Here’s your game changer.

Consider the flood gates officially opened.


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  1. GruvenDawg

    Free agency in college football is officially here. This was the case with the least merit between his and Fields case…wouldn’t be surprised if conferences look at undergrad rule restrictions this spring…


  2. I’ll admit I didn’t see this one having a snowball’s chance in hell of being approved by the NCAA. Come on, NCAA … it’s time to loosen the transfer restrictions across the board now rather than force a family to hire a lawyer to make whatever case for immediate eligibility.

    Give every student-athlete 1 free transfer as long he/she is meeting the requirements to be academically eligible and isn’t being kicked off a team for behavioral issues. You have to sit a year for the 2nd transfer or drop down a classification to be eligible immediately … no exceptions … no appeals. Graduate transfers have no restrictions placed on them even if they have already transferred once.


  3. Bigshot

    They had no choice. Once Justin Fields was granted eligibility it had to be given to all. And the coach not only has to recruit new players, he has to re-recruit his own. They will never know from one year to the next what they will have.


    • Nope. Once Georgia consented, Fields’ case fit squarely within the boundaries of the NCAA’s transfer rule.

      Martell’s transfer waiver request, based simply on a coaching change, knocks those boundaries down. It’s a big deal in a way that Fields’ wasn’t.


      • Bigshot

        Maybe tOSU did not want to fight it.


        • Doesn’t matter. Facts fell outside the stated rule.


          • Macallanlover

            They both left for the same reason, regardless of how you try to spin it. One was beaten out, and didn’t see anything changing; the other didn’t feel he would get a fair shot and/or didn’t think he could win the starting role and left without a fight. Exact same thing, and neither school opposed the transfer. NCAA=spineless.


      • 30904Dawg

        The Zach Smith situation and resulting atmosphere and culture at Ohio State appears to have actually been his argument. Not coaching change.

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        • Will Adams

          Martell’s sister put up a twerking video on Twitter and Fields liked it and became a follower of hers after he applied for transfer. That caused a rift between Martell and Fields/the rest of the team. So Martell claimed that he needed to go down to Miami to help take care of his sister. That was the familial situation in his application for transfer to go along with the coaching change. It’s ridiculous but all you need to do is have a family member twerk on Twitter and then you can transfer. It’ll be known as the “Twerk Twitter Transfer” or “Triple T” rule in the future.


  4. If a coach leaves on his own or is fired, the kid should be able to transfer out without penalty to any school that will take him. If the coach takes leaves the job for another job at another university, the kid should be able to transfer anywhere he wants except that university as long as that coach is there. You can’t have coaches not only selling himself and his staff, but the team too.


  5. I think a good compromise would be a 2yr-in-residence requirement before an unrestricted transfer is allowed. So either after your sophomore or RS Freshman seasons. I don’t have a problem with requiring kids to at least wait 1.5 recruiting / graduation / draft cycles before they cry heresy with their place on the depth chart.

    Another +/- would be that the schools (and those entering the portal to an extent) would have a predictable pool of players who may come and go. The drawback is that scheming coaches could inflate / cater to their players in that rising 2yr pool almost to a point (timing wise) where a transfer would seem too late. (assuming most people would enter college football not eagerly anticipating their use of the Graduate Transfer mechanism).


    • Napoleon BonerFart

      The problem is with coaching changes. Kirby recruited kids to run a pro-style offense. If he left tomorrow and Mike Leach or Paul Johnson came in, those kids shouldn’t have to stick around for two years knowing they don’t fit the system.


      • Tony Barnfart

        What happens to us when 45 kids leave ? Just, oh well !? Are we then married to a bad coach for fear of roster demolition worse than the death penalty ? Are we married to a style of play ?

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        • Butler Reynolds

          “What happens to us when 45 kids leave ? Just, oh well !?”

          Why not?


          • Beyond all the hubris about the injustices done to these kids, people seem to forget that institutions have every right to control the structural integrity of the systems they run. This is true whether you pay them or not.

            It’s like some people think because there may be an injustice in the lack of compensation for name/likeness that the kids should also be able to throw out every restrictive rule in the book…….. At some point, these discussions diverge from the areas where the player/recruit is winning the battle (compensation for name/likeness) to the plain absurd (waive all transfer rules for everyone), where any institution in any industry can and should tell the labor to get fucked, you didn’t build this and, if you don’t like it, you can take your ass to the AAF whenever it is they let you in, and see how valuable you are.


  6. Uglydawg

    A lot of Cane’s fans are more excited about his sister Rylee possibly hanging around the “U” than they are Tate.


  7. CB

    *Fromm lights cig, watches peasant qb’s continue to play musical chairs for playing time.

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  8. stoopnagle

    oy. glad they ain’t reppin’ me and the G.


  9. sniffer

    Nearly unlimited transfers may be the vehicle that gets player compensation passed. Sign the players to two year contract with renewals for years 3,4 and 5. I dunno, it could work.


  10. Bob

    Whether Martel’s case and Fields are different doesn’t matter. This was a slam dunk the very moment Fields was approved. Martel would have sued the NCAA like it was going out of style. One call, that’s all.


  11. FlyingPeakDawg

    Good to see the NCAA is being consistent, proactive and very much still in charge of things…says nobody ever anymore.


  12. Doyle Hargraves

    Shit’s about to get real


  13. Bright Idea

    All of the recruiting websites will now have to create a whole new department to keep up with who is chasing the free agents. Free agency spoiled MLB and NFL for me, but I know, it’s not my misery that counts. I’m not sure I’ll pay to watch a revolving door of Georgia Bulldogs. Identifying with the players who identify with UGA is a big part of the thrill for me.


    • Bulldog Joe

      It’s the ‘agents’ who will clean up on this.

      The NCAA is saying, “You can go, but it will cost you some coin.”


  14. Bulldog Joe

    William H. Macy nods in approval.