on as well and will definitely give an indication of Kirby;s willingness to change… given his public statements about the position.

      As far as the spring game it sure is a nice filler to get us to media days.


  4. JCDawg83

    You are spot on about what the Spring game is all about. Going to Athens on a beautiful day and having a good time is all I ever look for in G Day.


  5. Normaltown Mike

    I go so that I have facts and data related to play-calling, route running, QBR, etc. so that I’m better able to disagree with people.

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  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    We need a gimmick. Like the running of the Gumps.


  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “How long has it been since people expected profound answers in the spring, anyway?”

    Exactly. The G-Day game is basically a dose of methadone to tide you over until the real stuff becomes available. If it helps with recruiting, so much the better.

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  8. Austin Cope

    Is it pay to park on G day similar to game day?


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    We’ve seen plenty of HCs who go through the motions and treat the spring game as if it were obligatory attendance at the annual Christmas party. Kirby takes G-Day quite a bit more seriously. It’s valuable practice time, is useful for evaluating players, and is a good recruiting tool. Talking heads can blow it off, but Kirby approaches it as part of building a championship team.

    Case in point, Stetson Bennett took being 3rd man up in last year’s G-Day so seriously that it caused him to transfer. Anyone saying G-Day is “irrelevant” hasn’t been paying attention.


  10. Athens Dog

    Just a great excuse for day drinking